Stop thinking Feminist Things are Perfect

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It makes my head spin sometimes when I keep hearing how ASIAN Feminist Things are so great, they are so great because they hide their bad behavior behind a FALSE Mask that they put out. They are some of the WORST SJW’s and Feminist Things.

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  1. Google Sucks says:

    So they ended up giving her no consequences at all. And blamed her husband! UFB. Just UFB. Bottom line: China is every bit as decayed and disgusting as any Western country. Every bit as bad, full stop. And India? Many of us call it Cuckistan, and we do so for very very very good reason. Thank you for posting this. It is crucially important for all of us to know that Eastern Feminist Things and eastern countries are no better; they are every single bit as bad.

  2. TSATrash says:

    She will get her nails done before she feeds her kid.

  3. einstürtzende neubauten says:

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