Public Debate: Do Women Need Feminism? Natalie Bennett vs Zara Faris

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Debate: Do Women Need Feminism?
Thursday, 28th February 2013

Natalie Bennett vs Zara Faris

Zara Faris – Muslim speaker and researcher for the Muslim Debate Initiative

Natalie Bennett – Feminist activist and head of the British Green Party

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30 Responses

  1. alexis Juillard says:

    these girls aren't playing in the same leage lol. On the left we have a well prepared argument that is based on facts presented by an inteligent and logical person. On the right we have our typical liza simpson type with half the IQ and twice the confidence. Really i feel i'm hearing an adult and a entitled teen that is convinced she is being oppressed by her evil parents

  2. alexis Juillard says:

    75 % of refugees are female???? first i don't know where you find all your stats, a lot are doubtful. And assuming it's true, why is it the case? I love how she finds that number then doesn't try for one moment to understand what it implies. could it be because men are more imprisoned? In war torn countries could it be that they stayed to fight, or where killed? Is thinking so hard for her that she seeks to avoid it at all costs?

  3. Azez Nassar says:

    Respect to the anti capitalist sister in the crowd! Also respect to both speakers, you both raise good points.

  4. zoraida ortiz says:

    A female should get an education,work skill it's called security,incase your husband drop dead or get killed.
    i have read the quran,jogging down. ayats discriminate the rights of women .
    she is lazy.

  5. zoraida ortiz says:

    feminism should be considered,family both party have a responsibility to children,bills n other expensive.
    A female to get a education n get work skills,a man can walk out life,for what ever reason,how would you survive?
    you would collapse.

  6. Janewomanpower says:

    the audience video clips are repeated. annoying. and take he camera off he audience close up for long periods of time. it is distracting from the dialogue from he panel

  7. Janewomanpower says:

    the young woman texting in he audience. yawn. sign of the times.

  8. Simeon Banner says:

    I don't know why an intelligent woman like Natalie could or would even bother to defend and argue against Ms Faris position which seems backward and hostile to women's development.

  9. Chris McCormack says:

    Islam is much better than Feminism because it atleast doesn't dehumanises Men just because they are born as males and it is also a powerful weapon to fight against Misandric Radical Feminism that gives special privileges to women simply because they are born as females while men are treated like evil dehumanised impotent imperfect creatures who don't deserve even basic human rights simply because they are born as males.

  10. Beda King says:

    Zara Faris destroys feminims. – This should have been the title.

  11. ParadiseOrHellFire says:

    Stand up for men!!!

  12. Bat'el Shimoni says:

    Zara is really eloquent. However I disagree that Islam is the solution. It is a religion that contradicts human freedom by the simple reason that you can't leave it without getting killed (apostasy punishable by death). Presenting Islam as the solution undermines freedom to choose your religion so nay, Islam is not the solution.

  13. Tri Nguyen says:

    Great debate. Great content. Thank you

  14. Carmen T says:

    She loves her oppression and that's okay.When she's getting her ass beat by her husband, remember your own words. Just get beat because this is your place.

  15. Kris Davis says:

    The main issue is being ignored which is the Quran is sexist, that's the issue that should be addressed.

  16. Sentinal says:

    While i celebrate the Young, the thing these young People fail to realise is,,, its all an Accident of Birth, if the Muslim Girl was born into a Feminist family and the Feminist was born into a Muslim Family, their Arguments would have been on the opposite side.. The reality is, the Country you are Born in and your Parents beliefs, Decide Your own beliefs….

  17. LilCabinInTheBigWoods says:

    Brainwashed Muslims' female ideology is far more terrifying than any feminist ideology. A hijab clearly narrows vision. Pun intended.

  18. Muhammad Moosa says:

    Nice debate.Some of the questioners though were too wordy and long.

  19. Ricardo Ferreira says:

    Islam have beautifull words, but diferent acts! Did the burka prevent rape??? And the women in paradise have 40 virgin males??

  20. Master Xehanort says:

    Nusaybah bint Ka'ab
    you'll like her

  21. ibrahiem Mohammed says:

    am atheist and came from Muslim society, everyday I find new evidences of the coalition relationship between Islam and Feminism. I was so confused in the beginning but now I start to realize that they have the same boss or creator

  22. Rick Rudimentary says:

    Never met a women stronger than me!

  23. Demelicos Helsaint says:

    11 minutes in, 'citation needed' said 50000 times in my head. I am done.

  24. Noah Birthisel says:

    I completely disagree with both sides on the "children caregiver>car mechanic" idea.

    I doesn't matter which one is more important, it matters which one is more specialized. The car mechanic has to have skills and education on vehicle engineering while the care giver has to just have good personality and an education in child psychology (in professional child care)

    If we judged pay based on 'use' of a job; we would be paying a GARBAGE MAN more than a ASTROLOGIST because mapping the sky is technically less important than my trash being collected of Friday.

    We need the system we have because the alternative is worse.

  25. William Harding says:

    "islam is the solution to the problem and treats men and women the same" unless its in a trail and a womens testimony is worth half a males

  26. Dancing Panda says:

    +Endfeminism2k15 1:11:30 I think this is what you were talking about in your vid

  27. Doglyvich says:


    "in terms of identifying the enemy, I absolutely would say that its men." – Natalie Bennett

  28. Leona Byzantium says:

    Feminism is not about dictating how anyone should act. It is about allowing people to be the person they want to be regardless of their biology and removing the barriers that anyone or society places in their way.

    The Muslim side of this debate quite clearly showed that we DO still need feminism. You say that islam is the solution to inequality!? In their own arguments the muslims state that women should not be allowed to do things based on nothing but their biology. (e.g. The leader role). You similarly imply that men can not fulfill the nurturing role because of biology for example. That is the discrimination that feminism seeks to abolish!

    The muslims are quick to give credit for their liberties in this country to islam. Clearly this is not warranted, as their liberties are thanks to the culture in which they live and not the religion itself. Need I mention some countries around the world that adhere to islam and subjugate women?

    And the Muslim man feels the need to stand and repeat exactly what the debater said I assume because he thought it didn't have enough impact coming from a woman lol. Obviously this last point is an assumption on my part and I wouldn't argue it as fact.

  29. Setnakht says:

    Talk of capitalism as if it were an ideological system is so banal. It's not a preconceived political philosophy that's been imposed upon society, it's a "system" that arose organically out of the demise of feudalism, given its very name by socialists in fact, a reaction to the industrial revolution and invented term with which to contrast their ideologies.

    We have a capitalist society quite simply because that's what's worked, as flawed as it may be. Abolishing rather than reforming it is and always will be a myopic, utopian fantasy.

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