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Gender Politics from Atop the Hill

Views:1065|Rating:1.00|View Time:23:23Minutes|Likes:7|Dislikes:28Sylvia Bashevkin joins The Agenda to discuss her book, “Women as Foreign Policy Leaders: National Security and Gender Politics in Superpower America,” which...


Ohio politics for 2019

Views:5|Rating:nan|View Time:9:4Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0Ohio inaugurated it’s oldest Governor, medical marijuana is being sold in Ohio, house democratic leadership roles are filled with more women than ever...


Hum Bhi Bharat Episode 65: Will quota politics win Modi Lok Sabha Elections?

Views:60551|Rating:4.76|View Time:21:41Minutes|Likes:3272|Dislikes:164मोदी सरकार के ज़रिये 10% सवर्ण आरक्षण पर क़ानून और प्राइवेट उच्च शिक्षण संस्थानों में आरक्षण का दाव, क्या बीजेपी को लोकसभा की...


The Stream – The changing face of Iceland’s politics

Views:2268|Rating:3.97|View Time:37:10Minutes|Likes:31|Dislikes:8Follow The Stream and join Al Jazeera’s social media community: This episode’s story: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: GOOGLE+: **************************************************** On The Stream: As anti-establishment parties...


Politics Now: 1/12/18

Views:42|Rating:5.00|View Time:27:37Minutes|Likes:1|Dislikes:0This week: Nevada women set a whole slew of historic firsts, Governor Steve Sisolak takes over, and Nevada deals with a government shutdown.