Thanks for nothing, BOOMERS. gOD Bless.

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  1. Randall Van Oosten says:

    Don't forget that the Boomers are divided between the traditionalists and the New Agers ( according to Straus and Howe). Traditionalist are now led by Donald Trump who represents the greatest win for them against the likes of Hillary and Bill Clinton. As a Boomer myself, I voted and worked against every single leftist issue and for every right-wing candidate and measure placed on the ballot (Prop 13, Prop 187, Prop 8, Reagan, etc.). Most of my contemporaries believed Trump (though not perfect) was our last hope and we worked and prayed hard for his election. We literally saw his election as a miracle. Additionally, in California it has not been a fair fight because the left has been able to flood us with illegal immigration.

  2. charlenepyle says:

    Gas the Boomers….and save $100 trillion in social security and Medicare expenses. They earned it…

  3. Matthew Stull says:

    this cycle is coming around again, what we can't fall for again is that totally infiltrated nazi-style shit… that didn't turn out so good.. i mean just look at this eichmann film coming out… think eichmann wasn't on tribe chosen??? they even got ben kingsley to play him in the film.. people with 50 year 100 year 500 year plans, will play all parts of the cycle.. they'll play you when you're feeling militant, they'll play you when you just want peace …. ie hippies… they'll play you generationally.. so, y'know… play back

  4. FBN Flavius Broadcasting Network says:

    You want that Ole Moral Compass that the Greatest Generation and before had.. Pick up the Holy Bible: Know It, “Divide the Truth Rightly”, Read It, Study It, Memorize It, Keep It in your heart, in your mind, and on your tongue, Trust It, Believe It, Stand Upon It, Defend It, Guard It, Proclaim It, Live It, and Follow It! And you also want the Liberty Security and Freedom they too had (and this point we still cling to as well..hopefully), then do the above with the U.S. Constitution and our Bill Of Rights.. especially the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and Right to Militia.. We will need it one day. God is First, our Country is Second.

  5. FBN Flavius Broadcasting Network says:

    Where do you think the error of evolution and selective breeding (the murder of babies: abortion) came about? And too the Suffrage Movement (Feminism) which brought about national divide and rampant sexism and racism that had started from the “democratic” Left (-wing Socialists) in the Civil War era and before??

  6. FBN Flavius Broadcasting Network says:

    You are right about that, and too, this propaganda that these Boomers had been living through and believing in since the 60’s, and not to many know and I didn’t until recent that it had started with these baby boomers and silent generation whom were taught in the schools and what was taught was the same crap that’s been taught, and even now still is.. this socialist, anti-straight, anti-morals, anti-traditionalist, anti-marriage, anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-borders, anti-language, anti-culture.., this “you want but you don’t have and this world of capitalism is a mess because they are evil and greedy” crap taught to them by Bolshevik teachers. The Socialist party’s been in America since the early 1900’s, and has had its hand in slowly changing our nation and its Laws Culture Politics Order Language Constitution Borders Society Morality Educational System (once great) and Decency. It started in Europe with the first attack on the Holy Bible, and it had spread here by so-called “enlightenment” teachers of “relativity” and have removed the Old Landmarks of Christian Faith and the Strong Patriarchal Family!

  7. Cindy Tepper says:

    As a Boomer who is around Boomers my whole life, I don't know where you get the idea Boomers are all liberals. Maybe the salesmen and office boy types are liberal, but do you ever talk to people in the skilled trades? I don't think I know a single liberal Boomer, not even the black ones. But then again we are talking about men who work, not some sissy that pushes a pencil in an office

  8. Thelma Lynne says:

    Each generation it gets worse.They want more than the last one.

  9. Oleg Morket says:

    You personally are doing a good job legitimizing our continuation from a moral point of view, at least in terms of substance. I hope you get more reach. I'm a new subscriber and your viewpoints resonate with me incredibly. You reason very well and in the right direction. What/who are your philosophical influences?

  10. vivianfire says:

    coddled generation who didn't pay attention cuz they were the center of it.

  11. EvilShake101 says:

    Gas boomers now

  12. TubeStormer says:

    Bunch of ineffectual liberal overly tolerant losers

  13. TubeStormer says:

    To my son: "be a cuck" -all our fathers

  14. machivellisucs says:

    and now i feel like I'm in India when I'm at work….. thanks boomers

  15. machivellisucs says:

    in france they created generation indentity in response to the 68ers

  16. tockinghead says:

    I do agree that the boomers deserve constructive criticism but if we are to be traditionalists we do have to respect our elders even if they don't deserve it. The younger generations one day become elders and you want to create a culture where elders are respected so that there is a chance your generation will be respected when they become elders. If you don't respect the boomers you may be reducing the chances of your generation being respected when they are elders. But I will say the thing I hate most about boomers is some of them mentally castrated some of their children and some of their youth by prescribing brain damaging psychiatric medication. So I am not exactly a fan of boomers. But I do think just to maintain a traditional order they should be respected so that when your generation is elders there is hope your generation will be respected. I am very against putting elders in nursing homes. Elders should be cared for by family or extended family.

  17. Astrid The Red says:

    It's not that we won't pay for the boomers healthcare it's that we can't. There are not enough jobs for us to do that. All these taxes going to "refugees, single moms, etc.
    If you qualify for any sort of disability that pays as more or less as a regular job…just take it! (Better in your hands than the shitskins, single moms or Boomers)
    And learn to live simply off that while working under the table for cash. Feeding less into this system.

  18. YouTube User5000 says:

    Not only have they left us with nothing but debt they REFUSE to RETIRE. They continue to DENY opportunity. Jesus I work with 80 year olds!

  19. AmericaIsKiked says:

    Wigger: "a fine-ass rifle with a fine-ass optic…I'm gonna raise you to be a bad-ass!"

