Political Correctness and Female Hypervigilance

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46 Responses

  1. Bannon Dale says:

    Political correctness is nothing more than Jewish censorship

  2. Boon Doggle says:

    And this seems to be a particular problem among white western women, and western societies in general. I notice that you generally don’t see this sort of hyper vigilance among Latino women, black women, or Arab women, at least not anywhere near that extent that you find among whites, even in the US. It’s also not nearly as much of a problem among Eastern Europeans.

  3. Prodigal Heretic says:

    This video was a prediction of #MeToo

  4. Qazdar Karim says:

    I have a feeling that whatever men (MGTOWs included) will do will just keep empowering and liberating women.

    You can, for example, go your own way and invent implemented augmented reality to human brain, someone will use it to make men all women as sexy ladies. Men are obsessed with progress and how to make things better and advance civilization and that only makes things better for women.

  5. ThinkingOutLoud says:

    Men “Do”, women “feel”.
    The word “Politics” derives from “polite”.
    In times past, being polite was a matter of how you acted; what you did: hold the door, help seat a lady, hold your cup a certain way, cover you mouth when you yawn, excuse yourself for any transgression on being properly polite, etc… “being” polite was about what the polite person did.
    In today’s times, women have changed the meaning of polite to include the feelings of the person receiving the polite considerations of another. So now, it doesn’t matter what you do if the person receiving the polite consideration doesn’t feel you are being polite. Or even worse, if you make them “feel” uncomfortable or unsafe.
    Political correctness is the absurd extension of this into the realm where the receiving party’s feelings trump logic and reality. It has become more a matter of the “how” you act that causes them to feel something, with no requirement that any of it make logical sense or that their feelings have any connection with reality.
    As you observe, men are wired to be considerate of and protect women. That’s why we see political correctness more often penalizing men and turning them into “bad”, inconsiderate brutes. The women are now the judges.
    This all comes from and is driven by feminism. Go back before modern feminism and look at what constituted “polite”… it was all driven by gynocentrism then too. It just hadn’t been corrupted by the out of control demands of today’s woman-child.
    What if women controlled the world? Political Correctness is a part of the world created by women exerting their control.
    Think about it.

  6. Thomas Jefferson says:

    I disagree, the jewish, and yes jews are behind marxism, marxist cabal as you call it, just use women as a useful idiot tool to achieve their goals. I refuse to accept, whether conscious, or unconscious, that women have that kind of power. Yes women can turn the majority of men into cucks, but the men of power are not affected by women in a significant way, meaning in the halls of power, there are no women at the table.

  7. daniel velaswuez says:

    simply put society has been feminised

  8. The Hash says:

    Are you Canadian, sir?

  9. movementislife says:

    sounds like someone who hates women

  10. richardscathouse says:

    Tell me I'm so fedup with tone policing sometimes I wonder if isil us hireing. its become a dammed religion. a cult.

  11. BigMobe says:

    If you asked me where political correctness came from 10 years ago I would have said Hilary Clinton. The only way to get rid of peoples perceived false sense of danger is to create or allow real danger. I bet a feminist isn't worried about slut shaming right after being in a car accident.

  12. TheSandisfaction says:

    it's fine to have political and ideological "save spaces" to protect kids and ppl who want to be protected. But there needs to be the "open world" where anyone can express any ideas they can think of without and censorship on anything. And we also need to let kids out of the "save space" when they are old enough and grown up enough as a person

  13. Mathew Wickham says:

    I think that you would get a better response from feminist if you focus on how male Hypervigilance cause either violent or avoidant behaviours. This links to the fact that behaviours are not taught but are in fact born in a response to a stimulus ie violence in society. Men with Hypervigilance produce this typical male behaviour because of the violence they receive in the world. This would destroy the myth of male are violent because there culture tells them to be. Thus destroying "tell men not to rape" and "men are inherently violent myth".

  14. Amber D.H.W says:

    Yes, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groupthink,
    annoying fallacy, vital that this self regulated to avoid & maintain credibility…
    Used to induce: http://bigthink.com/videos/what-was-female-hysteria-really
    must be monitored as prevention of history repeating itself too.

  15. Dan Silvers says:

    "The format is more important than the outcome."

