Single woman using donor sperm | Success story

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When Kirsten turned 30 she decided she wanted to be a mum. She hadn’t met Mr Right yet so after saving to put herself in a comfortable financial position, Kirsten made the decision to become a single mum. With the support of her family she accessed the donor program at IVF Australia ( for fertility treatment with donor sperm and IVF. Now she couldn’t imagine her life without Lachlan. Listen to her story…

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26 Responses

  1. Zjenster Logic says:

    Yeah why not deprive a child of his right to have HIS father in his life?
    It's all about the mother right? The rights of the child doesn't really matter.

  2. TOP FIVE says:

    I want to have this procedure and have my kid for my self

  3. MsRazno says:

    This sounds very very much like my story. Only I went through IUI route.

  4. chris benhur says:

    in case any person or any hospital are looking for sperm donor, then let me know. me and also a colleague of mine are fine to donate sperm but we dont know the process or which hospital to approach. this is just to help someone or just as a new experience for us and we neither get anything nor expecting any benefit here. hope its clear, thanks.

  5. chris benhur says:

    i want to donate sperm , i am from sydney and working professional (so not expecting any money ofcos),

  6. btc_real says:

    How old is she? I'm 41 in the beginning stages of this process. I'm on 2nd iui cycle, then its ivf

  7. Kevin Klein says:

    The world has truly become a sad place if this is to get more and more popular. If people do not realize soon that this is pure madness, then I am quite scared of the consequences I see lurking on the horizon. This is one of the absolute worst ideas in modern times. The crazier it gets, the more we will pay for our mistakes eventually. We are litterally on our way to becoming robots. No, I am not over-exagerating, I am deeply concerned. And no this is not about the child just having one parent…I am way more concerned about the future of love in general. To those who disagree, spare me the comments, "but friendship is also love", because I am not going to debate that, you know very well what I am talking about. We have messed enough with nature, this is almost as ridiculous as cloning.

  8. dev bachu says:

    Wow choose me smile

  9. Baby Sab says:

    Here is my 2 cents. Men hate that they are becoming disposable and their sperm is used without any attachement, just like they did
    with women since the dawn of time. Suck it fellas, a new era is upon us

  10. Ava Crews says:

    I’m so glad this worked because I want my mum to have another baby but my dad and mum split u

  11. Pargat Dhaliwal says:

    I sperm donor plc call mi my Whatsapp nember 8397035407

  12. Snow White 1982 says:

    Hi Kirsten I have just done ivf myself and I now have a beautiful Baby it is the best decision I have ever made as she is my whole world

  13. Kpop Ajumma says:

    I will be turning 26 in less than two months. And I would really like to become a mother one day. I however have no husband or boyfriend right now. And if by the age of 30 I still dont have a boyfriend or husband then I might consider doing this.

  14. aminozuur says:

    Children who grow up without their biological fathers have much higher risk of depression, addiction and suicide. I grew up fatherless and it has left me heartbroken. Please woman research and consider what is in the best interest of your child, rather than your own :).

  15. Ashley Pinkston says:

    I have a friend that would like to do this and i think she would be a great mother. Unfortunately she doesnt make enough for the treatments. this is the link to her.

  16. Sunil Kumar says:

    I'm sperm donor contact me +918178772509

  17. muffinkissesxxx says:

    Cutting men out of the equation sounds perfect! So many women settle for the wrong men because they are afraid to miss their chance at having a family. I'm so glad we have this option now 🙂 can you imagine not having to fight with your partner about how to raise your kids? Getting to raise your kid your way? It's brilliant 🙂

  18. muffinkissesxxx says:

    I'm excited to do this… so I don't have to put up with taking care of a man child and a baby!

  19. whatthe says:

    Poor women, this is what happens to you when you want everything. BTW the kid when a grown up a will become a criminal.
    Now do not reply with your stupid comments, what i said is based on stats, this is what happens to kids without the father(not if the father died).

  20. Jack Montgomery says:

    If some of the negative comments below prove anything, it’s this…It doesn’t matter whether you have two parents or one, you can still grow up bitter, ignorant & intolerant…Good luck to this beautiful lady & her child.

  21. Venkatesh Balivada says:

    Not good better to orphanage baby adoption

  22. Fred Nerks says:

    More single mothers to plague the earth. Most new age women are so stuck up that no average man would make a suitable partner. Men are being treated like sperm donors instead of fathers and most of the sperm donors look gay. Not that I am against being gay, but are not we spreading the gay gene this way. Men have absolutely no rights these days and if men stop donating to IVF Australian society is going to be in trouble. Obviously the IVF clinic loves it because its extra funding for them. Why don't you just live with a bloke for a few years, have a child and then get rid of him. #That is the true Australian way.

  23. prashanth nair Prasad says:

    a bold decision was taken.

  24. den310 says:

    the baby looks slow in the head, something not right .

  25. Adam Hooper says:

    I run the facebook group Sperm Donation Australia. It is very common for ladies to join our group who are in their 30s to join our group and look for a suitable donor. Many of these women a well travelled, highly educated and have well respected jobs in the community eg. Doctors, Nurses, Attorneys, Police officers, Sporting athletes, Engineers etc. A lot of the time these ladies have been very career focussed and holding off having a baby. However the clock does tick and many often find themselves with the predicament of needing to act on having children or miss the chance of motherhood. Not everyone finds themselves in an ideal relationship at this time rather than go out to the pub and get knocked up these ladies have class to go on and speak to potential donors. We have had so many successes via this method and no regrets. I encourage anyone thinking of sperm donation to explore all avenues.

  26. Gypsy Soul says:

    Thank you so much! You have given me hope

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