Tacitus Today & S4S on Sweden, Australia, Feminism & Migration

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41 Responses

  1. Loki says:

    I understand the press lying through their teeth because they are controlled by the government in our new police state of England. What I don’t like is they seem to enjoy it and look so smug when they constantly vilify people like Tommy Robinson with a smile on their face. They truly are a disgrace and lost their souls a long time ago. It’s not reached the point yet but if the government doesn’t wake up it will become a massive rebellion against this left wing liberal government nonsense .

  2. Claudie LeBeau says:

    Just wondering Stefan what percentage of your subscribers are Swedish. Also, would it be possible for you to translate some of the Swedish comments? Thanks.

  3. THEO WIESER says:

    I thought for the last fifty years that feminism is a good thing ! Is it really ????

  4. Bart barry says:

    Feminism, hiring quotas, educational minority quotas,legal courts gynocentrism are all definitely a part of socialism and add in minority rights,free education,free health,welfare systems and a facist ideaology like*Islam(who always vote in block and quickly gain representation in government at all levels) this is a design for disaster for one group in the host countries. Socialisms end result is always communism, white men will be eradicated.

  5. Nicholas Ennos says:

    Nice bit of cloth you're selling, mate

  6. Siouxsi Sioux says:


  7. andy bell says:

    very interesting. And they criticise Trump and Banks as if they are in cahoots with the Russians, mad.

  8. Bfly Bfly says:

    Don't fall for the racist comments.
    Racist – A made up word by Leon Trotsky in 1927. Word used to browbeat all dissenters of the communist ideology.
    * Used today in the west to shut down nonconformists.

  9. Char Ger says:

    I think American women are more grounded. They take this ulra feminism with a grain of salt and dismiss it. Just as "white men" are supposed the biggest "terrorists". Garbage- in one ear and out the other.

  10. Tony truth says:

    what do you guys know about this. Order of Malta i've put comments up and within five minutes they have gone

  11. Billbobaggyballs says:

    That was excellent. I could have watched for another hour.

  12. Peter Svoboda says:

    Actually diversity and increasing islamisation happens to almost all western european countries. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Nethetlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Uk, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy Spain are all struggling with this imported problems. Finland, Ireland and Portugal somewhat less but too (there luck is that they are on the periphery of Europe). The Uk, France and Belgium hovewer have a particular problem with islamic extremists, more than other western european countries.

  13. Char Ger says:

    Good interview!

  14. Harry Kiralfy Broe says:

    Feminism has been hijacked – By idiots.

  15. Steve P says:

    Nice to hear an Aussie voice on one of my favourite channels.

  16. susan smith says:

    A good chat indeed Stefan as we know more of us lot alike are for sure daring to speak about such Madness seen from each & every Corrupt Government now here Fully Exposed Today. As time becomes this proof to prove that we do really need some right sane minded kinds appearing to help ooh Yes Please thx be, cos tis if we are to stop the FOOLS with titles who control our very way of life we'd better start real soon l say. But my friend until then we'll just keep talking making our own point of view heard so that common sense will prevail in the end, and only by speaking out of our very own mouth as best Rite proper words as is enough said hehehe Thankfully. Anyway Asking Hoping Wishing for the correct result for Donald Trump to WIN big numbers to gain the upper hand blessed be.

  17. gwen clark says:

    Thank you for another very informative interview. Time to get off to sleep because tomorrow is a very huge day…voting for Trump. And, not only am I voting to make America a better place to live, but to better the world for humanity. We are ALL ONE! God bless.

  18. Val Brooker says:

    I think feminism was infiltrated by men hating lesbians. Originally it was about the right to a career, getting equal for for equal jobs, Getting the same opportunities as men to an advanced education, that kind of thing. Then when the queers took over it turned into a witch hunt against men, which has nothing to do with the original intent of feminism. It meant being able to be women in the workplace in our own right, not have to dress up and pretend to be men.

  19. Peter Cottaar says:

    Hurray! You're not a 'voice in the desert' anymore. A certain synergy emanates from 2 like-minded people's dialogue that strengthens the argument of your chosen subject: "women psychologically weaponized to destroy men", and with that society as a whole. It is interesting to note that the power structure of the secret cabal that invented this…does NOT allow one single female in its ranks. So we're dealing here with a strategy by men to destroy other men….
    meaning: the destiny of women is (for them) no more than a side-issue. Which sounds familiar to the muslim credo: only as INCUBATORS of future slave labour. That's why the world cannot wake up fast enough. Just saw a Trump-speech from Ohio where loud ovations hardly ever stopped. He played the crowd like a Steinway piano and it was a happy tune from beginning to end. In a speech yesterday Obama sounded like a 'bitch on heat', unable to stop fidgeting and with a head like a tomato kept repeating this endless litany of buzzwords like 'our values' etc. And again I had to ask myself: "how the hell did this clown ever become president?' Looking at our new man however I have to say: COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, America vote Republican!!!

