Raising your vibration with food – Raw Vegan

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‪If you’re looking to transition onto a plant-based diet to‬

‪✔️Raise your vibration‬
‪✔️Open your third eye
‪✔️Create harmonious #relationships‬
‪✔️Maintain ideal weight‬
‪✔️Better our #Planet ‬
‪✔️End #animalcruelty‬

‪Get your #plantbased #detox ⤵️

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17 Responses

  1. Ellyn Weiss says:

    That necklace, Andrea! 🙂

  2. 4 Fake says:

    Can you do a vid with you in the sauna and talk about sauna benefits/ detoxification/ the major detox organs of the body?

  3. DuffManSammy says:

    WOW – more clothes try-ons!

  4. I Am The Won says:

    It is wonderful to see a (natural) (woman) who appreciates herbal healing.

  5. Jenn John says:

    Can see and hear you! 🙂 tuning in from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

  6. Kevin Romine says:

    great topic!

  7. treasures veil says:

    thank you so much Andrea

  8. 4 Fake says:

    Getting sexier with time

  9. The Australian Health Show says:

    nice hair style Andrea;)

  10. Jodi Zayas says:

    I'm so happy I found your channels. I've needed your info and approach for a while. Plus you're hilarious too. Thanks for being here.

  11. E J Starr says:

    Your so inspiring thank you for the channel! I am in London 🙂

  12. Linda Huffman says:

    Dayton Ohio girl here and I agree not best place

  13. Andria Harrison says:

    Brooklyn NYC…Loud&Clear!

  14. dj121 says:

    Do you believe every single person in the world is biologically capable of eating a strict 100% vegan diet for their entire life if they do everything correctly like eating enough calories, no junk, and supplementing B12 without running into any deficiencies or problems converting or assimilating everything properly? I believe everyone could probably eat 90-99% of their calories from plant foods and thrive long-term, but I don't know if everyone could stay 100% vegan for an entire lifetime. What about people with mthfr or methylation issues? If everyone in the world was raised vegan from birth, I think maybe then it could be possible.

  15. Juliet Stewart says:

    Yes I can see and hear you

  16. Juliet Stewart says:


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