So I Tried Out For A ‘FEMALE ONLY CLAN” And They Said This…

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23 Responses

  1. Xaloty says:

    im broke so pls forgive me for the ads

  2. LockedCloud123 Gamer says:

    The color of the game is straight shit it hurts my eyes

  3. JokieeTV says:

    Would've been nice if it wasn't staged you fuckin prick.

  4. Bandit Got Dreads says:

    What part of Japan are you in bro?

  5. beyondthe bts says:

    girl dies
    hE iS sOo bAd oH My GoOdnEss
    Me:she literally died like da fuq?

  6. Idriss Conteh says:

    That was obviously boys but ok

  7. KI-KI Rocket League says:

    I love your vids and your really good but plz stop using the same clips cause it gets quite annoying 🙂

  8. Zirkir Zilah says:

    Annoying lol these people. I met girls in real life and none of them is shitty like them. I thought they would be nicer:(.

  9. Purpp Ciorz says:

    they have the WORST excuses

  10. Zen M. Seijuro! says:

    Wow even a girl are so good dude T_T

    I’ll just keep practicing then playing 10 Hour a day

  11. SnipezAU says:

    they are actual bots wtaf

  12. SeeMeNextTime Murawski says:

    Those girls are so bad you're the best 😀

  13. Julian Navestad says:

    Brooooo, I love those edits!!!

  14. BoardThot says:

    I hate these bitches

  15. Ce760 Ko says:

    I Hope so

  16. Bloodpug says:

    Feminist bitches

  17. Endergo YT says:

    Salty af

  18. Endergo YT says:

    Tired of feeling like my life is a damn game, nigga really wanna die in the night time.

  19. ItzPigzeat904 says:

    Bro your actually like god lvl

  20. ViralTalent says:

    They sound like feminists

  21. Yahshua says:

    We all know this is fake

  22. itsme monica says:


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