  20. Tony truth says:

    it is very strange what is going on around the world I do feel as there must be some sort of explanation do you? I would understand if it was just a few countries, but there are so many countries. what would we call it. the far left ideology or mind control or something else! something which is a supernatural explanation

  21. Kenneth Slade says:

    Feminists are just control freaks .

  22. cyc7lops says:

    This was a good session. Look forward to another. I like this type of show and the short segments. Don't like those who ramble on by themselves for 1-2 hours about the same thing, so stay away from that idea.

  23. cyc7lops says:

    UN on Migration Pact: NO CRITICISM ALLOWED BY ANYONE, INCLUDING MEDIA. Scary. Any country that signs it is doomed.

  24. Peak Body Mechanics says:

    A lot of people don’t know because they are distracted by really dumb tv programmes and sports. Our main stream media and education system is dumbing down the whole population.

  25. Karl Skipper says:

    Har 2 ungvuxna barn som är helt övertygade att jag dillar om trygga och lyckliga '80-tals Sverige, dom tror att vi drömmer "a perfect dream".

  26. Karl Skipper says:

    Kvinns på taken som plåtslagare i februari… Det vore syn för gudarna! :-))

  27. Northern Englander says:

    A really good discussion – hopefully there can soon be more like this

  28. Magnus Blomquist says:

    One big reason the average Swede doesn't know shit, is that the government hides statistics on everything from crimes to economics, and the main stream media is the governments big propaganda machine. Everyone should watch Tino Sanandaji adressing this problem.

  29. El Guapo says:

    What I like about you Stef…you're really level-headed. You won't be drawn into saying anything you don't agree with. It's a really good trait dude…respect!

  30. Thomas Boyd says:

    Awesome. Great video. Excellent channel. Denmark is excellent country brilliant people. I would support UKIP and Nigel Farage. Also support Right wing populist parties in Italy, Austria, Germany and Sweden.

  31. Kurtlane says:

    It's a weird thing, this weakness / softness. Why are Western countries have it? Some blame Socialism or Communism. But Soviet Union was certainly not weak or soft. Some blame feminism. But when women ruled countries, they weren't weak. Elizabeth I, Margaret Thatcher, Maria Theresa of Austria, Catherine II of Russia were all strong, tough women. Even Bloody Mary was tough, she just directed her toughness against her own people.

    So what's wrong with our governments?

  32. Rebecca Myers says:

    I live in the state's Trump is definitely in with globalism he pushed the real ID and 5G and makes satanic hand signs he playes the white hand of duality.

  33. Margaret Burgess Zbikowski says:

    Notice how Swedish women slammed their society because they were not given Leadership jobs. How many women were fighting to do janitorial work, on line factory work, or become a fisherman??? None, right? Now that Sweden has Equality in all jobs, they have the most sex based job distribution in the world. ( because of CHOICE.)

  34. Kirk Willard Wangensteen says:

    The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design (Part 1)
    The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design (Part 2)

  35. Kirk Willard Wangensteen says:

    https://www.quora.com/What-was-the-Kalergi-Plan // But I suggest you look much deeper.

  36. prism says:

    Frankly, if western people want immigrants to become western, then it is necessary for western people themselves to want to be western. What culture, exactly, are immigrants supposed to adopt? The visible culture of the metropolitan west is that of commerce and moral relativism (aka "tolerance"), with a handful of commercial holidays and food products that are specific to the people of that particular western culture. Commerce is well and good, but moral relativism will eventually even smother commerce through inability to trust.

    If the only value is tolerance, then it will not be a value for long.

    I encourage western people to learn about our culture. Read the classics especially; virtues and vices are a far superior way of viewing humanity to psychobabble and attempts to ascribe all kinds of mental phenomena to chemicals without a shred of evidence, for example. Western philosophy is fundamentally different and far more powerful than anything called "philosophy" in the rest of the world. Syllogistic logic and analysis are another two key concepts that come from western thought. Study these intently and use them in your daily life. It's what led to the success of our ancestors after all.

  37. nobody cares says:

    This is very good. Enjoyed it immensely!!!!

  38. Leilarhymeswithsheila says:

    1959!!? Bloody ‘ell, Mr. S., you look great! Good clean living, I’d say!

  39. 3 speed Sting-Ray says:

    Good to hear Nationals share their joint concerns! Surprised Tacitus didn't bring up Avi Yemini – he is Australia's version of Tommy Robinson:/

  40. Waterpenny says:

    @34:42 or so when you touched on the concept of what is acceptable speech or even thought in Sweden and how that has been socially engineered… I remembered the first time I became aware of this from an early video of A Swede Speaks when he explained the concept of the "Opinion Corridor," a term I had never heard expressed. I remember thinking how absolutely Orwellian it sounded to my ears and how constrained and restricted one must feel in order to live by this sort of behavioral and cognitive control.

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