  16. Axe Man says:

    When are all these mgtow and mra's going to wake up to the fact that women are as badly messed up by feminism as men and start waking up to the Marxist roots of feminism and how it has been used to divide and conquer and enslave us all.
    Mgtow just creates more loneliness, alienation and dehumanisation and carries on the distracting energy sappy battles of the sexes whilst the bankers finish off their plans for total world control. Wake up and see the big picture and find some compassion in your hearts. Do mgtow have hearts?, I often wonder.

  17. James Connolly says:

    I think basically the reason why so many women loathe pick-up artists is that they have their shit tests— they tell men certain ways of acting ("don't touch me") etcetera, then they use this in order to pick out the men who they think "have bigger balls" so to speak. That is, the men who ignore them and do it anyway. Basically, pick-up artists subvert this manipulation technique that women are hardly aware they're doing in the first place, so that the more "beta" males can figure this out rationally and act accordingly. They're pissed off that their tired and true methods are less effective.

  18. James Connolly says:

    These women walked around for ten hours trying to get "harassed", edited the video to favor them, and yet decided to leave things like, "Hey beautiful" and "Good morning" in there. Wow.

  19. mindprism says:

    "Bullying" occurs when "faggotry" shows its head. This is a good thing because it is saying: If you go through life operating in deference to "muh feels" then you are fundamentally rejecting objectivity and are therefore a dangerous individual. You are placing yourself above the principle of truth — no wonder people hate it.

    It is the supreme arrogance.

  20. William Turner says:

    Thanks for your videos. Some of the thoughts and thinking are over my head but it makes me think on a higher level for a bit. keep them coming subscribed. 

  21. dafty97 says:

    I think things are going to get much worse for men. At present things are the worst they have ever been, there are more restrictions on male freedom than ever before. Law after law after law is being passed to remove power, opportunity and wealth from men to give it to women. Every time I look online or switch on the news there is an anti male, misandrist report or issue to be seen. From dv to rape reports there are now more of these than I can ever remember. Posters, billboards and tv commercials are everywhere now portraying women as victims and men as the scum of the earth. Its in full swing now and will only keep going. Women and feminists have total control of media and political decision making, and they are setting our societal views and morals in their favour. Women now have everything, they have more opportunity in employment, receive better education, are given lenient criminal sentences, control most of the countries wealth, have greater influence over government and media. Women and the men who support them are very much in control.

  22. Jon Gallo says:

    As always a good commentary.  Regarding the "women" that worked for 10 hours in NYC, 20 years from now she would love for guys "hitting" on her.

  23. mapzilla says:

    PC and feminism has infected all media.  I can't watch most TV or movies anymore.  Video entertainment for me has been reduced to forms that are gender segregated (sports) or neutral (arcade style games).  Games with narrative are so infected with PC babble I can't stand to watch.

    I want to say feminism is doing men a favor by pushing them away from the stupid box, but many of the dudes watching this PC crap are buying it.  Take most fictional narratives being told today, switch the gender of the characters and the entire PC population would be horrified and call it sexist.

  24. Chris Cunningham says:

    If that "made me uncomfortable app" is made, it is EVERY man's duty to upload their picture… that way we are ALL in the database, and it becomes useless.

  25. aristein88 says:

    Until society takes the stance that YOUR FEELINGS DON'T MATTER, society will continue getting evermore retarded.
    It looks like this: "Do you have anything besides your feelings to talk about? No? Then you need to be quiet until you do."

  26. Michael Groesbeck says:

    Petty, Pathetic, Parasitic, Psychopathic, Schizophrenics.

  27. JAZZ MAN says:

    "As society has become a safer and more wholesome place for everyone…" EH?! It is nothing of the sort. If anything it is much less safe and certainly as far from being wholesome as it's ever been.

  28. Collins Crapo says:

    The safer women actually are, the less safe they feel. And the less safe they feel, the more the majority of men do to increase their safety. And on the vicious cycle goes…until enough of us men say "Enough!" & the whole society comes crashing down. Whereupon everyone will have fend for themselves or perish.

  29. EarthAngel_A.i. says:

    I don't understand why MGTOW haven't shown and discussed the Video Showing the man, who is by most standards is considered very attractive, showed the video of himself walking through the city being cat called and acosted by females to prove the Bullshit lies feminist try to use. These women were whistling, and even running behind him to get his attention. how the MGTOW community missed this is totally beyond my understanding.

