Sabarimala: Women who defied temple mobs ‘have no fear’ – BBC News

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Two women who defied protesters to enter one of Hinduism’s holiest temples say they have no fear of mobs enraged by their actions.

Kanaka Durga, 39, and Bindu Ammini, 40, made history by entering Sabarimala shrine in India’s Kerala state on Wednesday, sparking protests.

The women told the BBC they felt it necessary to uphold women’s rights.

In September the Indian Supreme Court said the temple’s ban against women of menstruating age was discriminatory.

Hinduism regards menstruating women as unclean and bars them from participating in religious rituals – but most temples allow women to enter as long as they are not menstruating at the time.

Some protesters argue that the court ruling goes against the wishes of the temple’s deity, Lord Ayappa, and reacted angrily.

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41 Responses

  1. BBC News says:

    A centuries old ban was broken when two women walked into a South Indian shrine:

  2. syam kumat says:

    BBC fake fake fake fake channel anti Indian channel

  3. prejith soman says:

    You are mad

  4. Vishal vsn says:

    MAY IT BE TEMPLE OR CHURCH OR MOSQUE Such women Hurting religious sentiments of innocent devotees SHOULD NOT BE SUPPORTED ..there are lakhs of women devotees in India ready to wait respecting religious beliefs….Today our rituals are broken tomorrow a MOSQUE or church

  5. RoN PhiliP says:

    Bloody Prostitute girl

  6. Suresh Kumar says:

    The cheapest communist activist……..

  7. Likhith p.l says:

    Jai RSS

  8. Soch says:

    I am amazed at BBC ….they are publicizing a communist activist……devotees are fighting against it….this is not an issue of gender justice…..there is a deep philosophy…unlike churches and mosques, each temple has a different purpose….there are also temples where men are not allowed this is not Gender discrimination…..the media is twisting this so grossly

  9. Amesh Asokan says:

    Fcuk off u

  10. 123ssshhh Michael says:

    Her speaking way clearly it seems she is memorising that speech who has written it and given to her to speak that too in bbc news , m confusing there are many things are available to show but they are highlighting those senseless womens like they have climnlbed mount everest , shame on bbc channle rip bbc unsubcribe it

  11. favorite2523 says:

    BBC turns cheap…..What a heading….Temple Mob !! Really …..Pls understand it is a place of worship and not picnic…

  12. Kumar Ramamoorthi says:

    Do you bbc know about sabrimalai ask her if climbed the Holy 18 steps did not carry irrumudi they are lying

  13. rathish.p rathish.p says:

    Nimma hicortu thirpige nanna thale arupisuthene adre ,enu munde yaude ,henugli ganduagli 48 dinarothamadieyebrali ,ebbragu sari sama ,? Mhileru nimma thapu adre nimma Ankara bitu badki Ella Andre ,snythvasivkrisidga obba gandu bethalyeagi eruthane neu edakke redi Andre sabrimalege Bani ,bethaleyage barbeku agale Aippana nijavada drshana e sikretuna muchitidivi ,edanna hodeu barbekadre bethaleyàgibrali

  14. Manoj Manoj says:

    Ninthedu mannniiiii

  15. bahuleyan ayyode says:

    In the dark of the night, posing as Transgenders, without an iota of belief, reaching the Deity surreptitiously from the back entrance, offering no prayers and claiming liberation. Joke of the Century. BBC have become suckers of the fakes parading as "Paragons of Women's Emancipation". No wonder Britain is on the verge of becoming an *Islamist Nation*. Wither the Empire. The Sun at last is setting on the old World conqueror.

  16. Solutions DSPMD says:

    Since supreme court judges gave this judgment, we all should go and have darshan of those judges as they appear to be more powerful than god. They proven that they have authority on god and God has to be subordinate to the court. What a shame! A judge will decide who can have darshan of god. I am really worried about future of our country with these kind of dangerous judgments. If no respect given to religious practices, future of our country is in extreme danger. It is pathetic to see our values downgrading. Women please wake up and stop this calamity. You only can help out country to sustain and shine our values and culture and religion and spirituality.

  17. rokmole says:

    women are like spoilt children pathetic

  18. I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy Iam The Guy says:

    podi thevudia

  19. Dhanya k says:

    no madam ,no devotee will support u..u fooled the devotees on ur way to sabarimala ..when asked by some police personal escorting u said u r transgenders so they cooperated.don't give false information. u r a great liar…u r not a role model to any women.ur mother contradicts ur view on Sabarimala …I will never wish to have any girl b it my daughter or sis to be lik u…u r a social evil that needs to b uprooted

  20. Arun m says:

    This lady prostitute buissnes

  21. Satish Chathoth says:

    Your publicity will be shortlived..ayappa will give the answer

  22. Mahadeven Vivek says:

    She is a crook . She is telling Lies please understand

  23. omkargirijan says:

    These women are trouble makers. Cheap publicity is their aim and they have achieved it. What they say are baseless. They claim to have the support of devotees, whereas they don't even have the support of their family. They have the support of the atheist communist government who are hell bent on destroying the traditions of Sabarimala shrine. The notion that Sabarimala temple prevents women entry is another lie. There is only age restriction. No hindu lady or male devotee would want to violate the holy customs. Only atheists do.

