The Bill Press Show – January 11, 2019

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Politics Reproter for Business Insider; Joe Perticone; @JoePerticone
Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America, Matt Gertz; @MattGertz
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5 Responses

  1. Jeri Rhea says:

    Is Beto trying to self sabotage?? He seems a lot smarter than that. He should know optics. He's been a dynamic and energetic character on the Dem side. If it weren't for his record on a few things, his large donations from Petro and his balking on Medicare for All and a couple other left wing policies that are just absolute prerequisites for anyone who wants to be the nominee for the Dem party. He is not taking PAC money now I guess and that's a good thing but his past is not getting away from him. Most importantly though, he has to be a true progresssive with grassroots support and someone who can tackle income inequality. His family is very wealthy and he is from privelege, but that wouldn't be a big factor if he stood up to power and backed the working class and unions. I thought he was going to be a definite player in the coming election, but I don't know as time passes. If he would adopt Bernie's agenda and prove himself a fighter for progresssive policy he'd be in the top of the running. Unfortunately it's almost as if Kamala Harris is more progresssive and that she ain't. She's a wall street girl in the way of so many others. Same goes for Booker, but wall street is a killer for any Dem who wants to gain footing ahead of others. I'd like to hear more about Kirsten Gillibrand and her ties and policies. Biden used to be a favorite of mine up until the last month or so and I've seen and heard too much establishment talk and some condescension toward progressives, millennials in particular. As VP and if he would have ran against Hillary early on before Bernie came forward, I was a draft Biden supporter. I would have been voting for the status quo, but Bernie took all the fire from Biden. Had Biden won the primary I think we would not have Trump however. He's not disliked like Hillary was and didn't have the enormous baggage that she had. This time around it's gotta be Bernie Sanders. I have been watching and paying close attn and there is no one who would be better for our country and in reforming the Dem party. With a great VP that is young and dynamic he can't lose. I can't even say Warren comes close to the popularity that Bernie brings to a campaign and the authentic qualities that really only he has in a unique way.

  2. Jeri Rhea says:

    I've heard from multiple sources that have said If Trump tries the national emergency it will be shot down by the courts, all the way to the supreme court, because it is unconstitutional. It's not within any Pres authority to take funds from any govt agency that has allotted those funds for a specific purpose. So I hope he keeps tightening the noose. This is political suicide to shut down the govt for the longest time in history if it goes a day or so longer. Talk about really killing his political power, go ahead and try to use national emergency funds. Take Puerto Rico and Cali money that is desperately needed for real emergencies. He's only saying this because these are places that will never support him and didn't before. He would love to punitively attack all the states with sanctuary cities. He's done. With Mueller closing in and his inept politics he's not going to survive another election.

  3. Joe Mallett says:

    Shed the dead wood and progress forward, New Green Deal Democrats!!!!!!!

  4. Anita Parnell says:

    Peter does a great Alex Jones! Lol lol

  5. Guy Guyguy says:

    Bill here explains 12:00 why Joe Crowley was a rat bastard who got nothing done in 20 years in Congress, thousands of votes, but we should all fawn over young AOC (age 29 is youngest female) in her first paid political job. Her mother Blanca couldn't even decide on one last name.

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