Ranking of Nations Along Gender Equality and Female Empowerment (THE SAAD TRUTH_824)

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Could you identify any unifying cause? If so, please write your thoughts in the comments section.

Tweet in question:

I tracked down the reference for the data in question: (see p. 11). Hence, at the 0:31-0:32 mark wherein I stated that it was a United Nations report, it should be World Economic Forum report instead.

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42 Responses


    Got it …got it !!! All those countries have vowels in their name !!!!!!!!
    Right ???

  2. mtlhero514 says:

    All these countries were former colonies.

  3. Blue says:

    Sand, lots of sand.

  4. Mikithemenace says:

    I know! I heard that in all of those countries they worship a piece of meteorite. They turn in its direction 5 times a day.

  5. Andrew Clunn says:

    Must be due to their close proximity to Israel

  6. Angel with the Phonebox [Angel Bear] says:

    Master of satire strikes again. ^_^

  7. ﴿ ILUZIONIST ﴾ says:

    Everyone from Dearborn is actually retarded

  8. Ix Suomi says:

    I hope Finland isn't in top 3.

  9. Theosphilus Thistler says:

    Can't imagine what causal factor could link all those countries but it doesn't matter because the solution is obvious, send Justin Trudeau on a lecture tour of all those countries.

  10. Black Knight Fool says:

    It's just feminists at the UN. They're going to start manipulating those numbers I believe in the future because of the Norwegian Paradox

  11. Surf Manx says:

    Okay, could this possibly be correlated with places where a high percentage of men grow beards and wear dresses? If not I’m stumped!

  12. Richard Holder says:

    Allah will soon reveal what these countries do have in common.

  13. James Von Maxwell says:

    Gad-father, those countries have one thing in common; the Sun rises over those countries before it rises over the truly most misogynistic and oppressive country in the world; the United States. /lol

  14. Richard Holder says:

    May Allah guide you.

  15. free app says:

    I know!

    …You guessed it: Frank Stallone.

  16. Peter Marden says:

    It began with feminism, a seemingly good idea to start with, but it became more and more all pervading until eventually all the men were so in touch with their feminine side they all started wearing dresses and the women became almost completely redundant. They are now only kept for breeding and washing-up purposes. These countries "are, to me, the most feminist of all" countries.

  17. I agree with everything you say says:

    It's obviously due to the West's imperialism, misogyny & evil technological advances in communication that has infected the minds of these innocent children! (Sorry- I meant oppressed countries. Likening them to helpless children with no agency of their own would be very condescending)

  18. Mike Omrad says:

    Hillel is an utter monster – check out UN Watch.

  19. Roger Snow says:

    Well gee Gad Saad, I dunno! IS we allowed to phone a friend? If so, I'd like to call my buddy, LAM.

  20. Mark Davenport says:

    They're highly industrialized, Christian nations.

  21. lee dufour says:

    thanks gad

  22. Germanikolaas Absolute says:

    Were those the list of the countries with the most oppressed women or were those the list of the countries that the UN wants the most immigration from ?

  23. dunce funce says:

    Dirty drinking water

  24. Papa Grab says:

    Ah Gad, your understated sarcasm is appreciated.

  25. Peter Edwards says:

    All of those countries suffer from chronic shortages of soy products, and vegetable generally. They even lack fish to eat. It's obvious that having a preponderance of meat in your diet is detrimental to female empowerment.

  26. paramnésias says:

    Could it be islamism??? No, I don't believe it. Ironically those are the countries from where migrants are coming to the west…

  27. Gustavo Carlos Acosta Alvarez says:

    Gee weez! That's really hard! I don't know what all these Muslim majority countries with gender inequality have in common. Beats the living day lights of me!

  28. yardism says:

    Tweet @donlemon Surely he has the answer.

  29. Bill Johnson says:

    Good golly miss molly what could it be? Im stumped. Its something to do with white colonialism and white supremacy.

  30. VerumAdPotentia says:

    So in the more "equal" nations, women are required to sign up for the draft then…right?

  31. Silly Rabbit says:

    They are all countries made up of 'people of color'.
    Conclusion: They need more white people.

  32. Russell Speed says:

    It could be that the sand that can be found in these countries has a similar hue.

  33. A P says:

    what believes can you present to support the facts?

  34. V.W. Singer says:

    They all have traces of Carthaginian blood?

  35. joeshmoe12301230 says:

    There was a ranking not long ago (I thought it was the UN, but I must have been mistaken) that listed the USA toward the bottom for "women's safety". They actually had the US ranked WORSE THAN THE CONGO! What a joke.

  36. Ray Maritz says:

    It's the white man's fault. I would have said it was the Jews, but that would be unacceptable. So the general acceptability of the first premise must make it true.

  37. mathis8210 says:

    They all have slightly weaker gravity than the more Northern countries due to centripetal (pseudo-)force near the equator. Check mate, islamophobic racist misogynists!

  38. ßri says:

    Wamens rights may be affected by the latitude. This is most likely a direct result of climate change caused by western capitalist greed.

  39. David Sopwith says:

    Sand?  Could sand be the underlying issue?

    With the large quantity of sand present in those nations, I would posit that at least a little must enter every lady's "private region" at some point or another.  Perhaps even frequently, maybe on a daily/hourly basis.

    Though I don't own one, I am led to believe sand in one's vagina is an uncomfortable experience.  I presume such discomfort would interfere in the complex tasks involved in the self-empowerment of a lady.

    Oh, hang on.  I'm afraid I've done a bigotry.  It is, of course, plainly obvious that not only women have vaginas nowadays.
    Disregard my previous, and go about your business.  The mystery shall remain forever unsolved.

  40. Kafir Linda Clark says:

    VERY good tweeting these Muslim women in Mi and Wi. Dr. Saad, you could do the world a favor by doing a video on how Islam is a GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM- a Nation within our Nations, bent on destroying our Freedoms. Islam has courts, laws, Leaders(CAIR, ISNA etc), language, banking system, currency, an army (Muslims are commanded to fight in the way of Allah by any means possible ie civilizational jihad, actual jihad), and the citizens of this Nation of Islam pledge their allegiance to Allah's Umma ONLY. If our Governments recognised PUBLICALLY that Islam is a covert Nation WITHIN our Nations, we could legally ban Muslims from holding ANY public office. No Nation allows Foreign Nationals positions of power in Government, except as an ambassador. Who needs 20 million Islamic Ambassadors? Hahahahah! We could even remove the religious rights of Muslims as Dr. Bill Warner PHD Physics has proven that Islam is 80% Political System.

  41. Ed Reynold says:

    Obviously predominant muslim countries. I know your question was tongue in cheek.

  42. RocketSurgeon says:

    Ah.. it's the shit-belt phenomena I've noticed in other metrics too. If you look at measurements of shittiness of any kind; infant mortality, extreme poverty, war, famine, income inequality.. the worst countries tend to cluster into a sort of a wide belt extending half way around the earth. Starting from Northwestern Africa, and extending eastward all the way to southeast Asia; through Egypt, to Iran, to Pakistan, to Indonesia. I think, as some comments have suggested, it has something to do with the weather. Possibly jet streams in the upper atmosphere?

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