SURPRISE TWIN GENDER REVEAL – After Years Of Infertility Through IVF!

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After 3 years of TTC AND 3 miscarriages we finally tried IVF AND Successfully got pregnant with twins. We keep the secret that we had twins for 4 months until we had our gender reveal party! My parents faces are priceless and it was the most magical moment ever!!! The little girl in the video who pops the popper is my niece, not daughter. These are our first children, Due Feb 20, 2019! Enjoy out loud family and wonderful video! Twin boy & Girl Gender Reveal 💕🦋

Poppers from Superior Celebrations 🎉

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30 Responses

  1. JaxTheSwift says:

    I was tearing up.
    I would of been the happiest- man in that group if I was there. XD
    Just because- BABIES!

  2. Natalee Rolani-Golding says:


  3. Sarah Stinson says:

    If only the kids could shut the fuck up

  4. Anna Nannen says:

    Imagine cleaning that shit up

  5. Gabriela Moctezuma says:

    I’m crying.

  6. Dulce Ruby Gallagher says:

    Too loud !!!

  7. Julia Human says:

    The old lady is just the sweetest

  8. Andrea Gomez says:

    Where did you buy those confetti poppers? Been looking for some that shoot out that much!

  9. Bridget Rodriguez says:

    Grandma is awesome

  10. Jackie Adriana says:

    Where did you guys get the poppers? ☺️

  11. Maria Campos says:

    So beautiful

  12. Chrissy Smith says:


  13. Chandler Bing says:

    Kids need to learn some respect

  14. Hello People says:

    For the second one, I was like plz be a girl

  15. Knew Beginnings says:

    This was sweet! I teared up!!! Congrats!!!

  16. Christina Fejfar says:

    Awh this was done so perfectly!! Congratulations!! I just started my channel and would love for you to subscribe and watch my videos❤️

  17. trissymisssy 55 says:

    All these kids have no frikin manners like shut them up.

  18. Goldy Fan says:

    Brady: rolls on the ground YEEEAAAHH!
    Lady: Brady Shut up
    Me: Hahahahaha

  19. Lauren Williams says:

    LOVE how excited everyone's reaction was!! Congrats!!

  20. Ciara Lyons says:

    Boy and girl twins are just the best!

  21. Ava Meyers says:

    Congratulations that's amazing!

  22. shelbs brookes says:

    Sitting here crying this is so cool congratulations guys!

  23. Lindsay Johnson says:

    I’m lost so how many boys did they have?

  24. Karla LomZep says:

    I love this video except that boy with the blue shirt oh my God he got on my nerves

  25. randie joanne says:

    Absolutely the best gender/twin reveal I have seen!!!! Congrats to the fam!

  26. IisSUMMERxx says:

    Aw I kind of feel bad for the grandma. She is so excited but everyone is too busy jumping around with each other. I feel like they should have embraced her more

  27. Caramel Delight says:

    Bad ass kids are annoying

  28. Autumn Guevara says:

    Awwww I loved this.

  29. 2M Baby Gender Reveal says:

    This was super unique. Can I repost with credit?

  30. Katie x says:

    This is so lovely.

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