Tamika Mallory, you gon learn today. Feminism is NOT for us! W/ Mechee X

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27 Responses

  1. Regina Ames says:


  2. Silque Black says:

    26:39 YEah, Loving the family perspective. I prefer to be home and in the kitchen but Im not hatin on the women who want to have a career, so dont hate on me cause I prefer the kitchen and raising my kids at home.

  3. Sunshine Melanina says:

    I love you sista!! You are always on point; it is ashame some Blacks can't deal with reality of truth. Don't let them stop you from reaching your goal to teach and keep our people informed.

  4. TELL THE TRUTH says:


  5. Old School says:

    Just the white folks have a platform then we need to concentrate all our efforts on doing what we need to do to have our own platform without them and without the aid of them we spend over 2 trillion dollars a year so we need our own something that is owned by black people.

  6. Valerie Hawkins says:

    The Rockerfellows and the Rothschild's and the rest owns amerikkka and the amerikkka citizens. BLACK FIRST

  7. Ralph Andrews says:

    Remember now, this bitch said that she will never ask for money but if she do "it will be accounted for". The scam is on the way. At least Zaza Ali is a cute biracial woman. Fly Nubian Queen would not compare to Zazas' shit.

  8. Kaydee 216 says:

    Feminine powerful and black GO! sis

  9. Valerie Hawkins says:

    They are turning our men out making them put on dresses for a dollar turning then into homos and sissy's. Those Jews also the mm one who pokes each other in the as. They also make eñtertainers respecting that wall they pray to. Dummies. BLACK FIRST

  10. The BIE 2018 says:

    Meechie back in the booth with the truth! To black feminists: STILL BELIEVE that all women have a common cause? Or is there another agenda? To Mallory & Hill: Welcome Black lol!

  11. Mrs Brown says:

    Teach, Teach

  12. Ms. Lovely says:

    Your an awesome amazing woman. You remind me of me. Thank you for your video.

  13. MrEnglewood78 says:

    Great book: “How jews created Hollywood.” This will explain a lot. Jews were working hand in hand with their other white gentile Protestant brothers in subjugating blacks. Study the jews in the south, they were very prosperous in the Jim Crow south, they have always worked against us. Many Jews were working and supported the confederacy, one was Judah P. Benjamin who was the Secretary of State for the confederacy. Study Rabbi Isaac Mayer wise and his racism. This thing goes deep.

  14. Rafael Temple says:

    How the fuck was his name Kiplinger when his and t' Chala's fathers were brothers. Was that his given?

  15. gdaddy1963 says:

    Semitic means people who speak a certain language so anything said against them is considered Anti-Semetic or antisemetism. Especially Hebrew.

  16. coach adrian says:

    I love this sister…i will support you…

  17. gdaddy1963 says:

    That's what they said about me. "You know General says what everyone else is thinking and is are just afraid to say it!"

  18. Louis Moore says:

    It's just like Yahushua (Jesus) said I Know you who say that you are Jews and who are not. But have become a synogoge of Satan. They hate us because they Know that we are the Original Isaelites. And that they are not

  19. Natasha Davis says:


  20. Natasha Davis says:

    Isnt that through taxes?

  21. Rafael Temple says:

    When are people going to learn the world is tribal, stay with your own!

  22. aaron charles says:

    Love your perspective on things. Delivery is excellent. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Black Male from the U.K.

  23. LolaloveAnu says:

    Meechie, if black people dont have to love everyone or incorporate everyone in our shit…lmol…Why cant you understand peoples position on letting you in despite your color cause as you said, everybody of color not our friend. Lol…. but anyway

    The solution is simple for black people. Turn the TV off, stop shopping with people that dont support us and stop giving a fuck about what other races think.

    Over complicating things. Being pro black doesn't involve all this back and forth.

  24. Natasha Davis says:

    I love raising my babies!

  25. gdaddy1963 says:


  26. Mark Madlock says:

    READ THE TALMUD AND U WILL KNOW HOW SICK THESE FAKE JEWS ARE. damn THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN…..those who claim to be Jews BUT DO LIE!…..revelation 2:9; 3:9 kjv. we aren't antisemitic because we(some black people) are shemites. they are not shemites….genesis 10:3 KJV. as Christ pointed out, they are Satan's seed. they are identity thieves and land thieves. they started and funded the transatlantic slave trade with the first jew-ISH slaveship named "Jesus". look it up! they are the evil hand up Mona Lisa's skirt. "THE JEW STRIKES U AND SCREAMS IN PAIN". follow the money and u will find all these marches and groups are funded by Jews. Hitler was an AshkeNAZI German Jew hired by his uncle's(Rothschilds) to do what he is famous for. hitler also made the statement that blacks in America were the real Jews!

  27. NawfsideHtown says:

    Good job on the truth of the Jews

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