The 51 Percent: “Feminism is about taking power away from men”

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17 Responses

  1. N4M3L355 says:

    Feminism is cancer

  2. Greg Chase says:

    Very few of these women will pass on their genes. Mainly because very few men are dumb enough to get together with them.

    So in a few generations, after all these manly-girls fail to have children, the DNA they had will have been Darwin'd out of the gene pool.

    I think very few people realize that. Feminists are not candidates for a loving spouse, and very few men will fall in with them or give them children.

    This could be one of the main reasons they're trying to get men to call themselves feminists. They probably instinctively know their DNA will not be around long. "Let's find weak men to mate with" no, it's not happening.

    What other DNA strands have disappeared from the human gene pool? ALL THE HUMANS WHO FAILED to produce offspring.


    Always remember – women have abandoned the traditional female gender role. Not all, but many.
    Okay fine, it's their gender role to abandon after all.

    But don't expect any man to abandon HIS traditional gender role just because they walked away from theirs.

    Very few large happy families out there any more. Very few.

  3. mavishill says:

    When will feminists talk about Male Genital Mutilation? what power do men have? being drafted to war? Doing most dangerous and dirtiest jobs? Or losing the custody of their children in courts 95% of times? Discrimination against fathers? Paying lifetime alimony and child support and then going to jail for not being able to pay It? Having highest suicide rate? Having 8 years shorter life expectancy than women? what kind of power is this?

  4. axxymax says:

    Time to end feminism if that doesn't happen there is going to be a male backlash. If men start organising it will be dubious for women and I mean all women feminist, religious, atheist, married, unmarried,young,old. If men start behaving the way feminist paint them to be days are going to be bleak for women. Ask muslim women what is inequality and rape, marrying cousins, child marriages

  5. ABfield says:

    But what does she mean by "power"?? I'm curious. Money? Should men be quitting their jobs and staying at home? Sex?? This is clickbait without context.

  6. GoodbyeLullaby says:

    That's not what feminism is, feminism is the equality between men AND women so therefore they should have equal power

  7. Lisa Weaver says:

    Yeah, this feminist is just as utterly insane as every other one I've heard / read / been unfortunate enough to interact with. It's painfully obvious at this point that mental illness breeds modern "feminist" views. It's no longer about equality, but lunatic misandrist hatred of men.

  8. Salty Socks says:

    Hey France 21 why release this de-contextualized clip? It's just click bait for those who already misunderstand feminism and it damages the understanding of feminism.

  9. MGTOW Psyche says:

    Feminism is about powerful men using poor women to destroy poor men.

  10. Hamthoi phuchung says:

    i hate it when feminism touches kids and education. because on every other fields, they don't go anywhere, they can't win debates because of poor reasoning, but in child care and education, they dominate. and this is extremely harmful since that's what decides the fate of society's future. i just hope kids don't fall for all the lies that their feminist teachers shoves in their brains.

  11. macpony2571780 says:

    Feminism and the welfare system has caused more children to be born fatherless in the US than anything else

  12. Joe M says:

    This lady is a nut…

  13. Azure says:

    Feminism is the mirrored image of what it used to fight.

    I don't believe in Femenism. I believe in Equality.

  14. Talia Price says:

    And that's the problem with feminism. Everyone men and women should have power.

  15. Āris Plūģis says:

    yeah, right. 🙂 feminist cunts are for a laugh. not for taking something from someone.

  16. # says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (third wave) Feminist want to take over the world! Nothing to do with equality !

  17. Jani Koskela says:

    More sales with "giving power to an individual"..

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