Review of Crisis in Black Sexual Politics Part 1

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Crisis in Black Sexual Politics

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18 Responses

  1. keith wisdom says:

    good work. I use to spend so much time in library and bookstores. they closed all the barnes nobles and just a few indep. left.

  2. Deanna Barnes says:

    A few things to ponder

  3. sweetlady inchitown says:

    I look forward to another great read. If we are going to talk about black sexual politics we must discuss the shortage of sexable men as the cause for high female infedelity and man sharing. There aren't enough sexable (sexually attractive men )to go around for every women. So bw are more willing to cheat and share men.

    There are too many good brothas being curbed because of the this.

  4. Joe from DC says:

    For me, we evaluate each other thru the eyes of white people without putting our situation (DOS) into proper context. We stopped teaching our history to our ppl.

    What is that context – what type of men and woman do you expect to get when they have been oppressed for the last 500 yrs. Show me a DOS without some sort of mental, physical, or spiritual dysfunctions

    When you start from the premise we’re all hurt you can start to effect change first within urself then the other person my two cents

  5. R MAC says:

    You wanna come on here talking about real academic scholars. THEY NOT READY!!!!!!!! I remember when BET back then actually had scholars dealing with issues in our community. Man I miss the bookstores as well. That was a quality spot as well to meet women.

  6. Tony Bulley says:

    A powerful shift is taking place… Good work!

  7. SlimLighty says:

    Great review. Def going to check this out. Nothing like good ole fashioned hard data and facts. The downside of YouTube is you have a lot of folks making videos and speaking false facts as if what they say is true and is based on sound research, surveys, case studies, etc….looking forward to pt. 2.

  8. D Washington says:

    Great video and good topic .. definitely looking forward to part 2!!

  9. Joyce 31202 says:

    We tell lies about back in the day. We romanticize the past. I like books and research but I have come up with my own conclusions for myself about my life. What can we change in the community today ? Let some of us tell it, nobody is the way they use to be. . . .

  10. Dwain Anderson says:

    Very good book. I first read it 4 years ago. Time to break it out again

  11. Hakim B says:

    Yes indeed, I had this book in the 90's

  12. dudewat212 says:

    Rom, please make this a five-part series, rather than just three.

  13. FLY ONE says:

    Two subjects that cause a fire storm – religion and sex

  14. Fo Nickel Boy says:

    Unc if you think the Black Men & Wwm are that much diff then their predecessors how do you explain our divorce rates, and the amount of single parent households in our community now in comparison to then?

  15. Sniper 11 N.D. says:

    Times will change but people will be people. People will always follow the same patterns.

  16. candy Wofford says:

    As the old saying goes" there's nothing new under the sun".. "Crisis" is a term that denotes serious attention … Thank you for forwarding this ….Knowledge

  17. Ghana Dan says:

    Keep bringing it big bro your insight and wisdom is always appreciated

  18. Brotha to Brotha Podcast says:

    Good book and good review.

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