Pointless Twitter Threads

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I stumbled upon an Instagram account that posted super lame and pointless Twitter threads and they made me laugh really hard, so I decided to share my laughter with all of you!

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24 Responses

  1. Fiona McMahon says:

    Vibe = secured

  2. Julia Humphreys says:

    Consistently providing quality content

  3. Ekaterina Sarkisian says:

    *when you follow like 200 self-care accounts*….. hah…

  4. Squarehead Baggins says:

    i cant tell who you look like

  5. lalaland aqua says:

    “Fucking pardon” hhhhh

  6. anna hotaru says:

    Hey dude I just realized WE DON'T ACTUALLY GET A SECOND GREETING! The first greeting is for the newcomers not for us !!F-ING EXPOSED XD

  7. northfox - says:

    i’ve been avoiding watching this vid for months bc of kurtis’ hair in the thumbnail

  8. ruby lee says:

    sometimes you look like jim halbert

  9. hecc mcgee says:

    Your dog is the same as mine I think his name is rags

  10. Ebony Donovan says:

    On all levels except physical, I am a wolf woof

  11. antii says:

    okay im sorry but you look like rob schneider off of the hot chick

  12. Andrés Munson says:

    He keeps calling me dude

  13. blueberry anus says:

    wood facts

  14. Weave says:

    All theese bitches are to dumb to understand how to take care of themselves so they go to Twitter

  15. caelyn lally says:

    throw them to the wOlvEs

  16. André Crema says:

    I hate how every commentary YouTuber I like is an ex viner

    Either that or every ex viner is a damn commentary youtuber

  17. Ognjen Lukic says:

    i really love you

  18. R Maui'a says:

    How does drinking water cure depression

  19. Elizabeth Gramm says:

    2:48 "fuckin pardon?"

  20. Tabby Welch says:


  21. Kalena Smith says:

    Shea in the thumbnail lol

  22. Krystal Paul says:

    All of this "Avoid drama" bullshit reminds me of that scene in Miss Congeniality (2000) where everyone wants "World Peace."

  23. Dina Raven says:

    The wolf site gives you steps to solving the equations, btw. It's good advice to keep the site in mind.

  24. Jacob Scharnberg says:

    Life hacked

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