Saudi woman fleeing family won’t be deported

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Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, a Saudi woman fleeing her abusive family, was denied entry into Thailand en route to Australia. She has barricaded herself in her hotel room and demanded to speak to the UN.

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21 Responses

  1. Dwayne H says:

    I guess Canada can expect 30 million Saudi Arabian women to claim refugee status within the next year to go along with the returning Liberal sponsored ISIS fighters. I remember Trudeau preaching and threatening all Canadians that Islam is such a peaceful, loving, kind, compassionate religion? What happened? Trudeau and his lemming Liberals are going to get Canada into a war with all Islamic countries.

  2. Titania says:

    send her back!! we have enough muslims causing problems

  3. nedeljko18 says:

    Canada will protect her, justified.

  4. christ aldika says:

    She is the real refugee.

  5. Βασίλης Αγγελόπουλος says:

    Am I the only one thinking her gens are very similar to Michael Jackson's (during BAD era – 1987)??

    Check 2:22 and her photos on google…

  6. Eliyahu Kim says:

    I wonder how she could escape out of Saudi Arabia, the horrible country for the women, as they don't allow women to travel without being accompanied by father or husband, any male protector.

  7. wince dyson says:

    Thank you Canada for saving women from Saudi madmen.

  8. Babe Mun says:

    Be strong Rahaf,God bless U

  9. meow meow says:

    Islam teaches what

  10. anony maus says:

    Thailand is actually quite a good country.

  11. Jack B says:

    She will disappear into pieces if she doesn't get out of there. She must never visit a Saudi Embassy otherwise the bone cutters will come out.

  12. Jeff Barr says:

    I have left comments on other related posts outlining my concerns about this issue.  We now know that this young woman has left Thailand bound for Canada where she has been granted asylum.  These are some of my concerns;  This young woman was able to fly from Saudi Arabia to Thailand where she was denied entry to Thailand and apparently her passport was taken from her.  If that is the case, I do not understand how she was able to leave the airport and go to a hotel where she barricaded herself and refused to leave.  Once inside that hotel room she used social media to make serious allegations about her family and her fears if she was forced to return to her home country.  She refused to leave her hotel room until she had met with the UNHCR representative so she could apply for asylum in Australia.  She did in fact meet with the UNHCR representative who confirmed that she was a "genuine" refugee (after a brief meeting) although the public has never been told what evidence the young woman presented to support the allegations against her family.  In fact, I have not seen any report that outlines the evidence to support her allegations.  It would seem the world has simply accepted her claims as fact.  We know that her father and brother travelled to Thailand and totally denied the allegations but it would seem their denials have not been believed.  The world's media and some of our politicians have totally accepted the allegations from this young woman and have been very vocal about Australia immediately granting her asylum.  What I find offensive is the way in which this young woman has manipulated her situation to achieve her desire to live somewhere else.  I also find it offensive that the world's media has focused so much energy on this issue.  What about the countless thousands of people currently living in extraordinary conditions inside refugee camps around the word.  What continuous advocacy is the world media providing those people?  Within a week this young woman has navigated herself through the immigration, refugee and asylum process while others wait years and years.  Will this successful and rapid method of asylum seeking now become a trend that others will try, only time will tell.  Hopefully, this young woman will not seek reunification with her family members in Canada once she has settled.

  13. Christine says:

    But how was she able to travel out of SA? They need a male guardian to grant them permission. If she as being abused (not questioning it), how did she get permission to travel from the country?

  14. Nanik Mahbubani says:

    Trump wouldn't have granted asylum as Canada, bcs bsns and oil.

  15. Nanik Mahbubani says:

    Salute to Canada, Mr. Trudeau, and government to Grant asylum to her.if back home, would never seen her again in life.

  16. Bunoof Amer says:

    if someone in Saudi fart they will be in news

  17. jsjsjsjoo lanjzjssj says:

    I am sorry for her because the girl will get worse in the financial situation and run in the street without a home because when she was in Saudi Arabia was providing cheap housing and living there is no taxes imposed by the state and unfortunately there are gangs in the West many unfortunately chose the wrong decision

  18. jsjsjsjoo lanjzjssj says:

    I am sorry for her because the girl will get worse in the financial situation and run in the street without a home because when she was in Saudi Arabia was providing cheap housing and living there is no taxes imposed by the state and unfortunately there are gangs in the West many unfortunately chose the wrong decision

  19. Yasmine Nazarine says:

    She look like india stright hair no curly hair

  20. jsjsjsjoo lanjzjssj says:

    To illustrate the girl looking for shelter, her father was accused of beating her and that Saudi Arabia was against women's rights. All this is a lie and a lie to the guardian. I have revealed her case and I am a girl from Saudi Arabia / Saudi Arabia against the abuse of women and there is a side to report the mistreatment of women The bad news is spreading rapidly about Saudi Arabia Why not talk about asylum seekers from other countries?

  21. cosmoetic 1 says:

    Islam does actually mean peace and it is peaceful but nowadays these ppl change it to a whole new religion and the religion isn’t the problem it’s the ppl who change it to their own thing and make it seem bad. Trust me I’m a Muslim myself and my parents would never do that and we aren’t like wut most ppl on social media describe us as … I mean Yh there are many bad Muslims but aren’t most “ strict religious ppl “ these days ?

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