  20. Justin Kire says:

    Wish I Could give more than one thumbs up to this. Stockpile that cat food while you still have a chance boomers. You are going to get awfully hungry.

  21. Auxiliary Infantry says:

    I hope the next mass killing happens to a Baby Boomers' get-together. I hope Medicare and Social Security both go bankrupt so that the Boomers get removed at a faster rate. Such bankruptcy would even pave the way for a more sustainable safety net.

  22. Teutonic Trickster - UOY KCUF says:

    I know a lot of wealthy boomers.
    They are all in the process of booking their spot into the most expensive & luxurious old folks home.
    My grandpa died quick.
    9 weeks after getting lung cancer at age 80 & he never smoked & was in great health. Ride a bike 20 miles a day then surgery to remove top of lung…recovery…it returned then dead. Left a great big nest egg of over half a mil to his wife.
    He was an accountant & in charge of money. She had no say.
    Now he is gone my mother has got her into an expensive old folks home. Early dementure.
    Gran could be there 10 years seeing our family usually make it to 90 or 100. Then its all gone.
    Then cycle repeats with my mother…who is an old hippy feminist who loves islam.
    Lets see how she likes it when dindu nurses rough her up.
    Il tell her to stop being racist.
    Hold the enemy to their standards.

  23. Paul Chambers says:

    hell yeah, let the bastards die at the hands of the third world scum they invited in.

  24. Shadow Cyborg says:

    The boomers are soft and weak people who never had to struggle for anything in their life. They handed the struggle over to us. Julius Caesar said that wealth and an easy life makes the mind effeminate and that it contributes to the weakening of men's spirit.

  25. Tyler Karl Lia says:

    Great video and perfectly articulate.

  26. Kadeem Buford says:

    Birth right you a vindictive grown men I see why diplomats talk before warfare to stab the righteous in there back then still there wives and children for one own profit.prophets around this man can only mean in dollars around you.How morally do you stand when looking something in its face that you don’t know?Shoot first ask questions later or understanding.Dionysis

  27. ShiftingParadigm says:

    Vikings had a male inition rite , when boys were entering puberty they were sent out alone to kill a brown bear or they could come with their father into battle and kill someone , the rite is called "mannsverk" here in Norway literally means "Manswork"
    They could take boys with them even as early as eight years old .

  28. Frank Lucas says:

    I would never ask to be born at a different time, to do so would be cowardice. There's also the EXTREMELY strong case that the grass is always greener.

    Ultimately though, we are where we are. 100% devoid of any patriarchy, or "bowdenism" (as I like to call it), except that which we can begin to create ourselves.

    It's really crucial that we start forming underground political movements over the next years. It is very hard though. Seems like most people are all talk, but when it comes to organising, they'd rather stay hidden. This sort of thing (specifically referring to England where we all live on top of each other and have no excuse for not organising) is honestly, just as bad as SJW virtue signalling.

  29. Selena Rickman says:

    Hell yes. End social security! My feminist grandmother was pissed when she found out I was going to stay home with my kids instead of pay into social security. Screw social security, screw Medicaid, screw welfare. If my husband didn't have to pay so many taxes to support everyone else's shortcomings we could have more kids.

  30. Bear-cin-getorix says:

    Bro, the end is perfect. These selfish fucks have squandered the wealth passed to them, they threw off the western culture for decadent hedonism. Now that they are getting older and looking to retire, these fucks think that social security and their kids will be there for them. There will be nothing. This system is coming down, and there will be no mercy.

  31. Kerozen911 says:

    haha daddy issues

  32. InDirective says:

    You're very articulate and could have a great influence on the white nation. Unfortunately, attacking "Boomers," many of whom, like myself, who could be some of your greatest allies, is self-destructive and misguided. Every generation wants to blame the one that came before. My generation had some pretty hateful things to say about our parents, born in the 1920's and 30's. One of the biggest catalysts to the decline of America was the Hart-Celler Act aka Immigration Act of 1965, which was not passed by the Boomers (they were still way too young). The Vietnam War wasn't started by the Boomers, but we had to deal with the fallout from it. Way worse than the Gulf Wars. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were not Boomers (too old). Saul Alinsky was not a boomer. Blaming Boomers may feel good, but it's too simplistic. And by the way, I"M paying my mother's health care and social security. She's 90. We both have the same income. She pays no tax. I pay 15.3% of my income in SS tax. As far as I'm concerned, she deserves every penny of it after raising me. I do enjoy your videos. Keep it up. No disrespect intended.

  33. LordOfTheEdge says:

    I’d be fine if boomers gave us all full auto rifles tbh. I think in many ways boomers are holding us back, such as less jobs by refusing to retire and being fanatically loyal to the Jew.

  34. Whiteness Protection Program says:

    Good job.

  35. snidely whiplash says:

    as a boomer myself, that was pretty harsh…

  36. snidely whiplash says:

    propaganda is the weapon with which we must fight…the elites have long waged war on us…now with the internet we can fight back with our own propaganda

  37. Red Shift says:

    +Eli Harman, Excellent video, although I'm going to have to to do a video in a few weeks that will disagree with you a bit, or will rather put what you said in a bit more context.

  38. Anthony Man says:

    what are you doing? I'm ready to leave everything now!
    Millennials are spoiled, but they have potential!

  39. It's OK to be right says:

    The boomers freed us from the burden of the generation contract by wasting tax money and virtue signalling towards non-whites and feminists on our costs.

  40. Visual Meditation says:

    The boomer cucks unintentionally left us the greatest awakening opportunity of all times. No better time to be born than in today's epic purification process. Hail Ragnarök! Hail Death!

  41. N Shell says:

    Damn that was a very chilling closing statement

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