Social Justice is Winning

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25 Responses

  1. Charlysteen Stevens says:

    SJW's are looking ridiculous. Lefties in academia (at all levels but especially at Evergreen State) created a perfect medium for militancy to grow. It blew up in their faces, Weinstein included. When jobs are lost and classes not offered because of declining enrollment, and the related decline in government funding, too bad. They own it. Couldn't happen to nicer people 🙂

  2. Ruth Rogers-Wright says:

    Turn off the TV and learn as much as you can and listen very carefully.

  3. The Silver Spade says:

    Israel needs more africans in positions of power

  4. Robert Cartledge says:

    its utterly crazy that this sjw and diversity crap is so popular when all the countries embracing it are getting fucked over and the counties that dont are prospering.

  5. Ken Bellchambers says:

    Here's a crazy idea to kick about – the western world is suffering from estrogen toxicity due to the hugely abnormal quantities of this hormone in the general environment. The birth control pill is responsible for contaminating tertiary treated wastewater with excreted estrogen and progesterone, as sewerage treatment operations do not remove the excreted hormones. These little doses add up, and the result is gender identity mayhem, The birth control pill also causes anxiety, and aggressive and angry behaviour and it lowers libido in many women. The saturation of the body with these chemicals leads to physiological changes which may well. and seem to be, passed on to offspring. We may be in the midst of a pharmaceutical holocaust.
    What sort of equality do we need? We need fifty percent garbagewomen, concreters, plumbers and stevedores for a start. We may also need to do much more extensive research into hormone rebalance and restoration therapy.

  6. PissedOff RebelinMI says:

    3:05– Hopefully, this Australian idiot would do the right thing, step down, and hand his position over to a woman… AUStistic.

  7. Raging Snakes says:

    Well.. no need to look past this this video to see why good men are going MGTOW. Walk away gentlemen. This train has no brakes. Sorry but the battle is over mate.

  8. Nexus says:

    it doesnt matter if they are winning. they are already eating themselves. sjw university's like the university of missouri have lost tons of funding and are closing down facility's. movies like star wars the last feminist are bombing. people are just walking away. they cannot sustain any of this.

  9. Michael Rafferty says:

    Unbelievable that this is happening in Australia. I've mentioned in my small circle that this nonsense will eventually creep into Britain but have been told in no uncertain terms that we are a white, male dominated middle class society and that's not going to change. Heads in the sand all round. The worst thing happening in oz is those guys with no moral fibre clinging to their jobs and shoving their workmates under the bus. When is this madness going to end and aren't those women getting jobs they don't merit not ashamed of themselves. Obviously not.

  10. Panther says:

    I hate these social justice warriors and politically correct dogma bigots

  11. Major Mayhem says:

    I'll be voting for Pauline Hanson in the next election!

  12. WindyE Bowerstone says:


  13. Paul Putter says:

    Men, begin to grow a BACKBONE! Stand up against this shit!

  14. DeeperHavoc says:

    These three men are amazing.

  15. nunya bisnass says:

    That's actually a looming disaster. Having a person of high influence over setting the loan qualifications, and in some ways also the stock market, influencing credit systems with gender based strategies. Your economy will crash if such a thing ever takes hold.

  16. Time for men to grow some says:

    Where the fuck are men meant to work.

  17. Traian Constantin says:

    lol, fighting sexism with sexism and fighting racism with racism

  18. cast meoutpls says:

    In a bizarre twist in my thinking, I now think that maybe the whole transgender thing will set this straight. So, if the government wants to recruit more women, then many men will simply temporarily become "women on paper" saying that they identify as women and then those men will be recruited as "women" because the women quota needs to be fulfilled. Checkmate LOL.
    Can anyone tell me if the guideline mentioned "women by birth" or just "woman"?

  19. TIME OUT says:

    This is a great show. Should be on free to Air tv..

  20. Mark 7's says:

    There's already a "Parkinson's Disease". Granted, it's a neurological disorder, but you're going to confuse a lot of people with this name.

  21. Rin Michaelis says:

    Maybe the men who want to hire more women just want to have their ideal harem.

  22. garage arts says:

    you cant win,, they have already won,, there in the positions of power,, they run it control it from up high,, there in governments- schools,, education dept,, there in positions of power now,, look how many gay politicians are in Australia ! this is what happens when the sheeple are busy or not interested ,,they wake up and there goyim kids are learning how to apply a condom onto a dildo at age 5 in schools here

  23. HD Candela says:

    It is clear that Baby Boomer Leftist Oligarchs in cooperation with Socialist Government Liberal Fascist have completed a take over of all Western Civilization Mainstream Structures, and they have Brainwashed Millennials into becoming the same as Hitler's SA in the streets, on the campuses, in the markets, on the job, and all over the internet in order to eliminate any challenge to those at the socio-economic top and maintain power and control by dividing over crumbs from the table. Now you see Millennials protesting and rioting against their own individual Rights, having elections and the concept of a Constitutional Republic. As they have become so bold in their corruption it is only a matter of time before they proceed forward with a violent revolution. One example that comes to my mind is the money and manipulation that George Soros and various governmental entities engaged in trying to provoke riots and then respond with martial law in Baltimore. The documents and files stolen and uploaded to the internet are very shocking as to the degree of orchestration by those bad actors. However, that is only one example of a multitude of campaigns which have followed one after the other after the another and continue on today. The most shocking but under-recognized threat as of recent is the wrongly named "Safe Cities Initiative" in which mayors and city councils of Democratic Party controlled cities have directly asked the UN Blue Helmets to enforce martial law against the people living in their own cities in violation of the US Constitution, State Laws, and City Laws. It is treason!!!! The first location in which this was carried out, was Chicago and the Base of Operations was the Kellogg Building. There are drone photos and video which have been uploaded to the internet. I must say though, the Base Structure, Motor Pool Arrangement, and Standard Operational Procedures were full of more security holes than a block of Swiss Cheese. I am more than willing to discuss my observations with any Americans simply for educational purposes or game theory only. Though few people understand that Agenda 21 goes by many other names and ought simply be called Socialism and treason, and so i do not expect the offer to be taken up any time soon.

  24. Derek Spencer says:

    Far left liberal ideology will destroy Western Culture!!!

  25. Scott Kirk says:


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