The APA attacks men and traditional masculinity calling it “Harmful”!

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Traditional masculinity was the driving force behind the exploration of the world. The grit and determination of traditional masculinity established many great nations and empires throughout the history of mankind and also the first thirteen colonies on the North American continent. The toughness and aggressiveness of traditional masculinity paved a path into the unknown, fought for independence and technical advancement.
Yet, in the 21st century, the American Psychological Association (APA) has defined traditional masculinity as “harmful.”

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3 Responses

  1. Generic Rarity says:

    if you don't want us to fight.
    if you don't want us to compete.
    if you don't want us to defend.
    if you don't want us to do dangerous things.
    if you don't want us to explore.
    if you don't want us to construct.

    what do you want us to do?

  2. bigbaba1111 says:

    This APA radical leftist junk is toxic. Imagine we take ONE mentally ill woman and describe her personality as "traditional feminity and toxic feminism".
    That's exactly what this leftist man haters did.

    And it's amazing how many people of colour still vote for the party which promotes this leftist ideology which destroyed entire black communities.

  3. William D. Goble says:

    Its transculinity today !

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