  24. Neethu Sreekumar says:

    Ennit enthe olich erikunne? Purathek erangi onnu nadakatte apole kaanam so called feminism…

  25. Sreejith S says:

    കാണാപാഠം പഠിച്ച് തത്ത പറയും പോലെ പറയുന്നു.. ആരാണോ മാഷ്?

  26. S C says:

    I only had one question….why women want to enter the shabarimala temple and pray to lord ayyappa if they won't follow their own set of religious rules? If they are blindly following god and his story written by religious pundits in hindu dharma…. then why are not they blindly following the same rules set by those pundits that some practices are restricted to men ……..?? I'm an atheist but I'm will not disrespect other religions beliefs….but what is more concerning is that I don't want people to fight over this issue anymore…..

  27. Shanoj Subramanian says:

    Let's see Bindu Ammini and Kanaka Durga performing JALLIKATTU and performing shahi snaan at KUMBHA MELA, next.

  28. Gaming God says:

    Why are non-muslims banned from mosques around in many countries of the world? Time for muslims to understand equality.

  29. Veena Sivapresad says:

    Who are u to judge our temples
    U re a liar stupid that have no ghuts
    U don't have faith but we have don't dare to judge it
    That u only believe in constitution
    Once u will understand the power of God
    Ayyappan will teach u that what is belief

  30. Nimisha Avni says:

    Dis is not tourist place for visiting…
    Nothing achieved …u will get curse of thousand believers ..nothing else …

  31. Mohan Kumar says:

    Sometimes I feel that BBC is progressing in a way to belittle the traditional beliefs of the Non-Christian faiths..

  32. chanakya n says:

    Cheap publicity and attention seeking !!

  33. D BEACON says:

    Why drama activists are interviewed

  34. Jobin Mathew Jose says:

    Women (between the age of 10 and 50 years) were not legally banned from entering Sabarimala, until the verdict was made by the High Court of Kerala in 1991. There are evidences to prove that young women had visited the shrine before 1991, with the knowledge of the tantri and other official staff at Sabarimala. Even a movie was shot at the shrine in 1986 (Tamil movie by the name 'Nambinor Keduvathillai'), which was directed by an Ayyappa devotee Mr. Shankaran. Young female artists had been at Sabarimala for the shoot, with one of them on the revered 18 steps at the shrine. The video of a song in that movie is on YouTube. The officials (Devaswom Board) had agreed to shooting the film there, after demanding and accepting a rent of Rs. 7500. The restriction for entry of women to Sabarimala had been mentioned in a book authored by two British gentlemen (Mr. Ward & Conner), who had conducted a survey in the area during the years of 1816 – 1820. It has been rightly mentioned in that book about how difficult it was then, to reach Sabarimala ('having to cross crazy causeways' – exact words as in the book). Coming to the point, the book says 'Those who have attained the age of puberty and to a certain time of life are forbid to approach, as all sexual intercourse in that vicinity is averse to this deity'. So a restriction was imposed then, to avoid people having sexual intercourse in the vicinity of the temple; and not because of the naishtikabrahmachari status of the deity. A naishtikabrahmachari has full control over his organs and emotions; is completely detached from the wordly life, and won't be affected by it (if anyone tries to tempt him). If presence of young women at the shrine is being put forward as a situation hurting/against the ideology; that means the deity is vulnerable, and is not a naishtikabrahmachari. But, Ayyappa is a naishtikabrahmachari as he was and is not affected by the eternal presence of a woman nearby (Maalikapurathamma). No one has been able to point out a clear evidence in court that would favour the restriction on entry of women into Sabarimala; because there isn't any. Restriction on entry of women (belonging to a particular age group) into Sabarimala had been a practise/custom only since 1991; and not for centuries as many say.

  35. Cjgoku Homes says:

    Fuck you !!

  36. Videos For You says:

    You secular tried to play with our belief religion we wiil not let you alive

  37. Crazy dopeo says:

    temble… LoL

  38. Raj Kumar says:

    Please enter masjid also. Because you have "no fear". "Too much of goodness is bad " is suitable quote for our great secular country INDIA. Recently the apex court told adultery is not a crime. So can you hv sex with whom so ever u feel like ? You cant even if its ur right. Because we hv some sentiments standards and ethics which are over and above apex court

  39. xeena tumrok says:

    Randi sali

  40. Shaji pp says:

    From Long time back BBC tried to degrade India by showing False and edited Videos, whatever the news and videos getting Negative to India, they are interested on that and add some more chilly and they will broadcast it. But one day BBC will face consequences.

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