The invention of gender dysphoria – Sheila Jeffreys hosted by We Need To Talk

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A superb insight into Transgenderism.

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  1. Angela Ryan says:

    #Peak Pharma

  2. Anonymous says:

    sheila you're amazing

  3. Andy Hobbz says:

    So women who transition aren't getting any sexual pleasure at all out of transition? I don't want to get too explicit, but let's be real here. I'm a female on testosterone/trans man/whatever you want to call me…a lesbian on steroids lol, and I am absolutely turned on by imagining myself as a male.

    I support radfems and female rights to women's spaces (especially when it comes to sports, jail, shelters), and I totally realize gender identity is an ideology that isn't necessarily a real thing, but for some reason, I love being on testosterone. There are a bajillion other reasons I love living as a regular ol' guy (yes, homophobia is absolutely one of them), but it seems like rad fems often think that women are these creatures that don't have weird sexual desires, kinks/fetishes, and quite large sexual imaginations. I don't consider my sexuality to be bland at all, but some of the women I've slept with have called ME "vanilla" (I sleep with…'normal'/heterosexual looking women in case you're curious).

    Some of the things they've wanted me to do to them (i.e. choking) cross my own boundaries and make me uncomfortable. I've crossed my own boundaries when I was younger and realized where mine are at. But I feel like there's a lot of man hating that goes on in the rad fem community. Woman hating among males too. As someone who has had bits and pieces of both experiences, I feel like there's this gap between how men and women think (or someone in a testosterone based system vs estrogen based). Men and women keep hurting one another and hating the opposite sex, and there's a lack of understanding of coping mechanisms that males and females have (that are very different, partially biological I would guess having experienced such intense emotional changes on testosterone).

    Anyway, I have mixed feelings about what she's saying, but I appreciate hearing your posts. I like hearing other perspectives, and I'm happy to be subscribed to your channel! Thanks, Posie!

  4. Gary Barsby says:

    Female: the sex that dare not speak it's name…feel free to use posy x

  5. Twenty Faces says:

    I agree that trans identities are stupid and meaningless however how is gender dysphoria an intention? Clearly men and women who want to be the other sex are suffering from a mental illness. It's not just a choices is it?

  6. Trish Black says:

    Why is there a frosted square on the screen stopping me seeing the slides properly? Fabulous speech by the way. Shiela Jeffreys is quite wonderful

  7. Ralph Roberts says:

    Marvelous to hear someone call out the profit factor

  8. Jacky Holyoake says:

    Here is the original footage of the meeting at which Fae was knitting:

  9. Sajber Vanderlast says:

    Sheila Jeffreys had a great fashion style for this talk! <3

  10. Laurie Lyon says:

    The more I learn about male behavior the more I understand just how disgusting men really are. The behavior of women can never hold a candle to the sick and twisted shit men come up with. Yes, women can be violent. Yes, women can express similar disturbing behavior as men do but we never ever go this far and we certainly don't do it at the same rate as men and women who are sick and twisted are very very far and few between where as men it seems participate in violent behavior or this kind of just sick and twisted fucked up shit all the time every fucking week we get news stories of some man doing something like this ^ that women just don't do. Men are gross, they are just fucking gross. For instance; when was the last time you heard a news story of a woman building a dungeon under her house to kidnap males and imprison them so she can use them as sex toys. Yeah, that's right, never. Men are by far more vile creatures than women. This is why it is most imperative that we women take all the power away from men because they have proven incompetent to run anything. We women need to take it all back, not just the night

  11. PH Ooper says:

    I do not accept Blanchard currently and need more time. Definitely rough categorisations only, as so much overlap. I notice the AGP/HSTS distinction is very popular with certain transsexuals, truscum etc. Transvestite vs. Transsexual was much better, more useful.
    Did I miss peadophilia? Zoned out.

  12. Crystal Kinistino says:

    Sheila Jeffreys is hilarious. The men she describes are absolute creeps. Monstrous.

  13. twominutetips says:

    BRILLIANT and illuminating. Thank you so much for sharing this important presentation.

  14. Shelley's Cloud says:

    Wait!! This is the speech she gave to Parliament!?! Oh please god I hope so!

  15. Amanda Grimes says:

    Sheila was spot on with her summation of autogynephilia but her dismissal of the homosexual form of transsexualism as simply being internalised homophobia does her intellect a disservice. Granted I recognise the facts don't serve her political ends but truth requires impartiality.
    The study and aetiology of homosexual transsexualism is well documented by the very experts she sights (Blanchard, Bailey, etc) and it has nothing to do with homophobia. The pseudobisexual form of autogynephilia is almost certainly based upon internalised homophobia.

  16. Nathan Edwards says:

    This was an excellent talk.

  17. L.S. Sharrow says:

    Excellent lecture. The whole logical realization, regarding the fact that middle-aged women don't suddenly become gender dysphoric, was an eye-opener. Also, shedding light on the pink knitting episode–which had seemed like a man going through the motions of what HE thought a woman would do, but was actually sexually arousing to him–was also a revelation. Thank you.

  18. Rachel Reed says:

    Posie, thank you so much for posting this. I saw the broadcast live on the night and the audio was awful, so I was gutted that people wouldn't get to hear this incredibly important talk by Sheila! Thank you thank you thank you! People so need to know this stuff. I will share!

  19. Mo Moseley says:

    Mo Moseley
    Great stuff. Keep it up, Posie, Sheila, (and Magdalene Berns, and gendercriticalgreens and al the others I don't know about). Trangender rights yes, male lunacy no.

  20. Mancheeze The Great says:

    OMG that slide of John 'Jane Fae' Ozimek with his pink knitting on the BBC was hilarious.

  21. giseerouchon says:

    I am myself a gender-critical feminist these days, but still my own experience doesn't entirely tally with what Jeffreys is saying. I've had what would now be described as 'gender' dysphoria since the age I became conscious as myself as an actual 'person'- about 7 maybe? And at 44 it's still there, though under control, as it were. I'm (romantically/ aesthetically) attracted to both sexes but asexual, and in a heterosexual marriage, therefore technically I'm a middle-aged hetero woman- at least as far as others are concerned. As a kid I definitely felt I 'should have been' a boy, though I realise this was due to a mixture of factors; society's (read; men's) attitude towards females being a primary one, but also a genuine feeling of 'disconnect' with my physical body. This could be at least partially down to my, then undiagnosed, autism- but this is another apparent black-hole, studies-wise. With me it's definitely not a paraphilia, and nothing to do with clothes or how others see me, or wanting male sexual organs (I don't), but entirely down to how I see myself and how I exist in my head 'clashing' with the reality of my physical self. I have come over time to respect my female body, but not sure I'll ever feel it's a good 'fit' for me somehow. But at least this doesn't tend to make me feel suicidal these days. I knew no other kids who felt like me either, so the 'contagion' aspect wasn't a thing then. Although I do see it happening with my teenage kids' friends now. And to people who've never experienced dysphoria (and I know many if not most women aren't totally happy with their bodies, but I'm pretty sure it's not the same) it's hard to explain how it can be a real thing. I do believe it's likely a genetic/ neurological 'glitch' though, and often comes alongside a lot of other MH conditions. I reject the non-binary label as throwing other women under a metaphorical bus, but still it's hard to find any studies on people like me who have these feelings but don't slot comfortably into these categories described.

  22. Mancheeze The Great says:

    #repealtheGRA entirely. There should be no way to legally change sex on documents.

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