The Great Women Hoax- Women Manipulated In Depopulation Agenda!

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Population control is a carefully orchestrated media event. For the past 100 years women have been systematically targeted in depopulation efforts. Women have been “man”ipulated by the rich of this world. Women are treated like media control rats in order to implement the rich and famous depopulation agenda.

Everyone thinks the world is over populated. But with birth control instituted several generations ago how can the world be experiencing an over population? Between vaccines, food and birth control It’s impossible.

Women, are you going to sit idle much longer? If so they will wipe us all out.

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23 Responses

  1. Jodie York says:

    I agree with this. I got sucked in to some of it, but I am so grateful the way my life has gone. I feel very lucky. I am so much happier staying home taking care of my doglets (I didn't have children) and the house. I am so grateful that Gary loves and provides for me. I live simply. We take care of each other, in the ways that are natural. Let's not forget the involvement of propaganda king edward bernays, freud's nephew, and does everyone here know that gloria steinham was a cia agent? Out of her own mouth. Look it up.

  2. Lusade Devron says:

    The goal of every woman is to CONTROL her man!

  3. Kilroy Jones says:

    Very well done. I’m sharing this..perfect. Thank you!

  4. jon anthony says:

    How about exposing the mind control involved in the spinning ball in space agenda

  5. mostawesomedudeever1 says:

    And how many women watched this? From the comments section, hardly any. Women only watch mainstream propaganda.

  6. Mediocre monday says:

    Interesting vid, brother! Keep sharing this information!

  7. sSkyHigh CrystalSs says:

    you´re 100% correct!
    women dont live-they participate

  8. Juliane Bekou says:

    Yes. Good. Why do you think women all over the world are wearing trousers since those days? And all those mini and tight and short clothes? They have become to be like men, and are still slaves to men. But they think it's "freedom". Only Jesus can save us and heal us from all the lies. How will a woman freewillingly allow someone to kill her own child in her womb? That is gross perversion.

  9. Miss T says:

    Any 'feminine' looking person that refers to a woman as 'bitch' in a cool way is guaranteed to be a DRAG ON…no doubt about it. Speaking the truth of what they think of women ie those born with vagina, uterus and developing healthy pair of breasts mid teens. They HATE women. ENVIOUS as F

  10. Casey Tipton says:

    Just, wow. Excellent video. It also goes back to Alice Bailey’s “Externalization of the Hierarchy” — written in 1957, published by Lucifer Publishing/Lucis Trust, and openly backed by the UN — where she outlined to make sure birth control is easy to get for women so that sex with whomever one pleases is free from any concerns of reproductive consequences. It’s all been done, successfully, and the effects on the population are now quite obvious. That’s why you can barely find a younger, single-woman these days that isn’t completely poisoned by this mentality, especially in the big cities. If she’s not a true believer, she’s most likely in that mindset. Welcome to the new world order, folks! Teach your children the Biblical truth of Christ, and they will not fall prey to this.

  11. Heather Shaw says:

    Thought provoking video, though I don't agree that all these changes are entirely due to manipulation, as humans, we have to have a few basics, but can achieve those in more than one way. T L C . Warmth, food, shelter and understanding. We have to listen to our children, as much as we try to offer our knowledge and experience of the world. There are many paths to peace. X

  12. Svinjska Polutka says:

    women will destroy us, they are so easy to control

  13. Vic W says:

    absolutely disgusting

  14. Magical Hoof says:

    The world is also filling up with toxic neo-feminist women who are cultivated by the social architects. We need to point out the difference between neo feminist women and a natural, authentic woman to our daughters, without judgement, and they will do the right thing. Shield them from media whenever possible.

  15. Magical Hoof says:

    Please see Mark Passio's series of videos on the Neo-Feminist Agenda, which supports this video.

  16. Jason Maggard says:

    As a father of three girls – women have it shittier today than ever!!! They now are expected to be the child bearer, the nurturer, the mother, the home maker, amazingly gorgeous, a fitness freak, family decision maker and financial provider. And they march demanding even more Burdens!!! I'm so sad for my daughters. Literally WTF?!?!

  17. Unstoppable Tramp says:

    I was lucky to have met my wife well before the tranny agenda.
    As you know, today I may well be married to a man

  18. Curious Kitteh says:

    Hand signs at 1:15 and even 1:18 on the female cartoon. 100% controlled movement overshadowing the true concept of biblical unity.

  19. Organic Mechanic says:

    It's just disgusting what they have done to women and it's sad. I used to really love and respect women but their attitudes and mentality are out of control today. I used to have girls by the boat loads when I had my business and muscle cars and trucks and motorcycles and stuff but I had a motorcycle crash that put me in a wheelchair for the last 7 years and now they won't even give me the time of day. Total douchebags. MGTOW!!!!

  20. veggie burger says:

    What is this soothing country song with that fine steel guitar man? I must have it!

  21. Mark Hutchinson says:

    Cyndi lauper is a man..Esther Peterson has a bigger right eye.Hormone abuse -its a man.So is Betty F.

  22. Blessedfamily says:

    The easiest thing in the whole satanic agenda was to make women think their "role" was degrading.Taking care of home,cooking wonderful dinners having babies.I love it and embrace it.My husband appreciates it and treats me as intended.God bless our natural God given "role" and to hell with feminist garbage.I never have to worry about my man out drinking with the "boys" and not coming home.He has no need to go out.WE ARE HAPPY.THANK YOU JESUS

  23. YouTube Conspiracy TV says:

    Hell no, I seen the women's movement for what it was for….I have half a dozen kids….women still fall for this despite.not.being equal still.

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