Surviving R Kelly Vs Underage Nigerian Girls! Politics & Misrepresenting Naija In Yankee

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21 Responses

  1. Iyaz Osasyi says:

    i really dont know who's telling the truth guys.. americans are fund of extorting money from celebrities with false accusations.. why are they speaking out now?

  2. Tina Emmanuel says:

    So interesting

  3. Darwin Jackson says:

    16 is the age of consent in most of america states that why it was not illegal and that his not charge with pedophilia or raping minor cuz 16 is age of consent

  4. Amshi Chuks says:

    Am the last to comment bro. I ant to tell you that I lost my mom. And I need help in a way

  5. Adeoti Queensly says:

    Change **

  6. Adeoti Queensly says:

    Thks for relating it to nigeria. We need to channel our mind set.

  7. Adeniyi Badejo says:

    Go and watch Power

  8. marcus deprince says:

    My best movie was "POWER" bro you need to watch it

  9. ashawo ashanti says:

    You guys looking forward to get compensation claims that is too bad… well, everything about you women's proofs that you have no fear of God

  10. Engineer Tmt says:

    I will Vote for Sowore (ACC)

  11. Humble lad jr says:

    That boy in america is a very big fool and is spoiling the name of the country i Dont like it at all


    women are bad esp south african women..most r prostitutes in disguise.because most have children who they must take care of,the fuck all of Africa so they can take care of their children.most sa black girls of 21 have children and they can do a lot of shit

  13. Ikenna Obiukwu says:

    Is because of all this mad guys that make all this white people to be looking down on us

  14. Immanuel Chuks says:

    My best movie 2018 is SeaWorld

  15. Godfrey Maverick says:

    On surviving R.Kelly, Please let them down the rhetoric on R.Kelly. There are world leaders messing up innocent children all over the world, go to IDP camps , or refugees camp all . And these are not underage girls, pastors doing same and no one is talking . The Roman catholic priests nko? Tv Shows, bloggers want rating so they bring up these girls for cheap publicity and feigned empathy. I am not an advocate of R.Kelly's stupid behaviors or manner which he treated the girls However, at that ages at 15-20 years old she should know better.

  16. Godfrey Maverick says:

    On Movie to Watch, check out "Green Book" and thank me later

  17. Ade Bola says:

    making nuisance of yourself on social media is the new thing.. totally disagree.

  18. Ade Bola says:

    as much as condemn his act on minors, but some of these women were not forced. They knew what they were getting into..
    some women want to be rolling with celebrities even your local z- list celebrities. These acts has been going on for decades since rock n roll era, the beetles, Jimmy Hendrix to name a few..
    We live in an era where everyone is looking for easy come up.

  19. violet efeejuku says:

    All these girls are liars

  20. Rose Xia says:

    I don’t agree with that I’m Nigerian in china and in china all the Nigerian some are good and some are bad but the bad ones have make the good one bad in the eye of others like in china now we only say we are nigeria to foreigners like us but to a Chinese you just tell them you’re from American Canada US UK so they we look at you in a good way because if you say you are Nigerian oh oh you will not like what they are say about us

  21. Alimi Ezekiel says:

    let support sowore

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