Shekh Fz – 5. Islam Rejects Discrimination Bet Male & Female – The 10 Commandments (P2)

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Sheikh Feiz- Kitabu Tauhid – Muhammad Abdul Wahab – Session 9 – Lesson 8 – The 10 Commandments – Part 2

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6 Responses

  1. yaboyboy_Q says:


  2. yasm2002 says:

    he is not working, laidoff and she is working because she is smarter with phd degree, still he will get more to spend it on her?she is smart not married and she can spend it onher in the right way, why allah thinks she is less than man and she stupid?

  3. yasm2002 says:

    what if he is stupid, not married, why he took more and take care of her, when she has phd in economy and she can take care of the house and him, why he still get double?

  4. yasm2002 says:

    what if the father die and both son and daughter both not and will never get married…still the son will get double than what daughter will get…… you know why, because islam look at woman as less than man

  5. yasm2002 says:

    people didnt abuse it? it is in the book and islam teaching.
    Woman is 3awra and shame.
    men marry more and his wife shut her mouth, no dignity, she can go and cry.
    son get double what his sister get when the father die.
    all that and u said they are equal?
    Islam for men only

  6. yasm2002 says:

    liar….man can marry 4 and woman just one.'
    In court, 2 women as witness equal to 1 man, even if both of the women with phd.
    when father die the daughter will get 1/2 of her brother got…..
    no different?…hahahah
    Islam good for men, women without dignity

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