Powerful Conversational Flirting Tips For Women (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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Matthew Hussey shares conversational flirting tips for women. Guys respond well to flirting and will feel an instant level of attraction towards you if done correctly. Are you ready for love?

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Matthew Hussey is an international speaker and dating coach, He is the star of NBC’s Ready for Love and a regular expert on MTV’s Plain Jane. Matthew has helped thousands of women discover what men want.

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19 Responses

  1. Nicky Hernández says:

    Who else is here when he is dating Camila Cabello

  2. Larissa Domingos says:

    So Young and cute

  3. Tasha Marks says:

    Awwww! Baby Hussey!

  4. Ashley Matthews says:

    Help! Does this guy like me, this is some stuff he does a lot:
    *Watching you. -Sometimes I can spot them looking at me and when I look at them they look away, then at me again when they think I'm not looking.
    * Trying to get closer to you (proxemics). -Once when we were finding out about a girl in an exercise we had to do, they referenced my joke later on to make me laugh and then leaned into me jokingly to determine whether or not this girl was French or not. -Came right up to me, nose to nose smiling. I had to push them away quickly because I couldn't handle the tension even for a few seconds.
    * Chokes up when talking to you. -When they saw me the first time this term they choked up a little before I hugged them like they were a little star struck to see me.
    * Different talking to you then his friends or does his behaviour change when with you?-On the second lesson back they leant into me and whispered something in my ear to make me laugh which I haven't seen them do with anyone else. -He cracked lots of jokes for me, trying to make me laugh, which I only saw him doing it to me.
    * Leans into you when you're close. -Leans into me on many different occasions whether helping me learn lines, trying to make me laugh, or to tell me something.
    * Maintains eye contact with you. -They make eye contact with me a lot from across the room, smiling and making faces at me to make me laugh. Like in a game we were playing in a big group where if two people make eye contact you are out and lose, we both chose to lose and make eye contact with each other twice. -Made eye contact with me lots from near and far across the room, playfully tutting me, copying my facial expressions.
    * They laugh at all your jokes or looks to see your reaction after telling a joke. -They look at me even through a small crowd when I make a joke and laugh with me. Sometimes also when we see something funny happen I look at them to see their reaction and they are already looking at me. -They always laugh at my jokes and when I speak to them they started smiling.
    * They compliment your clothes, make up, etc. -They sometimes says nice or funny comments about my clothes.
    * Comes to sit or stand by you. -They always choose to sit next to me or stand next to me rather than others, sometimes going out of their way to sit next to me. Like once they saw me from across the room and came through lots of people to sit alone with me.
    * Let's you touch them in a casual situation. -They let me put my hand around them casually, they lets me hug them and they let me ruffle their hair. However they are a bit jumpy when I touch them sometimes, and I can't tell if it's because they doesn't want me to touch them or they didn't expect me to.

  5. stephwaltersla says:

    2018 and I’m here!

  6. Eve Anderson says:

    Matt, back in the days! Even then a great conversationalist!!!<3

  7. Walkin Bonita says:

    I have found in this airbrushed generation, a disfiguring physical quality ends the romance immediately. It's been that way for a few years.. What's left of my self confidence is keeping me from really believing it will change.Older woman have found this true as well.

  8. maan4geet says:

    the ring …hmm was he married or engaged then?

  9. DARKhorses73 says:

    So handsome in his younger days. Still is.

  10. Loving Nigeritas says:

    00:0000:02 wtf?

  11. chiquitacyborg says:

    Great video Matthew,
    But I couldn't help but notice a shiny thick metal gleaming from your ring finger (hard to miss)……
    Are/were you married?

  12. Victoria Sun says:

    2010??? 2017 now….

  13. Yasmin B says:

    Awww its a baby Matthewwwww

  14. kojikiro07 says:

    There are several components to how to make a man fall in love with you. One resource I found which succeeds in merging these is the Maras magic words (google it if you're interested) definately the no.1 blueprint i've seen. look at all the awesome info .

  15. Pinky I says:

    Luv the spiky hair Matt !

  16. Ultimate Health Tips says:

    Yeah.. I can agree with some tips here… you'll learn a lot if you google or bing for "make him beg system".. curious technique but it works,, well, at least on me

  17. Andrea Patane says:

    I have trouble talking to dudes when it'll be my time to date them, because I have too many interests in cats, yellow lab puppies, hummingbirds, fish, Harry Potter, etc.

  18. SFlyO Lady says:

    Awww, he was so cute back then.

  19. Lisa Sparky says:

    Good, simple points! That's helpful, thanks

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