Rogan & Jordan Peterson on The Meaning of Life

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Joe Rogan Experience
Episode #1208
Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson talk about the word meaning and how it relates to life.

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21 Responses

  1. ihavetubes says:

    Only meaning to life is to accept Christ as are lord.

  2. Gilles 82 says:

    All meaning is make believe without God. There can be no actual meaning or hierarchical systems of values in the movement of atoms in a vacuum. Or to put it another name, can you think of anything you could do to physical matter that is better or worse than anything else you could do to that physical matter?

  3. Gilles 82 says:

    You won't find the meaning of life in the brain. God isn't a brain.

  4. marwul100 says:

    So the meaning of life is bench press? i knew it!

  5. Paul E. says:

    This man speaks directly to my soul

  6. Scoundrel 91 says:

    It seems like people are getting tired of JPs bullshit. He is not even a good con artist let alone an intellectual. Sorry suburban trash once you out yourself as a believer in the imaginary sky daddy and ally with global warming deniers you disqualify yourself as an intellectual.

  7. shamanahaboolist says:

    There is no meaning to life. Get over it. Stop looking for meaning and start enjoying being.

  8. Jamie91J says:

    The meaning of life is so fucking simple everyone. The Animal kingdom has being doing it since the first single cell life form and that’s survive! Eat sleep fuck reproduce (pass on our strongest genes) no offence to all the gays lesbians and all the fucked up people who think they’re Male when they have ovaries, and keep the gene pool going! Fact that’s all it is. If it offends anyone so what! Facts don’t care about your personally feelings but that’s the meaning of life. I’ll repeat a alpha male and alpha female have a baby and pass their healthy genes on!!!!! That’s all we’re here for.

  9. Maksim Tuomainen says:

    Question of meaning rises in tandem with suffering

  10. says:


  11. Kameron Bryant says:

    I just nuted listening to this

  12. Will Pracy says:

    Jordan Peterson has conversations with himself

  13. STCC says:

    Fuck the hierarchy. Completely corrupt system, all good and well saying do your best and push yourself to the limit. Till you're doing that in a monotonous highly skilled job that you committed your best years to study, and only have a big loan and a bit of paper as a result. Busting your ass day in day out, doing lots of hours, getting paid crap all and then getting taxed to all hell. Then you have some guys that talk for a living earning more than ten times your salary, tell you to continue to bust your ass or you're not contributing, and your depression is cause you're not applying yourself enough. Whilst they reap the rewards of this hierarchical system that given them a free pass for knowing the right people or looking the right way. Get fucked.

  14. 420hapster says:

    What is the meaning of life? Why did our souls choose to come here to experience everything that life has to offer? What could a soul possibly learn in this life that is unknown in the afterlife? How could any being choose to come into this existence knowing that there is a one in a million chance that it will be an easy life and a one in a thousand chance that it will be horrible? Have you ever imagined living an existence in which there was only one flavor, the greatest and most delicious flavor you'll ever taste, to eat or one emotion to feel, or one outcome that is inevitable?

    I believe it is that chance of difference that brings meaning to life that all experience is a gift of this reality and we should embrace every moment as if it is the most Exquisite wine. For it is that difference to gives each moment of life its own exquisiteness and It is the exquisiteness that makes life Devine.

  15. James Steele says:

    Read the book Jordanetics

  16. Dan Smith says:

    The meaning of life… to spread AI as much as possible.

  17. Errol Flynn says:

    I smarter den Jordan Peterson

  18. Mark i Mark says:

    It’s good to see you looking healthy Dr Peterson. Maybe you were finally able to get your diet figured out.

  19. Hunter14 Hockey says:

    Joe was waiting to talk this whole clip but when he got the chance he had nothing to add to the rambling. Don’t think Rogan heard a word this guy said, probably for the better.

  20. Jaimin Patel says:

    Joe "You know you should come to one of my lectures Jordan" Rogan

  21. DrymouthCWW says:

    What was the Latin term at the end?

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