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Reading anti-vegan hate comments and personal attacks on my eating disorder recovery from people online on my channel comments section.

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40 Responses

  1. Tofu Tommy says:

    Try veganism this month of January and enjoy all the benefits that come with a vegan lifestyle without a victim involved,by signing up for veganuary in the link below

  2. Selks says:

    You look sick. Unhealthy. Maybe you are maybe your not, but you look it.

  3. Michael De Souza says:

    Love your work Tommy! as always!

  4. Miss Superfood says:

    You are making a HUGE difference, please ignore the keyboard ninjas and keep doing what you're doing <3

  5. John Galbraith says:

    I honestly hate some of the anti-vegan anti-vegetarian attitudes and comments. Why does it bother other people so much if someone doesn't eat certain foods? they are hypocrites, any given one of them will hate something themselves, be it hot drinks, onions, mushrooms whatever. I get the attitudes towards the vegans who break into restaraunts and try and force the murder angle down diners throats – I don't like that approach either, that's extremism …. but activism is perfectly OK. There's a massive difference.

  6. V 4 Vegan says:

    Wow Tommy! You're looking great and really healthy. Those comments are pathetic and the idiots who wrote them are just morons. Take care Freda xx

  7. לי היימליך says:

    wow, that's a great video!

  8. Arcanumra says:

    I really respect you and find you an inspiration, thank you for being a compassionate human x

  9. greenpowertemple says:

    Tommy you're doing a great work! and help a lot of people. don't worry about those hate comments mate 😉

  10. Gerald Legault says:

    I am not a vegan, as the vegan diet failed me and hurt me.

    I however will never ever hate on someone like Tommy for preaching their message.
    If the diet works for you, more power to you. 🙂

  11. Running On Oats says:

    I am so sorry that you have to put up with this crap! Keep going, you are wonderful!

  12. Veggie Lexi says:

    Oh my goodness, you don't deserve any of that! Thank you for raising awareness and being open and honest about your recovery. You make a difference and are spreading an important message <3

  13. The Vegan Zebra says:

    So, I'm a new blogger and I was thinking it was me, but looking at some of these comments I'm beginning to understand that these negative people are not only all over the damn place, but they are soooo very lost. Thank you so much for sharing, and I look forward to seeing more of you 🙂

  14. Marie Johnson says:

    Tommy, you are a classy and caring man. Thank you for your work. You DO make a difference <3

  15. Hannah Frost says:

    First time I've watched you in ages and this was the best! Tell those haters like it is, they literally have nothing better to do than sit in front of a screen all day doing nothing other than watch things that trigger them to spread hate. Very much on my way to going vegan again, once I've got rid of all the leftover xmas chocolate I've acquired and just after a few days of only keeping my meals vegan I have an appetite again.

  16. A Rockin' Vegan says:

    Wow! People never ceases to amaze me!

  17. Cindy Moores says:

    Great point that you are speaking out for MEN on eating disorders. I think most people associate eating disorders with women and thus men might feel disinclined to seek help. Keep up the great work speaking for all human and non human animals.

  18. Jayne Tear says:

    Tommy .. you are an inspiration to both the male sufferers of ED and to the Vegan community.. You're a hero dude, and every time you let this slide off you you stand up for what matters: healthy veganism. .. and the haters can't stand it.

  19. LiveLifeLori says:

    You have so much class in your response to these comments. You have taken the higher ground Tommy, good for you! Don't mind them, you are doing AMAZING work!!!!!!

  20. Carr Lumen says:

    It s really easy to comment when you are not educated or just… mean.
    Thank you for the wonderful video and words, you are amazing for debating so openly and calmly… you are a wonderful person.

  21. theflemface says:

    I would INDEED say 'vegan content deficient' ;D
    An epidemic, we must save the masses with more vegan content!

  22. Firetiger78 says:

    I think that you'll find that meat eating is the "disorder" It kills millions of the fuckers each year.

  23. Joyce Shannon says:

    Sending you hugs!!

  24. Tazz says:

    Haters can be just as motivating but not worth your energy. The shoddy haters are insignificant compared to these awesome positive & loving and supporters you got cheering your way✨.

  25. ALICE OLIVIA says:

    Ahh you don’t deserve any of those comments, Tommy! You spread nothing but positivity and a great message so don’t let them bring you down. Love the green screen btw!

  26. Inspiring Alien Creations says:

    You Are kickass! You have so much power <3 so often i think what makes people so fd up… I'm glad we dont need to understand everything 😀

  27. Vegan In Michigan says:

    Now you need to do a "reading vegan LOVE comments" because you have tons of people who love and support you! Please don't take any notice of the trolls! Have a great day my friend!

  28. Bev Llewellyn says:

    You just be you , friend. I’ve only ever seen you spread love, peace, and tolerance in your videos. Truly love you for that and wish you nothing but the best ❤️

  29. tim gersh says:

    well the number one cause of death is being alive , and in simple terms that is the only cause of death. I would say the problem there was cancer

  30. tim gersh says:

    do you want funding for you drinking, thats just a stupid funny comment

  31. tim gersh says:

    i can kinda understand the idea behind the force your self to eat food, i think that one was more a lack of understanding and i would suggest when people reply defending you just remind them your a big boy and you can speak for your self

  32. tim gersh says:

    well one thing is you are pretty friendly as a vegan and probably the only vegan that didn't turn on me when i left veganism

  33. creepy denis topik says:


  34. inspiring angel says:

    keep being you Tommy and keep working towards full recovery xx

  35. Jean Legrand says:

    The way you look is just sad. Try being meat based for a month, I swear you will feel way better, your skin will change color just like the vegan runner, if not, go back to veganism.
    And don't worry about your religious views on animals : less animals are killed to produce 1 million calories of grass fed beef than in 1 million calories of vegan food filled with insecticides and pesticides. You have no excuse not to try.

  36. Steph Ss says:

    You're looking great Tommy. Seems like the trolls are getting meaner and meaner… they must be really unhappy with their lives. We (vegan animal activists) are going to have to deal with the ever increasing pushback, until they finally accept that we've been preaching the truth all along. I hope you found this cathartic. You do you man; I would not expect anything less. Thanks for the video and happy new year!!

  37. HappyShowTV says:

    impressive! They dont Know what they talk about

  38. Vegan Flamingo says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the hater! Bet they’re doing nothing it make the world a better place!

  39. Real Europe says:

    I’m a carnivore I respect vegans tho I guess. For the people claiming you look ill well I have to say you look far healthier now than you did before. In my opinion you look fine but looking healthier is a process if you have been ill before. Maybe get a little more sunlight but then again it’s Scotland lol

  40. drunk Avocado says:

    Go on tommy! Vegan for the animals!

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