Piers Morgan’s Ballistic Anti Vegan Twitter Storm

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After trashing vegans and vegan food for 2 days straight on Twitter, Piers Morgan claims he’s a victim of vegan bullying, particularly at the hands of Pizza Hut and Greggs. Anji and Ryan respond.

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Are McDonald’s Fries Vegan?

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20 Responses

  1. Last FiveNine says:

    Good for Greggs

  2. Russell Spencer says:

    Piers is great publicity for veganism.

  3. i da says:

    I hate Piers he’s an attention seeking boorish asshole hypocrite, the world would be a better place without him spreading his narrow minded intolerance and judgemental ill informed opinions. He doesn’t even do his research about veganism and his arguments are pulled out of his ass, he’s nothing but a bonkers fog horn

  4. Porter 421 says:

    I'm not vegan, but just tried the vegan sausage roll at Gregg's. Tastes delicious, wouldn't go back to the meat one. Think it's a great entry point to those who are thinking about going vegan.

  5. AnitA Dale says:

    I feel sorry for ,Piers Morgan that he has not become aware of all the health benefits of. A vegan diet. I hope That more people would trye the vegan whole food diet only for a week or two and then they can compare the two diets on how much more good they will feel. Sorry about my English i am from Norway.

  6. Muhammad Ali Eesaa says:

    How long have you been a vegan now?

  7. Miss Anthrope says:

    You guys look so swollen and clamy- I see why you would put down someone life Dan McDonald. You should waterfast to get some if that residue out of your brain.
    Raw food glow for the win.

  8. Kate O says:

    Piers Morgan is about the most ignorant anti-vegan I have ever heard speak. I saw him on GMB (comments were disabled, I wonder why), and he was offering up the most juvenile an illogical vitriol. Clearly feels guilty about eating meat.

  9. Imonaflatearth ur2 says:

    You seriously don't believe the yt thumb up or down figures do you? If so I heretofore bless you're innocence, and let time fix that {trait} trusting.

  10. Johny40Se7en says:

    hahahaa that title is pure gold, he's gone ballistic and totally lost the plot =P

  11. mariposafria says:

    I love the accents ❤

  12. Peter Rabitt says:

    Piers Morgan is the most exquisite example of human garbage I've ever seen.

  13. T Jones says:

    The only victims are the animals and the planet we live on by those choosing to eat animal products

  14. eazyrat says:

    He's trying to lump other vegans with social justice warriors. Veganism is the only social justice endeavor that hold up to scrutiny.

  15. J L says:

    I decided not to go vegan, as I had been contemplating it for several months. But I did want to thank you for you channel. I think you have some great content and I cannot argue the ethical, environmental, and health related arguments that you have. I guess what it came down to was that a vegan diet is just too restrictive. I mean you are basically eliminating 2 out of the 5 basic food groups. I think I could have seen some short term gains, but I don't think it's a recipe for long term success. I think very few people can sustain this diet like you have. Anyways, thanks again and I'll keep watching.

  16. Aashiq Mortimer says:

    Very conflicted being British right now. Proud to see British companies embracing Veganism but ashamed that we produced one of the most vile people currently taking up the world's oxygen. As always, great video!

  17. ShiftingGear OTP says:

    PLEASE DEBUNK DR. Hyman founder of UltraWellness center! He was on channel 3 new in Cleveland promoting the Keto diet and now my mom is gonna end up dying from a heart attack or stroke trying to put herself into ketosis!

  18. Bisma Alvi says:

    For all you hungry vegans, so much uncut grass in my back yard. Why dont we kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  19. Richard Williams says:

    He's trying to say vegans are gay

  20. Fishbein Oortcloud says:

    Every vegan should be locked up in concentration/reeducation camps until such time as they are fit to be released back into polite society ❤.

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