  30. Arew Bund says:

    I hear good observation and deep thought, however as you rail against gyno-centric thinking, I hear so many instances of passive-agressive distain for women that I'm forced to reconsider my agreement with what you're saying.  Although I respect your careful and scholarly observations of socialogical (sp) phenominon (sp I don't have time for correct spelling, sry), I hear little jabs against women in general; that doesn't jibe with rational thought.  Perhaps if you cited some examples to back up your claims that women are offended or threatened by every little thing…  
    I do agree, in spirit, with what you are saying.  I've long thought about sexual harassment, and how it differed from regular harassment.  If I was being harassed by someone, I have any number of option to make it stop, paramount among them to either tell them to stop, or walk away, or use social pressure.  But if it's sexual harassment, look out, that's a lawsuit.  It's like, ooooo your harassment was sexual so it somehow rises to a new and more nefarious level just because it's sexual, and now it can't be dealt with like regualr harassment.
    I'm not sure if you've convinced me of everything you've said, but it's good food for thought.

  31. The BLVD Knight says:

    This really hits home because there are a couple of phrases that are perma-locked and loaded into the female lexicon that infuriate me to no end: "what do you mean by that" and "what's that supposed to mean". It's just more of that passive agressive, toxic, mind controlling, stifling bullshit that women employ with master percision. I hate watching men stammer and stutter trying to get out from under some phantom offense they're being convinced they inflicted. I don't need to tell most here not to dance this retarded dance but it does bear mentioning.

  32. swirlcrop says:

    BTW thanks for posting this.   🙂

  33. swirlcrop says:

    Some of what you´re saying here is deeply disturbing. I mean curfews for men and mobile apps to create a database on "suspicious" men (Men who´ve done absolutely nothing). This nonsense has to stop!   

  34. DoomRulz says:

    Whenever I'm around politically-correct fucktards, I really go far and out of my way to deliberately "offend" them. It's so much fun watching them get their knickers all twisted.

  35. Jack Carter says:

    The simplest refutation of your claims follows from an analysis of how women vote in the US (where exit polling is especially thorough).
    If you were correct, women would historically have voted in something like a bloc and, of course, they have not.. They deviate from men as a bloc by only a few percentage points. It’s also not the case that women always agree with each other, as should be obvious, despite your assertion that they do. Look at the split in the right versus the left, for example, and how women vote in the US by race and marital status (you can further break things down in polls by looking at how women reply to questions wrt why they voted as they did). That almost certainly suggests that sex is not even close to the defining characteristic in these matters. Also, look into the right's less explicit version of political correctness. It's there, only less evident as such, much as the right's judicial activism is approximately as prevalent as the left's, albeit less visibly so.

    24:38: when you talk about doing more formal research, start with that which most directly challenges your basic assumptions and involves billions of existing samples.

    Fwiw, in Quebec it's "pahd-kwa." Is there nothing those devils won't abbreviate?
    Be well, and keep making these thoughtful vids. –Yours, a Small Government Progressive.

  36. RazorBladeKandy2 says:

    Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism 100% there is no if ands or buts about it.
    As far as women becoming increasingly afraid of danger (finding new innocuous behaviors to be afraid of), this is also true for men. We can see the psychological root of this with the rich kid who thinks having a bad hair day is “the end of the world”, because he is so spoiled and sheltered that he has never had any real troubles. A spoiled woman thinks her broken finger nail is as tragic as the MMA cage fighter breaking a rib.

    The rich kid complaining to his poor friend that he has it so rough because his mom didn't pay the ISP bill and so now he can't get online. His poor friend says “My family hasn't had electricity in 2 months and I'm sweating my balls off at 95 degrees without air conditioning, but do go on about how tragic your life is without netflix."

    So the phenomenon itself is gender neutral. The easier life gets, the more little problems seem like the end of the world, and the more miner threats seem like mortal danger.

    As far as women having greater fear in public space. Honestly I don't think they have any more fear than men. I think men have been so bullied and shamed into "manning up" and putting on that tough guy facade, that he doesn't complain about it, and even has himself outwardly convinced he's not afraid.
    I also believe we can toughen women up to also be that way, but it really won't be easy. the key to shaming women into silence (as men currently are) is to quit running to their rescue. This is based on requiring a woman's approval for sex. So that's the formula of how that works.

