Russian Escort will spill beans on trump to get out of jail, SPLC goes after CH Sommers – Rustl’d

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Come watch me be terrible

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28 Responses

  1. Des Ulv says:

    Back in my day "based" mean't you were a crackhead.

  2. 75rmc75 says:

    if she wanted traction, she should have said shit years ago…. at this point, no one is going to believe anything tying trump to russia, hookers, or russian hookers anymore. its been tried falsely, a few times….give it up. there are mountains of evidence on the clintons regarding sex, russians, etc…..this is just a copycat jumping on brokedown bandwagon.

  3. Optical Clarity says:

    So a whore will make allegations to get out of jail… seems legit.

  4. Michael Murphy says:

    It’s so strange the way feminism eats its own. Instantly too.

  5. Ken Lee says:

    "I am the ONLY WITNESS …" she is 2 pissing prostitutes??????

  6. Ken Lee says:

    Hi! This is Mundane Theater, I am 3 Buck Matt.

  7. Ellie Lowehiem says:

    Maddow has no credibility.

  8. Douglas Waitkins says:

    Of course. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  9. Total Water says:

    Please stop combining multiple topics into one video.
    – Less liklihood of de-montisable content being present in the vid.
    – You get to subject your audience to more adverts
    – MOST IMPORTANTLY, the viewers who dont want to watch the entire thing can more-easily find the content they want.

  10. Cyril Figgis says:

    Russian hooker will lie to get out of trouble? That's not news, that's typical hooker-got-caught-by-the-cops stuff.

  11. Cyril Figgis says:

    Of course pointing out the inequities in society that disadvantage men is "male supremacy" just like pointing out that affirmative action are racial quotas and a form a racism, makes you a racist! -_-

  12. Fuzzycat says:

    These videos are starting to get boring as fuck.

  13. grunhu mig says:

    SPLC – southern poverty little cunts

  14. JD jitsu says:

    Love how ppl will take words from a hooker trying to get out of prison as truth because they hate Trump. Shit, I don't love the guy, but I'm sick of this bs. Obama's secret service was caught fucking kid prostitutes and nobody made a big deal out of that. What wrong with banging a hooker comparatively?

  15. cheese burger says:

    Bro I just cracked my. Morning green monster and saw you're clear can my mind is blown

  16. Doctor Detroit says:

    CNN would bail her out.

  17. munstrumridcully says:

    The problem with the escort "spilling the beans" is that she is an escort that is motivated to get out of jail and hence, even if she is telling the unvarnished truth, is not a credible witness.

  18. NastyNate Gaming says:

    Says he has a lot of things to get through and not a lot of time. Livestream lasts almost 3 hours

  19. Владимир says:

    "Russian opposition leader" lol

  20. Snick 35 says:

    can we remove mundane matt with Fake News? I wish

  21. Wilburt says:

    I'd cream her muff

  22. Crashie-J says:

    Why should we take any information at face value anymore? There is so much bullshit when it comes to politics and the people behind them that even digging deep enough at the most truthful of sources it will show a trail of scum and money. Trump pissing on a bed, having sexual relations with a porn star, hiring escorts to shit in their mouth, Obama being homosexual, Obama cheating with Chicago prostitutes: I don't believe any of it now because these articles have been nothing but relentless and unending and repeatedly proven to have no backing evidence

    News Agencies are becoming outright jokes and villains, and we should treat them accordingly.

  23. yudhi adhyatmiko siswono says:

    I am more interest if US government are more focus on balancing their budgets than Russian Trump fake news.

  24. Armorize says:

    Of course, I get notified long after the stream ended.

  25. Jammet Leopard says:

    How many people have 3 or so hours time to watch two news items? This is getting ridiculous. Everyone's starting to stream, which is alright of course, but goddamn, these streams last way too long, and nobody .. NOBODY wants to hear constant thank yous for donates. NOBODY! But this is the fifth format that I've watched every day, that switches from short, compact … or semi-compact videos that I enjoyed, watched, gave a thumbs up, to a bloated, boring, big empty speech bubble. I can't watch all 5 of them anymore, and I refuse to watch even one if this keeps up. I've got shit to do.

  26. JCDenton 2012 says:

    Yeah… who wouldn't make up stuff on a celebrity to get out of jail?

  27. Rensune says:

    More Like "Russian Prisoner will Trump up Charges to get out of Jail"

  28. Noxxon - says:

    I know what the other kids called you in school, Matt. LOL

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