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32 Responses

  1. Christian J. says:

    THOT School – Skankery Class..

  2. Matt Crane says:

    Fuck that Bitch ambidextrous

  3. Poke Trial says:

    Use hypergamy against these GDs

  4. GayFlannelShirtGuy69 says:

    i love the series and i subbed

  5. JIX9ISLER1986 says:

    What does She have to offer????

  6. Canada life says:

    “How to be a hooker without admitting it.”

  7. Constantinople says:

    Who would win?
    Master thot lv120 Vs Hercules MGTOW

  8. Peter Kroezen says:

    jesus those lips suck you dry within 5 minutes

  9. asker gharr says:

    Just subbed. Awesome commentary! Please keep up the good work, Hercules!

  10. Adam says:

    Lowkey you sound like bardock Obama… confirmed, exposed ya identity.

  11. power band says:

    omfg that spongebob reference made me piss myself

  12. Stan Zlatanov says:

    ahahahHHH what a hoe.

  13. Shakib Ahmed says:


  14. Tinweasel says:

    Is she having an allergic reaction? wtf happened to her face? Her husband must be ugly af to take on this dung pile of issues


    So? shes a Gold digger Coach?

  16. Izayya Powell says:

    Im done, thots these days do anything and hope it all comes to them.

  17. matchez385 says:

    im so stoked your back homie. wheres undead?

  18. G Ang says:

    How is it the frminist hasnt slut shamed this THOT precisely shows … 1.all feminist secretly wants to be this THOT … 2.the double standards feminsists practice. Still … Given how vengeful feminists are … Still surprised this THOT hasnt been forces to do the walk of shame. 3. Which TV fake news station is this?

  19. G Ang says:

    Theres enough plastic in that ThoT .. that when you extract it like Magneto does Wolvies adamantium … Theres going to br only saggy skin left behind

  20. The Account says:

    I want to believe that irl you have lightning coming from you and you wear that outfit and have that hammer, so thats what im gonna believe.

  21. Stefano Dogg says:

    Total whore here, bet there's NOTHING it wouldn't do for sheckels. I immediately said plastic surgery independent of the botox fish lips

  22. mrman3523 says:

    You’re back!!

  23. Ultra Instinct says:

    plastic faced hoe..

  24. Dane Lobe says:

    she's a high dollar call girl whore !!!!

  25. Will I Am James says:

    Lol where you been brother

  26. Indo Surfer says:

    She met a rich guy at 19 by opening her legs. Try that now. I bet you can’t do that now cause your a thot.

  27. prince james joe jackson says:

    Conversation between me and a thot

    THOT. What r you getting me for Xmas
    Prince. A thutmas
    THOT. What's that
    Prince. Haven't you heard it's the latest version available
    Thotmas go. THOT must go lmao
    Bitch I got a family to go for Christmas that enjoy opening presents unlike yo ugly ass

  28. first last says:

    rich mans trap

  29. Maybe Probably says:

    Said skill is lying hahaaa

  30. Maybe Probably says:

    Ding ding ding Sweden.

  31. Bad Wolf-111 says:

    Take that high life up your ass till it kills u and drags your ass to hell bitch

  32. David Reynolds says:

    Here is hoping that all the billionaires are watching this and steer clear of this thot and her gold digging students. This is why I am thankful that I am not that wealthy. I can't imagine how sucky life has to be when you have to be suspicious of everyone around you.

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