Politics Overtakes Faith And Equality | The Debate With Arnab Goswami

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33 Responses

  1. deeraj kv says:

    Shabarimala women enter . So this is victory of Constitution

  2. Vikash Kumar says:

    Ye ancher pagal h
    Ise pahle bhejo pagal khane me…..

  3. jagajjantri says:

    South ab tak shanti tha till Beejaypee is far…. Beejaypee coming….now c wts happening

  4. aluminate rock says:

    Arnab is a very poor host. He deliberately sets the tone for a high noise quarrel, not a debate. Eevn he asks questions based on his mindset fixated to his own inkling not about hearing out the issues from both sides…good bye Arnab enjoy feeding your ego

  5. VINOD SHAM SHAM says:

    BJPs paid channel. India’s no1 idiot arnab. Now only fool bhakts of modi listen him other people ignore him. Every body know it

  6. KBP says:

    How many speaking for gender equality will say that all women-only festivals, temples and organizations in the country should also go? Or do we consider these men-only and women-only festivals, temples and organizations that co-existed peacefully for hundreds and thousands of years, as our cultural diversity? Are those speaking against Sabarimala willing to ensure gender equality across India and destroy the diverse cultural traditions that co-existed peacefully for so many thousands of years in this country? How is such progressive culture that allowed both men-only and women-only temples and festivals, be compared with triple talaaq where only one gender was the victim all the time? Please use your own brains and analyze if you are honest.

  7. TP P says:

    CPM wants to destroy Hindu Faith's. They feels that Sabarimala is a center connecting all Hindus irrespective of their cast. It has become a center where people belonging to all relegion can enter and worship. There is no restriction for entering the temple to women below the age of 10 and above the age of 50 irrespective of cast. CPM wants to destroy this unity because they see it as a hurdle to populate communist ideology. In Kerala the temples are about to open for all relegions. As a first step Guruvayoor temple is now open for worship by Mr Jesudas (it is heard) . CPM don't want it to become true because they cannot spread rumors about Hindu dharma.

  8. Dasi Prema says:

    Fawab are animal hase no answer

  9. Dasi Prema says:

    Hindus if you want shanti kill every arbi mulla

  10. Dasi Prema says:

    Thank god fore mulla on earth ,god do you need animal mulla fore the earth

  11. Dasi Prema says:

    Fawad ali born from dog ,animal mulla kill them

  12. Prashanthan Vigneswaran says:

    Arnab please don’t think we’re fools, you bring a guy from Muslim community to defend bjp rss for this issue. Whats the role of this guy in sabarimala. Come on arnab.

  13. Sumit Natarajan says:

    Sabrimala is not an ordinary pilgrimage. I went there on 25th of December last year 13 hours queue for a normal devotee for the Darshan to lord Ayyappa. Government must responsible for maintaining law and order not disturbing law and order by making such conspiracy against the Temple and the devotees.

  14. vijay sinh rajput says:

    All these people who are protesting against SC judgement are the same who are so called nationalist and who are in the favour of pseudo nationalism by singing national anthem in theatres and forcing Muslims to sing National song, !!!! But I have question if you haven't respect for constitutional bodies then what are to trying to prove.

  15. Sumit Natarajan says:

    I feel like J&K situation in Kerala

  16. Sumit Natarajan says:

    Some private bus owners refused to provide their buses to CPM workers for the women human chain event and their buses smashed in the very next morning they complained but CPM local body refuses their involvement case closed.

  17. Sumit Natarajan says:

    Follow local news channels people complaining that CPM workers threatening people to participate in that human chain

  18. Sumit Natarajan says:

    Simple local news heard when I was there that a body of a young BJP worker was found in a pond where the body was tied with the motorcycle and police was saying it's looks like a suicide in their primary investigation.

  19. Sumit Natarajan says:

    Arnab people are living in fear in Kerala it's horrible. Do you know Kerala govt has issued a notice for govt employees to participate in women human chain moment to support women entry in Shabrimala.

  20. DINESH PALAYIL says:

    see fuad ali barking , , sc verdit on nurse salary , did they done ??? piravam church sc verdit , did they done , no..,, never, now they are arguing against hindus

  21. DINESH PALAYIL says:

    the devotee killed by cpm , but cm is giving press confrence and justifing the death happened becoz of cardic arrest , even the post morttam was not done

  22. Satya Moorthy says:

    Kerala CM, Pinarayi Vijayan is a sick person. AND this fool is taking treatment from US

  23. Santhosh Vengalil says:

    Arnab why dont you avoid these thugs in your channel? Sorry you are on the same attitude.

  24. Happy Buddha says:

    Arnab ji, why don't you invite Shri Rajiv Malhotra on your show??

  25. Avinash Mishra says:

    Let an eye for an eye make the whole world blind on the basis of Mutual-Respect bcoz it's better to live in a blind world than to live in a unilaterally tolerant world where only crooks and hypocrites are left with eye(s).