    The next thing I want to address is women's fear of men (misandry) and using surveillance devices and so on. In the purest sense, this is bad, and for obvious reasons. However, I am a believer that it has to get worse before it gets better. The more toxic women become, the more MGTOW grows. The more dangerous relations with women become, the more MGTOW grows. The more tyrannical the laws are to enforce male restriction, the stronger the resent builds, the greater the backlash against feminism and socialism etc. So it's all good as far as I am concerned.  The more toxic women are, the more there is a reason for MGTOW. Feminists and toxic women are the recruits for MGTOW.

  37. ketsan says:

    You also have to remember that women like to dramatise things and seek attention. Even if they don't actually feel threatened they'll be telling their friends about all the creepy guys that look at them so that they can be dramatic and get the attention that they really want. Also we have to be clear that attention isn't just that people listen to them or take note of them; to a woman attention is status. 

  38. TSATrash says:

    Women's danger sense is more about paranoid delusion brain washed by feminazis. I do not nor will I ever pander to these selfish one way relatiionship cunts. I saw a bitch pull into a parking lot with a flat tire on her SUV at my gym. She rolled up to my car intentionally to hint that I changed it. I pumped my nose in the air, got in my car in drove away. Three manginas saw it way across the parking lot to help her. During the summer I do the 10 hour walk after spending 6 weeks biking 60 miles every other day and get a tan. Women gock at me, say wow, and hello in very aggressive way of all ages from 13 on up. I am 50 years old but look extrordinary in the summer. One thing I have learned is if you do not hit on them all as they do,this the bitches get together in a semi borg collective and start telling every one I am gay that has not seen me yet. Yes woman consider a guy they are attracted to gay if they do not hit on them. Women consider this behavior as rejection.

  39. redpilllifesaver says:

    Political Correctness is nothing more than a person playing with words to fit a narrative but sometimes you need to be PC.As for male and female nature we will eventually evolve through evolution but it will be a slow process. We never stay the same, we have always changed. I want see it during my lifetime but change will come, and gynocentrism will no longer exist.

  40. Michael McClure says:

    If you think about it political correctness is a form of bullying. It means ganging up on a person with the unspoken "consensus" opinion. It seems like woman's epistemology is based on consensus opinion which says, "This is true because the majority says it's true." This is a logical fallacy, Argumentum ad Populum. The epistemology of the gynocentric culture is based upon fallacy and I think that is why "science" has stagnated and in many cases turned into pseudoscience.

  41. Ronwise Gamgee says:

    Honestly, to this phenomenon of women's hypersensitive danger hysteria taking on the proportions of taking pictures of men "harassing" them in the street and wanting to impose curfews on the male population, I say "bring it on."  All this will do is increase the rate at which men will go their own way and not deal with vile, despicable human beings any more.

  42. William Wallace says:

    It's clear to me why women would be averse to taking responsibility for their own safety.  Carrying a gun, for example.  They know that a man with a gun protecting them will put them in less danger than no man and the gun in their own hand.  That man won't always be there, of course.  But they will continue to irrationally desire what is closer to ideal.

    But what of women's increasing aversion to the men in their lives taking steps to protect women and themselves?  Many of them are quite afraid of a partner having a gun.  They are not afraid of police having guns and trust that police will be there when they need them.  Are women viewing the police as the true men of the tribe and considering the men in their family to be considerably less than?

  43. dashonhurts says:

    If you are a woman in America today in any major city, you can't really say your life is highly difficult! Technological advances help us do everything easier faster and almost with great efficiency! 
    i simp,y don't understand why they cry wolf! Nothing happens here in America! 9/11 was the last of anything remotely terrible. What do they want? Us men to die or slave for them? 

  44. Miele Rodriguez says:

    No other person has the right to colonize my creativity with their agenda. That is the basis of INTEGRITY as an artist in any medium."

    "Real selling out is letting people colonize your creativity. Letting them take that beautiful, pure spark that is your idea, your insight, your story that you want to tell, and yoking that into being just another mouthpiece to their agenda."

    Quotes from jordanowen42 worth repeating.

  45. love truth says:

    my matrix was accidentally turned off, how do i turn it on, its cold and scary out here

  46. MGTOWSIUS says:

    OOOOOOOOOOK……… Where did all the good men go? Well women…… You either ruined their lives or tried to give them a criminal record so you could find a way to say "Aha SEE ladies? Nice guys are evil!" when in fact you only wanted a gullible naive nice idiot to take advantage of.

    Nice Guys! Do not fall for the trap! The best nice guys are always MGTOWS!

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