Sabarimala row: Lakhs of women expected to form 620 km ‘Women’s Wall’ in Kerala

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Lakhs of women from across Kerala are expected to form a 620 km state sponsored ‘Women’s Wall Tuesday to uphold gender equality and renaissance values, in the backdrop of frenzied protests in Sabarimala after the ruling LDF decided to implement the Supreme Court verdict, allowing all women to pray at the Ayyappa shrine.’ Watch to know more!

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11 Responses

  1. Anupama Pradeep says:

    Where were you when 8 lakhs people organised Ayyappa Jyoti on 26th of December to preserve traditions. This itself is proof that your media is biased. The wall which is being built is by forcing people to join it by different means. Communist government using communal parties to demonstrate their strength. For a party which doesn't belive in any religion or caste isn't it laughable..
    There is no discrimination in the religious practice. It is a custom which is being followed.

  2. Aneesh Sasi says:

    Jocker commies blackmail government employee ladies nd Hindu organization leaders nd bribe to make thus wall….

  3. Thrinethran T.V says:

    Ask CPM why they are opposed to the prohibition of Instant Divorce, if they are indeed for women's rights?

  4. Prem Kumar says:

    Kerala Ayyappa devotees did a Ayyappa Jyothi which was lined up 750 kms without any much publicity and national media attention, that was very successful programme. This is just a government sponsored programme by leftist by blackmailing government employees and the poor women of Kerala to cover up all the failures of the government.

  5. guru ramphul says:

    u leftist, answere your correcness on muslims women ban in mosque, n your triple talac love of jihadis, n when will u remove all loud speakers from mosques n when a ban on pfi, u sedos, remove all loud spears from mosques in kerala then we talk on u lefyist why in kerela still ban on men in temples, u leftist u do not belive in religion so better be off the grass, n 2019 u will be white washed, your terror is history u r not under the protection of papu led hindu haters

  6. Thrinethran T.V says:

    Don't repeat Communist lies like a parrot. Women's representation in the CPM politburo : <12% , in the Kerala Ministry : 10% , in the CPM legislative party : 9%. Empowerment, like charity, should begin at home. And not by brutally assaulting the traditions of one temple.

  7. Dinesh Singh says:

    No comment from Papu and his puppy's.

  8. Nayan Panda says:

    Oh my god ,, left wing sponsoring this pseudo solidarity,,,

  9. Nayan Panda says:

    Correct ,,, go head don't stop,, government / court has no right to break tradition,,, why the hell govt capturing temple funds ,, why not church or mosques,,, topple gov't just unite,,we will make them listen,, through our vote ,next protest, next stone if needed

  10. Vikrant Agrawal says:

    When are these women going to get and entry into the masjids? What about the christian priest who repeatedly raped the nun from kerala and is roaming freely? Will these women also speak up against triple talaq, polygamy in muslims as well as halala? Let us know if these women real stand for plight of women are just anti hindu hypocrite commies

  11. Kumar Kumar says:

    Wastage of resources. First stage show then road show. Now Keralites have forgotten about ochki disaster.

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