Rahul Gandhi’s sexist remark over Nirmala Sitharaman | The Newshour Debate (9th Jan)

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On the debate tonight, Congress President Rahul Gandhi champions gender equality. but mocks Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. He slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for hiding behind a ‘woman’. His remarks have been branded as ‘sexist’. ‘Why drag in gender, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi?’ Listen in!

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23 Responses

  1. Vaibhav Vaidya says:

    Rahul Gandhi is too immature to actually serve as an opposition leader. Complete mental retard, India deserves an opposition that can question the govt about their efficiency and slow rate of progress. This pappu is shouting chowki daar chor hai, such weak and stupid opposition by Congress, don't think they have any chance in 2019 elections.

  2. Rema Devi says:

    See the capacity of the woman. She is the defense minister , so she has given a befitting answer to RAGA he is unable to take it.

  3. sudhir kumar says:

    media will play these videos only for TRP..now media should share the profits to all political parties

  4. sudhir kumar says:

    if modi ji is hiding himself behind sitharaman ji , it means sitharaman ji is stronger than modi ji, that is what opposition is saying.what is wrong with his.

  5. sudhir kumar says:

    if people are voting over the name of modi, modi has to answer, evey one who is asking for vote has to be answerable weather it is congress or BJP.

  6. Selvambigai Sunderam says:

    God….Please save India from Rahul Ghandi. If Mahatma Gandhi is still alive, he will be so sad with Nehru ji for using Gandhi as his family name and try to inherit power to his family member in the name of Gandhi. What are corrupted strategy.

  7. Ganapathy Neelakantan says:

    Can you believe this guy wants to occupy the high chair,a chance he got because he is the Son of a Italian Manila. He licks the boot of every opposition Chor and goes about abusing the PM of the nation. This I can assure you is possible only in India. Why can’t all these tv anchors confront him and ask him to apologise.Absolute gutter snipers!

  8. Kill Americans says:

    Aawk Thooooo .. Feminist BJP

  9. Kill Americans says:

    BJP exposed … Fucked up Feminists party

  10. ketan patel says:

    Ashutosh.Mishra a Dalal of Deshdrohi Terrorist Khangress Party Which Is A Brothel Run Pimps & Prostitutes Of All Khangress+UPA(United Pakistani Agents), Aatankwadi Aur Hindustan Ki Imaandar Janta Ke Loote Hue Paiso Par Palnewale Paagal Kutte Ashutosh.Mishra Bolne Se Pehle Gande Khoon Ki Paidaaish Bhaarat Ke Pradhan.Mantri Ne Pakistani Rahul.Gandhi Ko Jawab Dete Hue Apne Bhaashan Me Desh Ki Sanmaannaniya Rakshamantri Ko "Mahila Rakshamantri Kehkar Sambodhit Kiya"…..Gandhi-Nehru Parivaar Aur UPA Ke Sabhi Deshdrohi,Aatankwadi Aur Desh Ko Kaatnewale Saap Aur Bicchhuo Ko Maar Dena Chahiye….Desh Mein Ek Imaandar Sarkar Aur Sarkari Mantri Kaam Kar Rahe Hai Jo Saare Deshdrohi Aur Khangress+UPA Ke Aatank Ko Samaapt Kar Denge….Agle Lok Sabha Election-2019 Mein Ya Toh Inn Sabhi Deshdrohi,Aatankwadi,Gaddaron Ke Khilaaf VOTE Dekar Inhe Hamesha Ke Liye Rok Do Ya Phir Banduk Li Goli Se Inhe Thok Do…..

  11. ravi kiran says:

    When PM does Vidva aurat it was fine with this media. Get a life

  12. Beli Deka says:

    MC Rahul Chor he thinks like his bar girl Italian restaurant mother did he say this to while Monmohan behind bar girl sonia

  13. ravindran ck says:

    I will renounce my Indian citizenship if this son of Italian lady becomes PM of my country!

  14. Erin Smith says:

    Nirmala Sitharaman is a joke..

  15. Divyaa Rao says:

    If the same thing had been said by PM Modi and BJP instead of Rahul Gandhi then congress party would have pounced on them. All opposition parties would have backed congress, most media channels would have brought panelists from other parties shredded bjp and PM Modi to bits. But bcoz it Rahul Gandhi who has said this the pseudo secular are totally silent. Infact i have heard many panelists saying it is no big deal. Diuble standards

  16. Prabhat Thakur says:

    Nehru was a womanizer chain smoker known in history that what is expected of from his grandson

  17. Adithya S says:

    Pappu goes to foreign trips and enjoy with prostitute … Don't expect more from him

  18. ricky jain says:

    pls stop drama …pls bring all files of rafael deal in parliament

  19. debasish prusty says:

    This is the same pappu whose interview went all about women empowerment.

  20. Rohini Devi says:

    Mysoginist Gandhi

  21. Rohit Thakur says:

    You can't be a Man Mr. Rahul Gandhi!

    You are a curse to your mother!!

  22. Mihir Purohit says:

    Jeisa ped weisa phal. Iss se aur zada expect karna murkhaami hei. Ye jitna jaanta hei jeisa sikha hei aur jeisa ghar me dekha suna hei weisa hi perform karega na.

  23. Venugopal O P says:

    Rahul gandhi himself doesn't know whether he is a man or a woman. Hijda sala

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