The feminist advocacy research scam | HBR Talk 67 opener

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The badgers discuss the scam run by academic feminists and feminist organizations. This involves layers of dogma and terrible research methods to cover their creation of propaganda used to bolster demands for government and donor funding and increase feminist ideologues’ political power.

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18 Responses

  1. Danny Reed says:

    Are We There Yet? Really IS the question. How long before victimhood is saturated and people are sick of it?

  2. VoteScientist says:

    A cancer that has metastasize. There are new tools to see the cancer but there are no cures. There isn't even any treatment to slow the cancer. There is no known cure. No cure. No cure. No cure. …

  3. jonnda says:

    So toxic masculinity was invented by a transwoman? Suddenly this concept’s existence makes so much more sense.

  4. Константин Корниенко says:


  5. Michael Black says:

    Marxism is actually the answer to bourgeois feminism, not the cause of it.

  6. Raymond Baxter says:

    I've never understood that how Feminist totally absolve themselves from personal accountability whatsoever. I tried talking to a feminist friend about it once and it just wasn't clicking. It's hard for me also, because I treat my life as everything that happens to me is a result of my own choices and actions, and trying to understand the narrative of someone that thinks the world is out to get them has me left scratching my head.

  7. Apollo Johnson says:

    Hannah, if you ever run for office, you have my vote! One of the best commentaries I've heard in a long time! Bravo!

  8. PrettyHowTown Prufrock says:

    The concept of Hegemony, as devised by Gramsci and others, posits that the economic power of the ruling class comes from their ownership of the means of Production, Distribution and Exchange, and that this power enables them to use their control of the Economic Base to gain control of the Societal Superststructure, and so steer the Superstructural dynamic towards serving the Interests of the Ruling Class, yet treating those Class interests as the "General Interest", The "National Interest" or as naturally, obviously 'the-right-thing-to-do'.

    The feminist use of the term hegemony cannot be considered a legitimate use of the term, from a Marxist Perspective, because it is clear that the Ruling Class concept excludes 95% of men, whose interests are definitely NOT served by the Ruling Class Hegemony. The destruction of , firstly, the extended family, and more recently, the Nuclear Family, has been brought about by Capitalism, that had no use for Grandparents beyond Working age, so removed them from the family it housed in work places close to the factory. The factory was put there to control the workforce and force them to work longer than the workers needed to meet their personal needs. The factories also separated Home life from work life, and so destroyed the abilities of families to manage the workload of child care and resource delivery in their own way. It was Capitalism that redefined work as that which happens for the benefit of Capitalist, and excluded all other forms of work as private and of no interest. It was this Capitalist separation of Home from Work that helped to destroy the mutual respect and co-operation of men and women. After the initial separation of Home and Work the Capitalist later used female and child labour to undercut the value of the traditional skilled labour more commonly performed by men.

    However, in the more well off sections of Society women were clearly treated better than men. Capitalism saw the growth of the "kept woman" able to dedicate her life to Home and Good causes. In the UK in 1840, over 40% of all people registered as "Professional" were women, proving that repression is a product of poor finances, and limited opportunities, not the sex of the person, but their position in the Economically determined Social Hierachy. Feminism grew up among the women higher up in Social Classes, and aimed, with the help of High Class men like John Stuart Mill, to promote the advancement of High Economic Class Women at the expense of working class men.

    Women of High Social Class, as part of a Capitalist Hegemony, have gained great advantages over all working class people whether male or female, and all of it without the Legal Responsibilities that traditionally fell on Males to serve Monarch, Country, The Civic Powers and to be Responsible and answerable for all of the welfare and actions of people deemed under his care.

    The modern feminist movement is being used in the interests, not of genuinely 'progressive' causes, but of the Corporate Capitalists. Google is a Corporation that uses Diversity to undermine competence, sew division in the workforce, and to promote people for non-work-related reasons, and to Fire anyone, like James Damore, who spoke to suggest a policy of employee preference and choice may underlie work patterns. Google prefers imposed demographics to the preferences and choices of their staff. Julian Assange published proof of the corruption of Corporations and the Politicians that serve them. The response of the Corporation serving Politicians was to get Assange in prison as soon as possible, and the dubious charges of sexual misconduct – now dismissed – were used to try and get him in custody and silenced. Feminists called for the head of Assange because they insisted that his freedom was an affront to all women. The same thing happened with Justice Kavanagh. The "pussy grab" comments were used to misrepresent and derail the election attempts of Trump. Feminism is nothing but a useful tool of the Hegemonic Ruling Classes, and the power of Feminism to act in the World, through Academia etc, is because their actions serve Corporate Interests and the Capitalist Class. Men, that GO their own way, do not spend money in consumer society, do not need to be corporate wage slaves because they have no family to tie them to the grindstone, and so are less easy for Corporatists to control. MGTOW is anti-Capitalist because it is their OWN way not the Capitalist's way.

    "Mom & Pop store" or "family Farms" are not Capitalism – get that straight! They are variations of the original extended family that was the norm before capitalism came along.

  9. mmmikeyyy says:

    You end the video asking "Are we there yet?". I'm there. I've been there a long time. Why is it such a lonely place?

  10. Boon Doggle says:

    Gynocentric excuses for legislative control over male-female relationships and cultivation of female victim identity are the reason for the falling birth rates and marriage rates in western countries. Yet they just double down on those things and wonder why first generation immigrants are the only ones having babies at replacement levels. Normalizing misandry and female victimhood is slowly destroying the west.

  11. The Nymanator says:

    Very clever, all put together like that

  12. John Brewer says:

    5:10 Wait, Gloria Allred used the Schlieffen Plan?!

  13. Saint of Bacon says:

    "We should find a way to implement universal health coverage…"
    "REEE STATIST STALIN (insert long winded philosophical justification no one cares or can follow) REEE REE"
    That is your brain on lolbertarianism.

  14. Altprop says:

    There was a time when newspapers and television news were respected. But that time has gone. What escapes general notice is that the universities have gone the same way. The loss of credibility is contagious and is creeping in to institutions on which we depend for our future security. Nobody yet knows what price we will pay for that.

  15. Maximus Virtus says:

    Toxic Femininity?
    Please note the ? in the title.
    My question: Is there an academic feminist advocate in the IDW?
    Would love to know your views on this interview Hannah and other Badgers.

  16. Avel Linklater says:

    Thanks Hannah!!

  17. Doctor Zoidberg says:

    I your REEEEE wasnt nearly as good as Teal Deers 6/10 for effort

  18. Clary Jaxon says:

    It's amazing how much triggering that recent study must have caused. My channel focuses on the legal implications of the bias toward female victimhood. Maybe this is the beginning of a turning point to correct misandry in the system.

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