The Hecklers in full – Newsnight

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The full version of Joseph Strick’s 1966 BBC film.

For David Grossman’s story on hecklers, see here

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9 Responses

  1. Ignore Alien Orders says:

    Wilson was famed for his intellect and his wit. It shows in these archives "I'm afraid your aim is no better than your material my friend"

  2. Ignore Alien Orders says:

    this was absolutely fantastic. I wish we could get this level of engagement in politics again.

  3. qetoun says:

    Harold Wilson = Traitor.

  4. Ian B says:

    looks like the same arguments of now, but alot more fun and fair!

  5. Eva Moore says:

    I'd forgotten what a nutter Hogg was. He always looked drunk.

  6. Infloresence says:

    Fascinating!! Illustrative of the time, for sure, but presented in an uncut manner that gives the impression of how it really was then.

  7. Marla Gaspard says:

    Thanks for posting.

  8. Peter Knopfler says:

    Excellent Thank You great for Social Studies, clothing styles, GLASSES reading Glasses, some I remember from Childhood. The idea of speaking your mind, was not always accepted, but the MASONS of British Empire loved to debate.

  9. Lucas Davenport says:

    Fascinating to see. Some extremely posh voices though from candidates!

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