Shirrako Banned For Feeding Feminist To Pig In Red Dead Redemption 2

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This joke police continue their ways, this time banning a channel with 500,000 subscribers for a joke video from red dead redemption 2.


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39 Responses

  1. Tim Scott says:

    He’s back up and running, that’s the good news. We now are on notice that censorship is alive and well, fight back.

  2. ClassicGlue Insider says:

    Jeremy did you hear the news this morning? Shirrako's channel has been restored and that it was the actions of a disgruntled employee that had removed Shirrako's account and not YouTube.

  3. Brett Mehl says:

    How do you get banned for doing something in a game you can do haha

  4. mackstertube says:

    You also lose honor which when goes negative has a lot of worse effects than being honourable

  5. Glenn Vatista says:

    No, why post something and make a title like that if you know it'll bring negative attention. He brought it on himself.

  6. Zero .Karma says:

    Just a question about the "realism and depth" of the game world and the suffragettes? Do they show them protesting that they don't want blacks to get the vote, or fire bombing public buildings? He was probably just punching a feminist to stop her baby killing spree.

  7. Nobody says:

    SJWs don't believe in games. They prefer interactive indoctrination tools

  8. Spud Bud says:

    The shit that the extreme left gets away with, CREATES the alt right.

    I never considered violence against these terrible people. These social terrorists that claim social justice, until i learned just how bad they really are. And they get away with it. Im surprised Anita and her ilk havent been physically assaulted yet.

    I mean, someone hired a hitman for boogie before anita. Are you kidding me?

  9. dylan newton says:

    YouTube can ban whoever they want it's a private company lol

  10. Matthew Guzman says:

    It's an open world game and some of them allow you to kill anyone you like. They dont discriminate. You can kill men, women, and even racist KKK phantoms in this game.

  11. Dirk-Ulrich Heise says:

    Everybody upload his own video of feeding a suffragette to pigs now! Women's suffrage has led to MERKEL. Go back into the past and kill it in its infancy!

  12. Jules Rey says:

    As if we needed more evidence that they lack any sense of humor

  13. Jules Cote says:

    It's a GAME!!!! Get a life, DON'T watch ANYTHING you personally find offensive, but it is WRONG to punish someone because you didn't approve of his choices in how he played HIS game! RDR IS a violent game PERIOD! I thought it was funny, I was glad the game gave people the choice to choose how they wanted to react to an annoying game character. I follow Shirrako because I appreciate his gaming videos. VERY glad he got reinstated!

  14. I says:

    Vote to Democrats and you’ll all be banned, retard Americans

  15. SHODAN64 says:

    Glad that youtube gave him his channel back

  16. MrThrice1234 says:

    Keep voting Democrat this is what you get

  17. Miksa Durmics says:

    Gonna buy the game just because of that.

  18. RedCrim Chan says:

    Remove SJW from earth

  19. Billy Wardlaw says:

    Bash a Feminist Quake mod in 3…2…

  20. roller 22 says:

    its shame when a bussines industry bends the knee to feminists and sjws no one today can take a joke its just game its not real life get over with

  21. 2know4sure says:

    Big Brother is a Jerk, but as it turns out Big Sister is a BITCH! Nanny State SUCKS!

  22. Gideon says:

    damn… not your brightest moment world

  23. awesomegamerdude z says:

    The fact that this dude got banned for killing a fictional npc just goes to show how fucking pussified the human race has become.

  24. awesomegamerdude z says:

    Feeding a femenist to a pig? Isn't that cannibalism?

  25. Man of Action says:

    The game is damn good, though. I can't wait to play it.

  26. Davis McKinney says:

    SJWs/Far Left=The Flood from Halo. Think about it, the Flood’s main purpose is to consume all and unite everyone under one mind and consciousness, because they believe no one is worthy to protect the Milky Way/Universe but themselves. The far left wants to take over all media and infect people with the same ideology by demonizing people into submission, because they believe that any other competing idea or philosophy is against humanity’s best interest as the competing ideas and philosophies to them are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. We need the people’s of the right, left, and center to destroy them. Remember this quote from Rtas ‘Vadum in Halo 3, “One single flood spore can destroy a species.” We as people cannot let ideologies destroy freedom, as then we would be merely a part of the hive mind, or rather in this case, the gravemind.

  27. Man of Action says:

    Fucking Rube Tube… You just can't make this shit up…. o.O Fucking morons. The Irony is that it was Vice being a bitch.

  28. Jumping Dragoon says:

    "They just want to be left alone" 500, 000 subscribers.

  29. Mike Lofky says:


  30. SquidlyTV says:

    Rockstar will not be removing her from the game.

  31. bsgfan1 says:

    Arthur gets raped in cutscene: no reaction


  32. Gavin Greenlee says:

    Of course the NPCs would get pissed about hurting an NPC

  33. Garret Woeller says:

    yep funny shit

  34. Logik says:

    Streisand effect. Shirrako has gained massively from this.

  35. Kielian says:

    you know what’s a shame. If this is suppose to take place during the period of the game that would make the feminist that was punched a second feminist. A feminist that fought for true rights during a time where protest was necessary for equality. That type of feminist doesn’t deserve to be punched.

    Third wave feminist are making second wave feminists look bad.

  36. elpoderosaso says:

    Lets all now make the same video beating up femenist and upload them on here.

  37. Lorian says:

    Oh my god he punched a NPC Feminist in a game and everyone lose their minds

  38. Michael Morr says:

    YouTube never learned shit since their last shooting.

    YouTube shooting 2.0 when?

  39. Michael Morr says:

    YouTube shooting 2.0 when?

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