Talented Women who were Overshadowed by their male relatives – BBC News

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BBC 100 Women is celebrating talented women from history whose work has been overshadowed by their male relatives.

Katsushika Oei was an accomplished painter, but her work is less known about than her father Katsushika Hokusai’s.

Fanny Mendelssohn composed more than 400 works of music, most of which were unpublished in her lifetime. Some of those that were, were published under her brother’s name.

Simone Cousteau was the first female aquanaut, and she explored and researched the ocean with her husband Jacques aboard their ship.

The astronomer Caroline Herschel discovered eight comets – one was named after her. But her work is less known about than her brother William’s, who discovered Uranus.

Many know of the work of Albert Einstein, but there is significant debate around how much his first wife, Mileva, contributed to his discoveries.

Watch stories of women who should have been better credited by their husbands, brothers or fathers.

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37 Responses

  1. Nikhil Kumar says:


  2. Lydi says:

    Every time someone mentions the realities of misogyny, racism, Islamophobia etc. out come conservative (mostly white) men in droves being dismissive! Instead of acknowledging the issue, they remind us all how sensitive and unlikeable they are by doubling down and talking about 'pandering to the left' and 'identity politics'. Then they wonder why the issues persist and people never stop talking about them!
    Just LOOK at the comments under this video. Typical …

  3. TUBE VID SOUNDS says:

    Good history for women stronger.

  4. Gus Scott says:

    BBC reports : All White Men are BAD

  5. Gus Scott says:

    Why does the sexist racist BBC continually push the narrative that Vagina ownership and Skin colour are qualifications.

  6. The Man With No Name says:

    BBC being super sexist again ! No surprise there … are there no depths to which you wont stoop to push your crooked agenda

  7. Снеf Ргоору says:

    I’m sure the comments will be civil, full of both those who agree and those who have some constructive criticism.

  8. Comic Book Guy says:

    Whatever. You can thank women for men's greater push for excellence and dominance.
    Women (especially the most physically attractive ones) implicitly demand male excellence and dominance and reward such men with sex, whereas men who don't excel and aren't dominant generally won't attract the most desirable women.

  9. Chetan Biswas says:

    BBC should learn something from the like/dislike ratio of these videos. Why do they keep pushing these far-left marxist agendas?

  10. Malou Juliette says:

    thank you so much ! i did'nt knew these women !

  11. Gaz 00 says:

    More feminist bollocks from the "impartial" and "unbiased" BBC.

  12. Don Robinson says:

    If Adolf Hitler was a woman the BBC would've praised her.

  13. rokmole says:

    bbc and their sexist agenda fuck off

  14. rokmole says:

    men created civilization get over it feminazi filth

  15. rokmole says:

    more toxic anti male filth from the left wing bbc pathetic talk about being sexist bbc

  16. A B C says:

    More sexist propaganda from the corrupt BBC

  17. James Grey says:

    Whoa this video is sexist. Please delete.

  18. SilverStrumer says:

    H.G Wells' sister?

  19. Susan Diane Howell says:

    My husband prepares Sunday dinner each week. I’ll gladly give him the credit.

  20. Luke Osborne says:

    So we are reporting hearsay and what-ifs as facts because wamen n shiyt

  21. Pura Vida dew says:

    Sure are a lot of adolescent whiners in the comments here.

  22. Herman Spaerman says:

    Wow! comment section is still open.

  23. Point Venus says:

    Haha BBC all the famous inventors chefs painters builders are MEN go fuck yourself you pedos

  24. Point Venus says:

    Fuck you bbc you anti male propaganda, paedophile enployings bbcunts

  25. George S says:

    More propaganda from NPC News

  26. Maharashka says:

    So overshadowed that you know about them))

  27. Lava Lover says:

    Women had to fight their asses off for the right to vote…is it so hard for you doubters to believe that most womens' achievements in the past were not credited to them? It really seems self-evident when you think about it.

  28. jungkook's Retarded says:

    Who else is here just to see the triggered anti-feminists in the comments? Lmao I haven't even watched the video yet because I know the comments are gonna be more interesting.

  29. Tam McD says:

    Warning: triggered male snowflakes.

  30. Grassy Tiger says:

    This is the most cuck thing ever.

  31. The Crusader says:


  32. J.L band says:

    Our tax money, going towards leftist historical revisionism.

  33. 2degucitas says:

    The first 10 or so comments are men who just have to say something about this. Hope they feel better now.

  34. Silkendrum says:

    A lot of threatened males in these comments ….

  35. BLT4LIFE says:

    Love how the comment section is full of guys using the victim card.

  36. BestBloke says:

    Just a shame the men were better

  37. praisethecow says:

    Oh look The BBC is spewing feminist clap trap again.. I remember when the BBC was mandated to be impartial.

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