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The ABC took to the streets of Perth in November 1977 to ask women if they considered Prince Charles a sex symbol, who was creating quite a stir with spontaneous kisses.

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19 Responses

  1. imfromtambunan says:

    'future king' lmao

  2. Alphabet Soup says:

    Ew. Yuck.

  3. Shane Brbich says:

    Journalism at its finest
    Thanks ABC
    Did we (the taxpayers) foot the bill for the prosy's to show up?

    Hmmm now
    Just do another ABC search and see what the yellow wiggle is up to

  4. VaselineLenz says:

    2:07 – mystery of female preference solved

  5. Shirley Cooper says:

    A sex symbol? Ewwww!

  6. Kav Alex says:

    He is handsome?

  7. mark hayes says:

    We pay the ABC one billion dollars a year of 100% tax payer funded money to tell us a story like this. Jezzzz defund the ABC it's about time, put the money elsewhere this is a joke.

  8. Robert Johnson says:

    The accents are so understated

  9. Amiee White says:

    Lol that's funny he was a sex symbol good job Charles did u ever get stuck hanging out with my Aunty Sharon Kaye White/Yarborough a American lmfao

  10. Charlie Dawson says:


  11. Loarrr says:

    Future King

  12. Cathy Hawkins says:

    He was never goodlooking to me. Certainly no personality. UGH!!!

  13. Matthew Vu says:

    If you find inbreeds attractive, personal those big ears and horse face I find grotesque

  14. jason4275 says:

    And then they found out later on he was a giant coward, and a scumbag that cheated on his wife throughout their entire marriage.

  15. Angelica Winslow says:

    Well uh… that's weird.

    The 70s were a pretty wild time then huh?

  16. Sy Sharp says:

    The royal family has destroyed the British people….
    Mass immigration to a recessive gene indigenous population?
    Worst royal family ever please replace with Milo.

  17. Marie Apple says:

    Prince Charles has never been and never will be a sex symbol! Yuck!!

  18. Thamus Jones says:

    Er wot?

  19. The Patriotic Australian says:


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