Study Says Feminists Are WRONG, Men Have it Worse Globally

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34 Responses

  1. Ivan Jorven says:

    Yes. Women have it better in Saudi Arabia. They get to stay home and watch TV while the men go out and get stabbed over stupid shit. Men are required to support them. You're disagreeing on shit you know nothing about.

  2. Chad Singer says:

    Women are INSANELY favored in the US. How do you not see that?

  3. Hawking Chair says:

    You should look deeper into the nuance of the daily lives of the citizens. Women in SA are basically children with little rights but little responsibility. Men have to handle everything. And considering it is illegal for women to be out alone, what do you think the population of homeless looks like over there? I think they are looking at quality of life and not rights.

  4. Chad Singer says:

    Define 'better'. You have to be alive to take advantage of civil rights.

  5. Demonic_myst says:

    Its all relativity one the most economicly equil countries is afghanistan acording to the un but they have low average income. equil doest meqn the lask of harships it just means everyone is equily screwed and majority time qhen people now days target dispaity they aim to bring the better off down rather than raise the worse off up

  6. Demonic_myst says:

    Tim some islamic rules include the lack of due process rape alegations are more strictly pnished and false alegation is not considered but then you have that marital rae isng recognised if your acused of rape of somone who is not married your fucked in the middle east but if your married its not a crime everyone is pretty badly treated in ksa. So in relativity is all the study is doing rather than how well people are trrated its how equily bad or good people are treated

  7. Demonic_myst says:

    Their allways be inequility on every level even on an indevidual level equil is a pipe dream.

  8. Austin Groshens says:

    There are 3 wemons only gyms in my town and some gyms have whole sections dedicated for wemon only. No mens gyms no men's only section. What and why is this?

  9. Robert CC says:

    Oy,… The feminists are going to scream about this…. Is there any way we can change the results, before they read this article? My ex-wife is gonna kill me, because this is obviously my fault. I don't think this study takes into account the hypergamous nature and ever upshifting of feminists needs and wants…. We as men are not "just listening" and we need to stop offering solutions. Women need to be herded.

  10. Hitler's second coming says:

    Why have I got a notification three days late?

  11. Rockstago says:

    Tim, you had better remove this video immediately! This is far more damaging to the feminist argument than ANYTHING Tucker ever said. Nobody takes away women's oppression points, certainly not an entitled man. They will call in all the powerful connections they have , which is alot for a group so oppressed and force you to check your privilege and probably redefine the word so they can demand more positions of power. Whoever did this study is getting fired.

  12. DarwinOrwell2 says:

    PLEASE include links to your sources in the description!

  13. Alex Rayman says:

    Studying history at Stockholm University, our literature actually touted the perverse opinion that women in the early modern era were oppressed because men would be drafted to the army and got the opportunity to go out and see the world, while women had to stay home.

    In reality though, 1/3 of any early modern army would die from disease and malnutrition before even seeing combat, and only a fraction would make it home, permanently disabled. With those odds, most people probably preferred to stay at home, if they could.

    So. That's the kind of idiocy that made me really despise my university teachers and the humanities in general.

  14. Hefty Alan says:

    The females at my last company couldn't put the big water bottle on the dispenser. See men are needed. 🙂 . Joking aside men have always had it more difficult but in the past men had a help meet but that is over now.

  15. Godd Howard says:

    Just the behavioral discrepancies from the sexual organs themselves absolutely destroy this gender-marxist notion that men and women are even remotely the same.

    Men and women should be given the same amount of credence but you shouldn't expect then to come anywhere near making the same decisions.

  16. Lazarus Wave says:

    Yes we do, But I don't want to play the victim game. Increasinginly we just withdraw altogether, there are no incentives. Its a souless fucking rat race.
    Tim, you know this wont change their minds. We have our teams.

  17. Truth Above All Never Fear says:

    Male lives matter.

  18. Truth Above All Never Fear says:

    Genesis 3:16
    To the woman he said,
    “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
    with painful labor you will give birth to children.
    (womyn have "choice" over this)
    Your desire (original Hebrew: will is to dominate) will be for your husband,

    and he will rule over you.”
    This is the age old struggle, time to swing back to the original plan, where everyone is happiest.

    Polling data for the last 80+ years show American female happiness index has been on a steady decline. Eekwalitee isn't making them happier, quite the contrary.

  19. Nicoli Voldkif says:

    Saudia Arabia is up there because both sexes are equally screwed.

  20. Dai Khairai says:

    "women are the true victims of war because they loose their sons, brothers and fathers" huh… so a man can die, and he doesn't even get to own death, women get to own that to. typical of feminism its always about women, something can happen to a man and shes suffering not him, sure hes missing a leg but oh-well he'll live, help the woman!!

