Patricia Arquette On Her Relationship With Nicolas Cage | WWHL

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Actress Patricia Arquette speaks about actor Nicolas Cage’s extreme courting and what he did to try to win her over when they were “kids”, and says how she called him in her late twenties to get married.
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Patricia Arquette On Her Relationship With Nicolas Cage | WWHL

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14 Responses

  1. N / A says:

    What a life

  2. Anne N says:

    Big thank you to Patricia for supporting Lisa Ring in the Lowcountry!

  3. MrS98VAC says:

    A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

  4. James Fabiano says:

    This was stranger than when Robert Blake claimed Liz Taylor wanted to marry him when they were in kindergarten. (on Piers Morgan's show)

  5. James Fabiano says:

    Did we ever find out why she quit Nightmare on Elm Street and had to be replaced by Tuesday Knight?

  6. Johan Lagerkvist says:

    The Medium theme song starts playing in my head every time I see her

  7. Katherine M says:

    Wait…woah that’s a lot to process. Is Andy the new stern?

  8. Misty B says:

    Both such GEMS!!! and of course Andy! This is one of my fav WWHL segments! Love these ladies! Awesome stories!

  9. Julia Mimi says:

    She must have been a very odd duck to have both Nicholas Cage and Crispin Glover chasing her because those two dudes are the oddest ducks that ever came out of the odd pond.

  10. Katherine De Jesus says:

    What happened to Shania’s face?

  11. City Dweller says:

    Patricia has this likable aura about her 🙂 I loved the pact she and her childhood friend had where if Patricia ever got nominated for an oscar, the friend would design her dress.. and it came true 🙂 And the Nicholas Cage story is also sweet and endearing 🙂

  12. babybluex says:

    Always been such a fan of Patricia Arquette, she's so fascinating.

  13. Nicole Parreira says:

    Why is this so endearing? How did I not know this happened? Why can’t my mind render Nicolas Cage as a youth? Is Patricia the coolest teen alive or just being creepily trapped by the coolest creep we and Hollywood have? I am so confused guys help.

  14. Wagon Wheel says:

    Who’s autograph?

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