Professor Who Exposed Feminist Ideology In Colleges May Be Fired

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Many people are concerned that Dr. Peter Boghossian could be fired for exposing the shoddiness of gender studies and feminist academic journals.

As one of the perpetrators of the Sokal Squared or “Grievance Studies Affair” hoax he faces disciplinary action over hoaxing peer reviewed journals. Often what people call social justice gets conflated with an ideology called intersectional feminism and the two could not be more different.


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37 Responses

  1. Damon Behnke says:

    No the people that accepted and published the paper should be fired

  2. Carcharias Spartania says:

    He should not be disciplined because it was not a "study." Or suffice to say that it was only a study because of semantics. This is the action of a child trying to strike back out of spite in anyway it can.

  3. Terix Septim says:

    Unironic literal Feminazis.

  4. Julie Anne says:

    The academic journals should be held accountable for what they peer review, it is ridiculous that anyone would think it is wrong.

  5. Jeffry Devenyns says:

    Tim: when you finally wake up and shed the chains of leftist ideology, and you realize there's no "shame" associated with being a conservative, we will be waiting for you, and you will be welcomed. Take your time. One day you will awaken from all this progressive horror.

  6. Double Dog Dare says:

    I would pay big money, to see the facial reaction of those responsible for approving Hitler's words! More over, how many times did said people call Trump Hitler?

  7. Voxel Spark says:

    I believe the reason the left gets so triggered when accused of being a religion is because it directly violates the whole separation of church and state nonsense they used to purge the school system of religion. Once they purged Christianity from our schools they filled the void with their own religion and if intersectional theory is every officially recognized as a religion it means that too will have to be purged from the school system..

  8. Scott Broyles says:

    Would love to see Peterson, the Weinstein bros, Boghosian etc open their own university.

  9. DLB Knives says:

    Academia doesn't want the truth to be told so they can continue to poison the well.

  10. Kathy Coleman says:

    There is nothing feminine about feminism. Women's studies should be relabeled as misandry studies. If you want 'women's studies' teach how to care for a baby, mend clothes, clean, budget for groceries, etc. Essentially, let people get a B.A. in home economics. Further, if there is women's studies, where are men's studies? Or are we to assume that is just another name for HIStory? 😉 Sorry, but this whole situation totally pisses me off and I know I'm not being fully reasonable.

  11. Lynn Green says:

    They are worried about the 'harm' of embarrassment, but not about the harm caused by Intersectionality.

  12. Daryl B says:

    Feminism is cancer, Mgtow is the surgeon.

  13. Walking Around says:

    It's not just this field though. Politics has infected most if not all fields of science.

  14. Baby Dog Of Justice says:

    They are and have always been Nazis

  15. nbp raptor says:

    We need a grey party that is dedicated to being centerists.

  16. Eric The Red says:

    Meanwhile, anyone with half a brain can see the absurd stretching of logic. Providing an opportunity for a jackass to be a jackass doesn't constitute an experiment. Now, they are proving his point by punishing the guy who essentially disproved their orthodoxy. I'm reminded of the Church persecuting Copernicus for saying the earth isn't the center of the universe contrary to Church teachings. Impostors in the temple I say.

  17. Astrolime says:

    Too bad they weren't able to complete the "experiment" they had submitted about 20 papers and only like a fraction was reviewed. There is a criticism that there was no control in their experiment and only a small percent of the papers got through.

  18. Duane Staab says:

    Stalinist response defending Lysenkoism.

  19. SCScholar1 says:

    This was an audit of the review process. The university is now humiliated that such papers easily made it through. Technically, they could qualify for federal whistleblower protection against retaliation.

  20. Kenneth says:

    Main flaw is that the IRB covers humans. The people tested were clearly npcs.

  21. kalbininkas says:

    It is shocking that Peter Boghossian and Paul Boghossian are not related.

  22. ErgoProxy12345 says:

    Boghossian is a scalpel trying to remove the cancer that is intersectionality from academia. Of course a scalpel is going to hurt, but it is necessary to save the patient. But that hurt is enough for academia to say ''you can't operate''.

  23. KOBKED-X says:

    one of the few , very few, good things about the Canadian Constitution is that it is written in that it is our DUTY as a citizen to stand against unjust laws…Obligation not right, it's lovely

  24. Jm4n says:

    Boghossian did nothing wrong

  25. Giorno Giovanna says:

    You should make a Politically Homeless shirt for teespring

  26. The Android says:

    Don’t feel bad about being politically homeless. Both parties are just a bandwagon (tribes). Be your own party. (For me at least) identifying as a member of a party forms I bias.

  27. Paul Drake says:

    Tim you still believe in social justice, so you are still one of them till you denounce it….as for the rest, well the universities have no where to go on this one, they have to side with the truth

  28. J KERLS says:

    It’s not unethical at all, it’s absolutely ethical because it proves the corruption and indoctrination enacted within universities

  29. Thanny says:

    9:30 Sorry, but that's just too grating. Don't emphasize the first word. Each word has equal weight. It's "My Struggle", so say it like that. Two words, equally balanced. Mein. Kampf.

    You're saying it as if it were Meinkampf, like Minecraft. It quite literally hurts my brain.

  30. Thomas K says:

    For people calling everyone nazi nowadays they seem to know very little about real nazis. That you can rewrite "Mein Kampf" in this way is over the top already, that they did not notice it shows that they actually do not know what nazis are and really don`t know what facism is! The thing they are doing every day.

  31. Leonard McGriddle says:

    So… it's unethical to expose social justice without sjw approval, now. Riiiiiiight.

  32. tombrokaw says:

    I own an architecture firm and hired a retard to build a bridge. that bridge collapsed. I blame the retard, is there some way to punish him? Pretty unethical that he applied to be an architect in the first place.

  33. Lord - Pavonis says:

    hey tim, nice vid, what is your intro song ?

  34. Ace Aardvark says:

    Why are there no studies on false claims of rape and domestic violence? Because universities would never allow those things to be funded. No one can possibly know the true statistics, no one. It looks to me like institutional review boards exist primarily to protect bad data. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  35. Private User says:

    Tones of Edward Snowden… is the guy a hero for pointing out the flaws or wrongs in "the system" or is he a traitor needing punishment? It can go either way. The problems within an institution (whether academia or the NSA) need to be brought to light because society should never let evil fester in the darkness; it doesn't end well.

  36. Noah Brown says:

    So Democratic party = Nazi party 2.0? If so, I have had that suspicion for the past two years now.

  37. Lyn Charles says:

    Tim pool "Join us"

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