Search for Florida woman who went missing during Costa Rica vacation

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A Florida woman has disappeared during a vacation in Costa Rica, and her family is trying desperately to find her. Carla Stefaniak was celebrating her 36th birthday. She hasn’t been seen for six days and her family hasn’t heard from her since the night before she was set to leave. Manuel Bojorquez reports.

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29 Responses

  1. lucy bond says:

    Poor girl. Heed the warning. A woman alone in a foreign country that she is not familiar with. It ain't worth it.

  2. Tim W says:

    Probably a cop or the uber driver! They'll never get the guy in such a corrupt dump!

  3. fayfay Mck says:

    People need to stop going on vacation with one person. Make sure it's 3 or more and stay together at all times. It sad you can't fly with a gun.

  4. Neto Don Amigable says:

    At this point we have to be realistic lol o wow ok like no s*** Sherlock what do you think this is God's Kingdom violence doesn't exist in this world lol yea right. Always watch your back whether you're at home with family or at the most safe peaceful place you still need to be on your a game watch your back your surroundings etc you only have one life take care of it.

  5. belle mcellis says:

    Was she a call girl. What was she doing there alone

  6. Pat Reveur says:

    An illegal Nicaraguan immigrant living in costa Rica since May killed her. So sad:(

  7. Hello!! :)))) says:

    People YouTube all the wonderful stuff about the places but what about THE WARNINGS?????????
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kev says:

    She prob left her cuck husband

  9. Fort fish says:

    Central America. Always something going on there. That sucks.

  10. Mr Swamp Gass says:

    Should have worn a burka

  11. Zen Bona says:


  12. The havoc Messi says:

    R.I.P. the security guard is on it

  13. Sharon Derrico says:

    Dam punks and cowards don't trust uber that for dam sure me i spend money in my own country.

  14. Glitter says:

    White people why do you even go to these lesser places?

  15. Ty C. says:

    Check the Uber driver!!!!

  16. Carmen Santana says:

    Never safe to travel alone in central America.human trafficking is a factor. Pretty girl all alone.not good.

  17. K G says:

    SIMPLE 1 OF 4 THINGS HAPPENED: 1)She met a guy in Costa Rica and gave him her IG and she was IG live all day long showing off every where she was and what she was doing..
    2)Had one of those random guy followers on on social media obsessed with her and he followed her on social media all day way to Costa Rica where at night she also posted live and gave too much description or he was already there knowing the power went out.
    3)Guy from the "SKETCHY NEIGHBORHOOD"
    4)AirB&B Security guard guy couldn't resist and knew her arrival and departure and when she was and wasnt home bcus why would he say: that he saw her leave at at 5am that morning but then sister in law says that the flight was at 1pm and uber said it was called out around then as well, leaving only the Airb&b guy to last see her and already made up a LIE & FAKE story…#4 To me is the MOST OBVIOUS !!!

  18. Jody White says:

    Travel at your on risk. So what's new.

  19. yellowman dlee says:

    Another hoe dead and gone

  20. SAINT 65 says:

    The Security Guard.

  21. Lord Jesus Christ. God almighty says:

    She's dead

  22. atube4view says:


  23. syndi301 says:

    Her sister in law should have fought hard to get her to leave with her these days you can't be alone traveling why did she leave her it might seem safe but looks are deceiving

  24. Shango Garvey says:

    She is dead. Rest in peace

  25. Darth Heisenberg says:

    Raped and left for dead somewhere in the forest/jungle while the wildlife eats her remains!!! Or kidnapped and sent through a human trafficking ring! Either way they will never find her shes gone forever thats the harsh reality!

  26. Dolores Boston says:

    What happened that made her make the comment “its sketchy here?”

    Between the security guard, the Uber driver and even whomever runs the Airbnb or all three.

  27. Out The Concrete says:

    Maybe it was her sugar daddy !

  28. Da Man says:

    So sad

  29. steve b says:

    She SMOKED. So NOBODY should even bother to look for her.

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