#SaveRahaf: Saudi teen’s successful online campaign – BBC News

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A Saudi woman’s online campaign for asylum has ignited debate online about women’s freedom in Saudi Arabia.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, had her passport seized after fleeing her family. To avoid being deported she barricaded herself in a Thai hotel room and started tweeting about her ordeal.

The UN’s Refugee Agency has since referred her case to Australia for consideration for resettlement.

Some online users from Saudi Arabia have been critical of her actions.

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21 Responses

  1. MrClingclong says:

    I'm glad Canada has come to her aid. A shame my country (the UK) didn't have the balls to do. I hope she will be safe and happy, and I agree with her, Islam is a terrible ideology, and there's no place for it in modern, open democratic societies.

  2. kawartha paddler says:

    More Liberal Virtue Signaling by the Trudope Gov. . How much is this going to cost the Canadian Tax payer ?

    Last time Trudeau stupidly Tweeted , he opened the floodgate to 50,000 border jumpers , the tax payer is now on the hook for .

    Maybe they can put her up at my fake Afghani Refueee MP's Maryam Monsef's house.

    Fooled once on voting for these clowns ,, it won't be repeated in 2019

    Where can Canadians flee to to get away from this madness

  3. Comic Book Guy says:

    The BBC, in effect, supports the repression of western women's liberty– as it supports islamification of the west, and supports the prudishness and denial of female biology, found in the doctrines of 3rd wave feminism.

  4. Paul Kaitel says:

    Congratulations on escaping Islam to the West… where you will soon be considered as Islamophobic and far right by people like the BBC.

  5. Andrea Marques says:

    She did the right thing for her. Not many people would have the guts to do what she did. I respect that! Saudi Arabia are only pissed because she made them look bad in the media. Kill people who chose to denounce a religion and think for themselves regardless of what religion it is, its rather pathetic of a country to pass this as law… What? They don't like people thinking or making decisions for themselves?

  6. Rationalist 101 says:

    Destroy Saudi Arabia. Throw neutron bomb on Mecca and Medina. These people abuse women like the rest of the abuse chicken. Abuse, Rape, slavery, beating, killing… everything under Islamic law.

  7. Brian Smith says:

    Pissed off to Canada – Big surprise!! What would you expect from a degenerate lefty priminister like that!!

  8. Dwayne H says:

    I guess Canada can expect 30 million Saudi Arabian women to claim refugee status within the next year to go along with the returning Liberal sponsored ISIS fighters. I remember Trudeau preaching and threatening all Canadians that Islam is such a peaceful, loving, kind, compassionate religion? What happened? Trudeau and his lemming Liberals are going to get Canada into a war with all Islamic countries.

  9. optimistically cynical . says:

    Shame on America for not giving her refugee status. I sincerely hope Trump dies of bowel cancer and I hope its painfull. Fuck America for arming saudi arabaia Fuck the dems fuck the rebublicans I will not feel bad when a rebublican loses a child who the fuck cares doesn't affect me right

  10. MaKenD Y says:

    Religion of peace indeed. Making a teenager flee. And some people want to spread the nonsense to western nations.

  11. NAN&DEV VLOG says:

    You can stay with us

  12. NAN&DEV VLOG says:

    Rahaf we are also in Bangkok

  13. Chona Anttonen says:

    Hey Canada…. SHAME on you!!! I am common law with a Canadian man and
    we have a child that was born abroad and she is a Canadian citizen
    because her Dad was born in Canada. We would like to go to Canada and
    visit my daughter's grandparents and uncles that she has never seen
    before, and they really want to see her. My in laws are aging and we're
    not sure when we could visit them has a family…. MY VISA WAS DENIED
    TWICE and we have ties in Canada and all the family really want to see
    us.. Your saying ""Canada has been unequivocal that we will always stand
    up for human rights" Where are mine Mr. Trudeau? My daughter could
    never go to Canada without me, we've been together with her Dad everyday
    since she is born…

  14. G11:11ne says:

    Why don't we close Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc and take all of their citizens in? There are two types of nations in this world, one that runs prison and the other runs asylum centre. Not all prisoners who escaped can be accommodated in asylum centres and hope those accepted into as asylums don't turn their adopted nation into a prison.

  15. Poate Maine says:

    also, im shocked UN did something actually useful for once… considering the weight muslim states have in it

  16. Poate Maine says:

    debate about womens rights in islamic states? is there even a debate? i think is pretty obvious…

  17. Flower Flower says:

    The same story for many females in Iran. Neither freedom, nor democracy…..

    Warmly greeting from Iran

  18. bukaro reianddad says:

    In Islam its better to be a dog than a women. A dog has more freedom than a women. Think about that…

  19. Goldfinga Sliverfinga says:

    Good way to claim asylum

  20. داليا العتيبي says:

    We’re living in hell. Rahaf is one of the lucky ones that found peace in life rather than death tbh.

  21. Sonja says:

    The better country, Canada, gave refugee status

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