Rhoda Grant and Laura Lee Sexwork Criminialisation

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Rhoda Grant an MSP of the Scottish Parliament ran a consultation on the criminalising the purchase of sex. After the publication of the findings a debate was held by STV between Rhoda Grant, the MSP, and Sex Worker Laura Lee.

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2 Responses

  1. Jordana Alcoforado says:

    This woman Mr. Lee has a lot of balls, i admire her a lot .

  2. Kaelie Laochra says:

    Rhoda Grant clearly knows nothing about the women she claims she wants to save. If she thinks she has the right to talk for people instead of listening to them than she doesn't really want to help them at all. We can speak for ourselves. We don't need someone who has no interest in our well being speaking for us. Making sex work illegal is what makes it dangerous. There is nothing inherently wrong with sex work, and that's the idea no one on her end seem to get.

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