Should TIMs be allowed to use women-only services? Debate w/ Sarah Ditum, Nicola Williams

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20 Responses

  1. Legal Fiction Natural Fact says:

    right, fuck off, bro.

  2. lili says:

    Should TIMs be allowed to use women-only services? absolutely not

  3. Camille Vee says:

    Is Sarah Ditum a radical feminist?

  4. Charlotte Stephens says:

    THESE ARGUMENTS ARE SO IDIOTIC. "Does that mean that women with hysterectomies can't run?" Um, no jackass, they are still women? Like, how fucking insulting. I can't believe I ever bought into this shit, I really can't. I apologize to all my fellow female people. You are not to be judged worthy based on whether or not you've had a hysterectomy.

  5. Charlotte Stephens says:

    NO, to these idiots saying that this is parallel to society's discussions and assumptions about gay or lesbian people being predatory. We are NOT imagining this stuff, fuck that up down and sideways. These are not imagined fears, these fears that males will be violent against females.

  6. Capricae says:

    Feminist women are always so bloody nice to the men in these debates

  7. MsBrendalina says:

    Note to transsexual males:


  8. kelly Goodman says:

    Hell No!!! build a trans woman space.

  9. Opinions MoreOpinions says:

    These MEN are aggressive, entitled MEN who are forcing.their male.bodies, in women spaces. What do.they call it, when men force themselves on women?!

  10. Why? says:

    I have two question for TERFs. I’ve heard that TERFs believe that pornography is rape. I don’t really understand that sentiment, but whatever. A friend of mine is a bisexual adult film actress that only stars in lesbian adult films. My question is, by your standards, would she be considered a rapist? My second question is, why is pornography considered rape in the first place? Thank you!

  11. Marija says:

    Sarah just opens her mouth and gets to the damn point. 🙂

  12. Susan Nunes says:

    Actor Jamie Farr could pass better than those dudes on the panel.

  13. Jenny Kiss says:

    I really enjoyed this. I am not about to go screaming "men"at trans women any time soon. I prefer to call them trans women and not women. I do think that the need for them to self invite into women only spaces is about patriarchy and their own validation. And those are issues I hope they use some introspection to conquer and move on from.

  14. ecomujeres says:

    Feelings, chemicals and plastic surgery do not change biology. Why are male identified females not part of this transgender conversation? Misogyny? What do female identified males have in common with male identified females? As for male violence against women and children, I recommend that males and males who identify as female work together to eliminate the culture of male violence.

  15. ASMRyouVEGANyet? says:

    What was that buzzing noise?

  16. Amanda Grimes says:

    Such a shame Nicola Williams was dancing around the issue too lightly because she is a nice person and was being kind to these transwomen.

  17. Charmed Diaries says:

    Should TIMs be allowed to use women only services?

    No. No debated needed.

  18. Chosen Bitter Guardian says:

    Transg(t)renderism is male violence.

  19. robertaglass says:

    Wow always amazed how resistant Transactivists are when they are forced to think about womens safety and feelings. Their brushing aside of safety issues because the women working at the shelter would handle it! They have had women catering to them their entire lives why should it stop now?

  20. soulfoodie1 says:

    Sarah and Nic did a really wonderful job. I am also really glad Emma who had been in a woman's refuge got to give her testimony. I just hope that the mainstream media allows the voices of women to be heard on these issues

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