    Constitution rightly gives reservation based on caste for the atrocities they face in history but constitution deliberately ignores the atrocity of some religions over another in history. Secularism is all about maintaining equal distance from all religions but when I see only Hindu temples in the grip of "secular government", I see India treating Hindus unequally as not her children… SC decision on Sabrimala is good but on Rafale/Tiple Talaq/Criminal case on Modi for Gujarat riots/ SCorST act/ etc is bad for Liberandus…And I find Hindus like me are responsible for this for being selfishly naive for far too long and not doing sufficient to Minimize the Harm…Intellectual and Physical fight, both have to be fought on the ground.

    India is not probably but definitely the ONLY country in the world where Majority is asked to be unilaterally tolerant and keep showing big heart to intolerant Minority who aim to perish Majority, let alone respecting them. India is the ONLY country I see where Majority wants Anti-Conversion law, Population Control Policy, Right to Education for All in all universities, Uniform Civil Code and Indian Penalty Code while Minority objecting these. These are enough to prove who is more powerful-Minority or Majority…But even after enjoying all the privileges, I see Abrahamic Minorities crying India to be unsafe and intolerant & that too bcoz of not getting the freedom of stealing Cows from poor Hindus and butchering them in states where butchering is Constitutionally banned…Height of GADDARI and unfaithfulness

    यहूदी – मेरे पास यरूशलम है.

    ईसाई – मेरे पास बेथलेहम है.

    मुस्लिम – मेरे पास मक्का है.

    बौद्ध – मेरे पास लुम्बिनी है.


    निराश हिन्दू –

    मेरे पास राम जन्मभूमि नहीं है……

    मेरे पास कृष्ण जन्मभूमि नहीं है

    मेरे पास कैलाश भी नहीं है

    पर मेरे पास सिर्फ धर्मनिरपेक्षता है… इसी के साथ समाप्त हो जाउंगा।

  26. Krishna Chaitanya says:

    people can't just cook up some random crap that menstruating women aren't allowed, they need to prove its basis in Hinduism itself.

  27. SS says:

    CPI(M) is a rowdy party, that has used violence to gain and retain power even in the past. It is sad that parties like this exist in a democracy!

  28. KBP says:

    Is CPM saying that all those who voted these parties to power many times in Kerala are now RSS/BJP/Sanghis, when they are fighting for their rights? It is all the more important because almost all women of Kerala are also in this fight as they fear losing their own women-only temples, festivals and even organizations very soon. They are destroying these practices that allowed both men and women to have their own temples and festivals and which co-existed peacefully for centuries.

  29. KBP says:

    How many women activist who protested for Shani Shignapur entry, went back to that shrine after their first entry? Did they not claim that they are a devotee of Shani then? Is there any media that will expose these motivated petitioners who are out to destroy our cultural diversity? Our women-only and men-only festivals and temples co-existed side by side for hundreds of years and suddenly these motivated petitioners are coming out and using SC to deliver piecemeal verdicts to cause social unrest across India? Cannot believe SC cannot identify and expose these motivated petitioners from real devotees. Did not this same SC throw out cases against animal killings during bakri-id, by saying that the petitioner was motivated? With these types of biased and piecemeal verdicts from SC, it won't take long before people of India starts rejecting SC verdicts. The politicians are already doing it for their minority vote banks.

  30. KBP says:

    Why is Kerala government's zeal to implement only this Sabarimala SC verdict and not any other other SC verdicts that came out months and years ago, be considered as inciting the majority to create social unrest? This same government backed out of implementing another SC verdict against a christian sect, when one person threatened to commit suicide from the top of the church building? Why did the same zeal not shown in implementing that SC verdict that came long ago?

  31. KBP says:

    Why are all those preaching about equality do not consider the fact that India has many many women-only and men-only temples, festivals and organizations? Is that not something to be appreciated than destroyed? If anyone want to destroy it, why not destroy it in one judgement? Is this piecemeal SC verdicts causing more problems in society than solutions? How many SC verdicts are still pending implementation in many states including Kerala only because it against minority? Why are no media or intellectuals exposing this hypocrisy of different governments to implement SC verdicts? Why is no one opposing women-only schools, colleges, hostels and organizations all across the country if they are so much interested in gender equality?

  32. Ritwik Chattopadhyay says:

    PM also lies everyday, so why someone else cannot lie?

  33. Raman Malhotra says:

    Modi is the least educated PM ever since independance and behaves like a street boy?? People of India should throw him out as he is very communal like Yogi and Sambit Patra and only likes his Jhumlas?? I agree with Yashwant Sinha ex FM of BJP, this PM is foolish and it is time for him to go?? Viewers please note this channel is owned by BJP members and its supporters. Also the anchor lacks integrity??

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