  21. Amadeus says:

    I'd like to agree with this study but this scoring system seems very arbitrary, ranking completely different topics next to each other as if they're the same. With a few small changes you could probably have it rank either men or women as dramatically advantaged everywhere. Since there are differences between the two genders that can easily be abused by advantaging certain statistics.

  22. Chaoz Boy says:

    Take that women! My life officially sucks more than yours!

  23. David Haaijema says:

    Tim…. you idiot, yes men have it worse in SA, woman are oppressed there not just because "lets make woman suffer" but to protect them in a old middle age fashion. Woman aren't allowed to work, therefor cannot die in work. They are excluded from the armed service, therefor cannot die in war. Woman are always sheltered and taken care of since they are deemed to not be capable of doing themselves, therefor will never be homeless or go without food.

    You dult, you equate Personal Freedom (which comes with a shit ton of risk) with Quality of Life. While there is a link between the 2, there is no direct hard linked correlation. Personal Freedom is not the deciding factor by far for Quality of Life.

    You do not need Freedom to survive Tim, you need things like Food, Shelter etc etc etc. Why do you think it took about 112 thousand years of human evolution before we even came up with the concept of individual freedom. Because until that time, we where struggling to do things like feed ourselves and find shelter on a daily basis and didn't give a shit who was in charge and what arbitrary laws of morality they imposed because making sure you didn't die at the end of the day took precedence. And if this doesn't resonate with you, think for a second about your common house dog and that dynamic, it's pretty much the same idea.

    Hell, any proper Theocracy would in 99% of cases, blame the husband for the crimes of the woman and enact punishment upon the man. Totally not going to influence those numbers either huh Tim ? But I guess you just went full SJW Feminist because it suites you, because I guess the physical harm inflicted upon the man is less of a issue than the emotional harm of not being held accountable for your own actions because you can play on the heartstrings of people and make them feel "Islam bad for woman", playing on the same emotions as leftists usually do, utterly disgusting.

    What a emotional drivel coming from you because you have this ingrained idea that "Islamic country must by definition be a hell hole especially for woman", here's a idea Tim, why don't you go look up the HDI numbers for Albania, then be amazed that a Muslim Majority country (given one of the only Republic styled ones and located in mainland Europe) beats most American states with ease (hell even Turkey can…). Get some of that reactionary brainwashing out of your head, yes Theocracies especially Islamic ones are bad, but not because of the most likely straight up fantasies you have conjured up in your head how things work there.

    Ahhhh that lovely SJW reactionary attitude complete with the biased NPC playbook, funny how facts don't care about your feelings either huh ?

  24. Lievyon says:

    The season you’re finding this study so perplexing Tim is because you’re buying into the same logical fallacy the far left is. Its call the apex fallacy which is assigning the characteristics of a small minority to the whole.

    Take Saudi Arabia. Yes there are a very small percentage of men at the top controlling everything. And no doubt they are controlling how women act in society and the rights they have. However, they are also controlling every other man’s actions and rights as well.

    This is how societies have run for most of human history. Almost everyone, both men and women, have been oppressed by a small ruling class. But because this very tiny ruling class has been men, the left asserts that it’s men as a whole that were the oppressors. This is a terrible way to look at History and society in general.

  25. Ľubomír Kompiš says:

    Nah, compulsory military service is great. Builds backbone, discipline, unity, all things severely lacking in modern culture.

  26. KaMiKaZee says:

    Facts and data? But how will that stop the feels?

  27. Jorge Gonzales says:


  28. amateur match says:

    Watch Turd Flinging Monkey

  29. Ghost_Soul167 says:

    I would look at who funded the study…..Bet there's a Prince from Saudi Arabia somewhere in there…..

  30. Truth Above All Never Fear says:

    Cancer Feminism is about female supremacy. Women in the USA have over 100 rights IN LAW that men don't have. Men have no rights that women don't have. Female supremacy has been achieved in the USA, obviously.

  31. tyler lee says:

    Women don't care about men. We are a tool for them to get what they want.

  32. KaytOfTheBlackCoats says:

    I think if you are comparing Saudi women with American women (or American men for that matter), then yes obviously their lives are definitely worse. But as I understand it, this study compares Saudi women with Saudi men. And honestly, I have no idea how rough Saudi men's lives might be compared to the women there. For all I know, Saudi men may actually live comparatively worse lives than the women, depending on the measurement.

    But it just goes to show that this study is not really a good measurement for how well people are living. If two people live in a trash heap, and one has chicken nuggets and the other has nothing, yes the person with the chicken nuggets is technically better off. But they're both still living in a trash heap. So at the end of the day, does it really matter that much which one has it better?

  33. Jim Kelvarn says:

    That quote is true. She said it back in the 90's at a conference.
    Just google the quote.

  34. cafeta says:

    Men are forced to go to WAR… women forced to stay at home an take care of the children…

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