Red Dead Redemption 2 feminist vs train

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let the (salted beef) begins


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30 Responses

  1. Марк Захожий says:

    true hero of our time

  2. Blythe B Boolin says:

    your channel description says they can't take away your free speech, but you don't have free speech on YouTube. it's a private company they can filter content as the please. also the fact that your playing a game with left leaning messages and what you got out of it was "hurr feminazi annoying" is fucking hilarious.

  3. Crybone says:

    good job, kill them all

  4. Papa fuck bag says:

    I saw your channel posted on amino while I was on my raid run

  5. Rodney Raccoon says:

    Eeeeeey almost 1k subs, congrats!

  6. Dragonaut420 says:

    Finally a youtube channel for virgins over 18.

  7. Monochrome Baku says:


  8. sufan02 says:

    this is a beautifull story. A guy found your 3 week dead channel, wanted to make fun of you, but ended up (almost) signing you up for adsence with all the subs and views he got you

  9. Ben Logic&Facts Shapiro says:

    Feminist in training.

  10. W W says:

    Attach the feminist at your horse with the rope and drag her on the floor. Then, proceed to throw her over a cliff. BONUS POINT : You can release her so she think she's free, then tie her again few times.

  11. Buttery Man says:

    This is beyond fucking edgy.

  12. Mr.Gibus says:

    Hope that yt dosent find this Channel

  13. Argentinaball says:

    You're doing god's work,keep it up pal.

  14. [GR] Verzockt Expert says:


  15. Xconcepts says:

    Why usa have school shooters? Oh i see it clearly.

  16. stephan van der linden says:

    Epic gamer moments

  17. Unit 50079 says:

    Wow this is a masterpiece

  18. THE TROLL 69 says:

    Feed a feminist to an alligator

  19. Michał C. says:

    Pls throw a burning feminist off a cliff

  20. Michał C. says:

    Nice vid keep the work

  21. Varys Varg says:

    Lol this is surley channel of sjw who think normal men belive this

  22. Jonatan Svensk - DAL - 8A says:

    I always end up waiting for the next upload :/

  23. Poop In Face says:

    where do I submit torture or death methods?

  24. SUCC_GeneralKenobi says:

    Now who’s gonna tell this dude you have a mission with feminists… and killing them makes you fail

  25. Subscribe Donate Or GTFO says:

    Our hero.

  26. Gaming- Calibrator says:

    Hey that's pretty good

  27. redgooman 247 says:

    white knights have entered the chat

  28. feminazi killer knight says:

    let the (salted beef) begins 😉

  29. ClapMaster says:


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