Pleiadian Message: Higher Spiritual Message For Transgender Or Non-Binary Souls

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This message is for those who consider themselves transgender, non-binary, or queer gender who are hurting because they feel their brain does not align to their bodies.

If anyone is not happy with their body or born gender, and feel a disconnect, please contact me for a free session to remind you of who you really are at the core- neither female nor male, but energy.

I am happy to help my fellow souls who feel like they wish they were born a “cis’ gender and are hurting inside. Don’t let corrupted agendas in society fool you into believing you are not created right….YOU are UNIQUE and we all carry a bit of masculine & feminine within. There are infinite expressions of the Divine Masculine & Feminine and not any soul is exactly the same with their unique combinations.

I myself, am exactly half Divine Masculine & half Divine Feminine inside. That’s why I have had Loving experiences with both sexes in my lifetime. I choose which side to let come out more depending on situations I am in..

Much love to you and wake up and see yourself for the shining Light of energy you really are!

Contact me for a free Skype session (only free if you are transgender, or non binary and feel a disconnect with the mind & body and are in pain, in need of healing.)

[email protected]

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Music Disclaimer : Music created by me

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8 Responses

  1. jesee Alpha says:

    Who are you, and could we please speak?

  2. SoftServedGentleman says:

    Love the positive vibes

  3. Dmitri Jordão says:

    For many years, I did think that I was somehow wrong. Born in a christian household and tamed since childhood to ''behave like I should'', I was often punished for being ''different''.
    But since I began a process of self discovery, I know now that there is nothing wrong with me: I am what I am. It doesn't matter what sex I was born (male/female/intersex), because my genitals are not my identity.

    I am a transgender boy (assigned female as birth), and non binary – completely in equilibrium with the male and female energies inside of me. I love my body: it is not branded ''female'' because of the genitals I was born with, nor has it become branded after I ''got out of the closet'': it is simply, me.
    I am comfortable in the male spectrum as I am today, now uith my documents ajusted. But, at the same time, I do feel gender fluidity in my soul towards the feminine side, also, and I feel great about it. I maniefst it in many ways, and I'm not afraid to be feminine and explore it.
    It's a balance, also… I am not towards one or the other.
    Even if I decide to become pregnant of another soul in the future, it will not change who I am, I will remain: human.

    The same is for my sexuality: I like humans. It's as simple as that…

    I am not confused at all: I am simply in tune with my non-binary nature, and I do resonate the elves, for this maturity towards our ''roles'' in society, as they are as free as our mind is.

    I believe we are simply humans, we are energy, we are light, we are love.

    Thank you all for spreading light, love and acceptance!

    Love & Peace

  4. mazzybananas says:

    Thank you so much for offering to help those of us who are transgender through your Skype sessions and through your videos. There have been several times I've turned to your videos, especially your music, when I'm feeling especially down ,for relief

  5. Makkaru112 says:

    Great great work!!

  6. Michael Anthony says:

    you are so amazing and help me so much

  7. Shawn McKenzie says:

    Thank you. I was caught up in appearances and personal criticisms of myself for a long time. However, as you say, meditation and looking within brought me peace. I am much happier now and feel light within me. <3

  8. High Elven Wisdom And Love says:

    For those of you who do not know the term "cis" gender is a term the non binary community has termed a person who feels their brain aligns to their body.
    This can be tragic for a person who can't afford gender reassignment or hormone therapy treatment (which can be very expensive, I am hearing.)

    Connect with me personally for FREE, if you feel a disconnect right now to a mind/body/soul alignment ASAP.

    Use the code READYTOLOVEME in your subject line when you email me at [email protected]

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