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SJW & Feminist getting owned and triggered by logic. Tucker Carlson debating a pro reparation activist, a man talking down on gender equality and wage gap, and a college debate.

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28 Responses

  1. Juventin says:

    i don;t know who's dumber the sjw girl or the moron she's attacking @ 10:00 ish

  2. trailtrs1 says:

    She lives better than anyone in my family and any of my family in the past. I’m sick of hearing the welfare pumps and race pumps going on and on.

    You managed to take a regular guy and get him to not have any sympathy for you at all.

    Good for you grievance industry.

  3. darrin moore says:

    So people.that don't finish high school is caused by others because of skin color? Yah perhaps it's because of the culture and not race

  4. Orange Man BAD NPC #8675309 says:

    Gimme Dats!!!! Jesus Christ is this unattractive lady is a groveling douche.

  5. God of plumbing says:

    I'm going to say what's on everyone's mind… That's an ugly woman.

  6. sonny0888 says:

    But…but…my gender studies prefessor said that…

  7. ライオン 誇りの罪 エスカノール says:

    That smug young curly feminists with the clip on her hair is moronic hypocritical stupid idiot. She doesn’t go by Facts but by idiotic ideology

  8. Ryan O'Keefe says:

    morgan freeman pretty much ended any discussion of entitlement to not just african americans but to anyone guy struggled his whole life WE ALL HAVE EVEN IF YOUR A RICH WHITE GUY LIVING IN A MANSION …HE COULD BE HURTING

  9. Mario Solis says:

    that girl had a point, the birth control had more impact in womens liberation.

  10. Josh B. says:

    That 98% girl is definitely on drugs.

  11. Stian Skjelbred says:

    The Irish who says the American system is better than Europe couldn't be more incorrect… Also: When did EU bailout itself in any way? The US has 3 times …!

  12. vernon knapp says:

    07:00 Anyone who still wears a denim jacket in the 21st century is obviously crazy!

  13. Simon Flygman says:

    I think SJW logic is "As long as it's in my favour, then it's not wrong".
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  14. Robotic Humanity says:

    pretty sure the euro was introduced into the eu to hide inflation numbers

  15. Edgar coral says:

    These blacks always use slavery as an excuse

  16. brianr101010 says:

    If she believes the birth control pill was more liberating than the washing machine then a) she has no idea how hard it is to do a load of laundry by hand and b) she is a slutty dirty whore.

  17. Ryne Prince says:

    The Irish bitch is stupid, America worked for now, country is only 300 years old. Europe is falling apart finally after thousands of years corruption, give America time lady

  18. Ryne Prince says:

    I didnt go to college because I couldnt afford it. Wife went now she is helping me go. And I'm white. So dont act like all white people just get to go to college because their families are going to pay for it. My family couldnt afford it

  19. brdprey1 says:

    How many blacks have a slave owner today? Why are the entitled children today wanting to make other children of today pay for crimes that never occurred to the first group and we're never committed by the second group? That's entitlement, spoiled rotten, or do you want to say privilege. The fact that you can claim for reparations from people who never committed the crime says that you're a f**** whiny ass little prick. How dare you want this generation to pay for something you had no part of.

  20. Dex Dexter says:

    How does nobody know that Africans were the ones who enslaved the African people. The only thing that the white guy's dead when they came there was trade for slaves.
    And I'm going to point out that if you're black and can't get into college it's probably because you should have spent lesstime listening to rap music and more time studying. I got into college just fine despite being black and I didn't even get that high of a GPA. Now I never graduated college because being as big of a campus as I was on was not good for my anxiety and I was put myself in a situation where I had to work full-time instead but I can't sit there and blame anything but myself for not being able to get my diploma.

  21. Richie Devereux says:

    So blacks wanna get into College without earning it to fail anyway..
    They NEED to go to Africa and claim reparations from the AFRICAN CHIEFS who sold them..

  22. Mike Airley says:

    That first woman…is a fucking Mong!

  23. Mr Lockpick says:

    Best comment in this video "weirdo thinking"

  24. Daniel Burgström says:

    I love every time Tuckers respons with a "Huh…."

  25. H. G. says:

    I don't quite agree with this lady at the end when she equates a scientific majority agreeing with a result as it being the same as that result being reached by democratic process.

    Science has come a long way, today we can be fairly sure that if a majority of scientist on a given field agree with a result, then it means they have all reached the same conclussions by their own means, that is how falsifiability works.

    She is absolutely right in that one person can be correct, that is why today as soon as someone makes their resutls public, everyone else in that field rushes to make their own studies to find if those results check out, if they do check out, then they are in agreement, democracy has jackshit to do with it.

  26. Elven Mage Jr says:

    Why would black immigrants want to come here if they're automatically going to be victimized? It makes absolutely no sense.

  27. walter ogb says:

    Damn video not DNA video lol

  28. walter ogb says:

    Commercials are ruing YouTube. I get it people need to paid for the content they produce. But for real. Play the commercials at the beginning of the video and stop interrupting the DNA videos with commercials. Great video also thanks

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