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Here is our shocking baby gender reveal. We couldn’t be more excited for our new arrival!

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30 Responses

  1. One Pretty Little Box says:

    Congrats!! Beleieve it or not, boys are so much fun too!! Different world than girls, but so fun!!

  2. Paula Stenquist says:

    Congrats to you all!!!!!

  3. OurFamilyLife says:

    you will be surprised how much you will love being a boy mom!

  4. Christina Billingsly says:

    Congratulations!! Boys are so much fun!!

  5. Ginny Proctor says:


  6. Renee Kerner says:

    Yay, I knew it would be a boy. I am so happy for you and your entire family.

  7. Louise Shoudy says:

    Beautiful…. thank you for sharing, what joy!!

  8. Chris Weaver says:

    my daddy in this video!!!!! oh my word. ethan had him in tears!!! makes my heart smile! Naynay and Chris look forward to spoiling baby boy cooper!

  9. Amy Boyd says:

    I’m so happy for you guys. I had an idea that it’s a boy . Now we need to start hearing boy names. Love ya.

  10. Kristina Jockel says:

    Congrats!! So happy for u! I’m a momma of 3 boys…it’s the best!

  11. elma menkovic says:

    Congratulations so excited for you

  12. Jeanie Wooten says:

    Thank you for sharing with us. I am excited for you and your family.

  13. Sheron Hebert says:

    Congratulations! Babies are such a joy! You two are blessed with 2 beautiful girls and now a boy on the way! Happy days are in store for your whole family.

  14. Brenda Lindsay says:

    So excited for you guys, I was thinking all along boy. So perfect 2 girls and a boy.

  15. kathy pendergraft says:

    So happy for yall!!!

  16. The Southern Fried Maple Leafs says:


  17. Chelsi Country music girl says:

    Hi I’m new and I just subscribed!!! This video is SO exciting!!!

  18. Laura Pollard says:

    I was moving and didn't get to see this until this morning. So happy for you all! ❤❤❤ How fun!

  19. Natalie Deyton says:

    Can u do a video of if you are going to continue foster care

  20. Shelleysme says:

    So happy for your little family.

  21. Debbie Bax says:


  22. Judy Mullins says:


  23. Darian Libauer says:

    So happy for you all. This is the cutest gender reveal party I’ve ever seen. ☺️

  24. Mizlil619 says:


  25. airgirl2011 says:

    So excited to you!!!!!!! I guessed boy!!! I have 2 boys they are so much fun!!!!!

  26. Mariann Jack says:

    Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for all of you!

  27. Cindy Ball says:

    Congratulations. I am sooooo happy for you two

  28. Amber Keeter says:

    I literally started crying I'm so happy for you and your family

  29. Jamie Phillips says:

    Congrats! I’m so excited for you and your family

  30. rosemarie zolis says:

    So happy for you guys!!

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