RAW vegan Foods Give you wings veganuary day 9/31

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Today I am making a very powerful salad full of nutrients and vitamins. I hope you enjoy this video !!

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13 Responses

  1. Tamondja S says:

    I made this salad tonight with my bf and we loved it. So filling and yummy. We aren't vegan just yet so we had salmon on the side. Super delicious.

  2. The Idle State says:

    Congrats on keeping up the daily videos! Would love to see you do some more videos or reviews with your wife, y'all are hilarious together.

  3. collette caraway says:

    Thank you!

  4. LaShaun White says:

    Yummy.. Looks delicious.

  5. BubblyBr0wnSuga says:

    Hey Love! Where can I find that shirt? Please and thank you

  6. Boo Thang says:

    My husband and I like to go raw for the first 7 days of every month

  7. Rebecca W says:

    I used to like dressing, but I started using more lemon & less dressing. Now, I use lemon, lime, orange, acv, & lots of herbs/spices instead. Salad keeps me fuller longer when I add a few tsps of brown rice, quinoa,& chickpeas. I use a dinner plate, & it’s a mountain of various leafy greens & some other added veggies. My favorite meal after the gym. Ginormous yummy healthy salad.

  8. Telva Mua says:

    Great video

  9. jonpaul renfro says:

    Wow that looks really good.. great video

  10. donna mcgee says:

    I use my scraps for home made veggies broth.

  11. Rose Gold says:

    Sweet and Simple!!

  12. aweba25 says:

    The hardest thing about vegan salads is finding a vegan salad dressing.

  13. Ric Gordon says:

    Big Tone keep doing your thing Homie

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